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Perfect Size: xs - XXL ♥ Select FAVORITE Expressions, Styles, Colors & Fabrics
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Personalized, Mix & Match "Infinite Possibilities:" Simple & Unique- most at $25

EmBody♥Wear has it all!

• Embellished with Infinite Possibilities
Swarovski-quality Crystals
shown with "Infinite Possibilities"

• choose from standard designs or your custom*
Your Photos
that's photo of me in upper left corner

Vinyl images, logos or expressions
new technology is soft and comfy!
shown in pink & gold: 50+ colors & textures

samples of custom designs

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Unlimited & Exclusive, Affordable Options!
Fits any Size: xs - XXL / Crystals, Vinyl & Photos
Which Styles, Colors & Fabrics do you like best?
Collect YOUR Unique, Heart & Soul Expressions
Embody HeART Wear our name, intentions &
• Business Stuff
Thousands of Affordable Options & Intentions
(Machine) Wash Easy Care!
Estimated Delivery
Sorry, no refund policy. why?
Of interest? Why I modeled - smart idea according to American Apparel execs??
Customize for:

Branding your Business!
Exclusive Shirts for Resale and PROFIT!

Events & Occasions
Club & Association Recognition GO TEAM!
Keepsakes & Mementos

Thousands of Affordable Options!
We researched hundreds of manufactures and selected the most exciting styles for

YOU to Collect YOUR Unique, Heart & Soul Expressions...

Intentions are to fit everyBODY to:

Nurture YOU to: ♥ Wear YOUR Intention
♥ Attract PERSONALIZED Transformation
♥ Express YOUR Heart & Soul
Embraces YOU in Style to:

♥ Awaken YOUR Mind & Spirit
♥ Energize YOUR Body
Triumph with YOUR Daily Color


Specs: your perfect size with choice of colors, styles, fabrics & expressions

Collect affordable & fashionable EmBody♥Wear
It's FUN & EASY, just Change Your Shirt to..

Balance your Chakras and DAILY ColorAlchemy (Color Therapy) for:

Root Chakra
Sacral Chakra
Will Chakra
Heart Chakra
Throat Chakra
Third Eye Chakra
Crown Chakra

Wear the Experience you want to Attract ♥ Express your Feelings!

Achieve your HeART's Desires ♥ Set Intention ♥ Allow Trust ♥ Inspire JOY

Warning! EmBody♥Wear is Divinely Addictive!
Each shirt is so unique and special,
it is guaranteed you'll compliments every time you wear YOUR HeART & Soul

EmBody♥Wear: Don't you just LOVE what our name represents?

EmBody (dictionary + my additions), to:

  • Express, personify, and set the example in concrete form (Express your HeART)
  • Embody an idea (and Attract what you desire)
  • Embody (your) Spirit
  • Embrace (your Intentions) or to invest (a spiritual entity) in tangible, bodily form.
  • Be an example of, or express (an idea, principle, desire), especially in action (wear your HeART)
  • Collect into or include in a body or unite in your comprehensive whole (and in your closet)

HeART Wear: Wear your ART from your Heart...from my heart to yours..

more about how EmBodyHeARTWear evolved

Custom Anything!samples of custom designs

Your Business "Branding" & Exclusive Shirts for Resale (and PROFIT!)
Clubs & Associations • Events & Occasions • Keepsakes & Mementos

Call (941-276-8689) - email us with your ideas!

EASY! Pricing:
24 piece minimum and one-time set up charge
12 piece minimum on future orders

  • this ladies shirt in 32 colors starts at $12.50
    with simple Crystal, Soft Vinyl or Photo Design

we can do almost "anything!" See Bigger
shown: combination of vinyl & crystals

Smiling "doTERAA Essentials" (shown: Vneck, Scoop & Crew)

design for your approval
crystal details on shirt choice

Rick wearing
"tie-dye" EARTH
Empowered Yogini

video: Rick models
Spirit Wrap!

so cute!




