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I am so glad
YOU are here!

Find out if you are a Chakra/Color Magnet

It was fascinating how EmbodyHeARTWear evolved, wanna know?

Three years of teaching 4-weekly mind, body, spirit classes tested
ColorAlchemy theories... thus, my award-winning program was born!

We discovered

We also discovered that comfortable, stylish, and affordable shirts
in all 7 Chakra Colors were impossible to find!

I discovered I had another mission!

First the Chakras (and now, all the great embellishments that keep evolving!)

After finding great resources for fashionable, "Target-priced" shirts in flattering Chakra Colors,
I wanted to maximize the benefit of wearing clothes to Activate Personal Triumphs.

I wanted YOU to Awaken with maximum HeART benefit, so Chakra Shirts were designed with:

Everything I create starts with passion and excitement!
Chakra Designs
I stylized the traditional symbols into beautiful designs.
Notice: "petals-of-enlightenment" grow with each Chakra Design
Consciousness is transformed through the vibration of positive words.
Most VITAL "Chakra word" was included in each Chakra Design
Crystal Energy

Activates YOUR Spirit Energized when worn over your heart
A girl can't have enough "diamonds" or sparkle! ;-)
Finest, Swarovski-quality rhinestones for optimum SPARKLE!

Attracting "Embody HEART energies"
and affirmations toward YOU!
Crystals Reflect
Reflecting"Embody HEART energies" sharing YOUR HeART affirmations with others.

I just LOVE these great pictures! Are you a Balanced Chakra/Color Energy Magnet?

You know you're LIVING the Law of Attraction when your Attract Rainbows!
Energy - Joy - Power - Love - Focus - Vision - Peace

Be a Balanced Chakra
& Color Energy Magnet!

Attract YOUR Desires
Reflect YOUR HeART


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