Every manufacturer is sized a little differently, we've included a popup windows throughout EmBody♥Wear pages that includes sizing chart (directly from each manufacture). Happy to help you with sizing: Please email/call 941-276-8689!
While most shirts are "Ladies Fit," note:


Every manufacturer has different colors, hues and shades.
If you want GREEN shirt for your collection...
you can choose emerald, sage, avocado, or kiwi? Get the idea?

Explore EmBody♥Wear pop-up windows that include color charts to select your favorite colors!


I live in Florida and wear tank tops more than I'd wear long sleeves (yet I have and LOVE my burnout hoodie and burnout-combo on chilly nights!) And since restaurants are always so chilly, I always bring a Spirit Wrap, Meditation Hoodie or Power Scarf/Shawl. I LOVE the Sexy Vnecks and Scoops way more than the Crews, but...

It's not about me. ;-) What's your Favorite style? How are YOU most comfy?

If one of our FAVORTE 30 styles don't grab you, explore our complete catalog
(for men's shirts too) and email us with your HeART's Desires!

Fabrics 85% of the styles are 100% preshrunk cotton, yet, because I also like the feel of cotton/poly and cotton/poly/rayon blends, I've included them too. The popup windows include all fabric specs directly for each manufacturer.
& Our Designs

I LOVE the sparkle of crystals... like diamonds and gemstones. I LOVE how crystals Attract Energy and with your chosen embellishments, your shirts Attract Transformation too! We are always adding to our standard crystals and vinyl designs or you can customize your own and even add your photographs.

Why I modeled

It didn't start that way. Spent entire day with wonderful model. Upon retrieving photos, they were corrupt: UGG! Model wasn't available for looming deadlines.

"Staff photog" (my husband) and I were "convenient." ;-)

Following my intention, EmBodyHeARTWear is for everyBODY at any age to Express their Heart & Soul! Trusted, if I you saw how much I LOVE and Embrace these Personalized Treasures, YOU will LOVE them too!

Whheeeeee! Exciting, 'eh? So, for now, you are stuck with me! ;-)

Expected Delivery

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery*

send us an email with what you are thinking! ;-)

  • It is (obviously) impossible to stock hundreds of shirts in the thousands of colors and sizes.
  • To keep pricing as tight as possible for YOU,
    we combine "blank garment" orders until we reach manufacture's free shipping status.
  • Of course...we embellish and ship your custom EmBody♥Wear as soon as we receive "blanks" specifically purchased for you.
  • In a hurry? We'll order your pieces today and usually for no more than $10 extra for the entire order!

(Machine) Wash - Easy Care!

Wash, Wear & Enjoy! Turn garment inside out, wash on gentle, dry! So EASY!!
Suggestion, if you are like me that never uses an iron, fluff dry and take out while a little damp and hang so wrinkles fall out!

NOTE: Spirit Wraps & Scarves should be hand washed.

Every garment is Custom Made for YOU and is not returnable/refundable.

Please make yore choices wisely! With the thousands of Mix & Match options, please remember each "blank" garment is specifically purchased for you according to your selected style, color and size then personally embellished for you.

Not withstanding any manufacturing issues,* if you follow care instructions, your EmBody♥Wear will last a very, very long time. prove it... here's my supreme, "ABUSE" test!
...and never lost a crystal!

"Buddha Eyes" expanded and contracted on my butt
during at least 24 gym and yoga classes...
and (of course) machine-washed each time

*of course, we will happily take care of these but please note manufacturing issues are not likely...

  • With great care, I (Jami Lin) hand-embellish every garment
    "as if it was for me!"
  • As we grow our production, I still promise to hand-inspect all items before shipping!


REAL gals and guys,
just like you, wear their
Inner Rainbow
& Balance their Chakras!

Express YOUR
HeART's Desires!

Expand Consciousness
in Embracing Style

...all hand-embellished with love