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REAL Chinese Feng Shui

The more I learn through study and experience, the more Feng Shui expands and the more life-transformational is its profound influence (even after more than 20 years of practice/teaching!).

I am delighted to continue sharing new discoveries with you!

REAL Feng Shui (not diluted or distilled misconceptions) is a tool that supports you to live to your maximum capacity of joy and success, while enhancing the function and beauty of your environment. Feng Shui literally translates into wind and water. It is the Chinese art of placement that has been practiced as long as man has needed shelter.

fneg shui

Not exclusive to the Chinese, all indigenous people practiced some form of what I call "Earth Design" by applying the energetic effects of the sun and moon, light and heat, atmospheric conditions, wind direction, magnetic fields, and gravitational force.

There are many schools of Feng Shui that evolved over the past 5,000 years that are being applied today. After hundreds of consultations, I found that holistically using the most effective concepts from all traditions, there is increased Feng Shui success. When you look at all the most valuable Feng Shui aspects together through compromise, you solve a multitude of Feng Shui conditions in an uncluttered, decorative, and life-enhancing way.

The holistic approach to Feng Shui is most easily understood through this analogy understanding your holistic body. What happens when you pull a muscle in your leg? As you favor it to protect yourself from further injury or pain, after several days, doesn't something else get out of whack? Perhaps your other leg or back hurts, yes? Your body effectively works when all the parts are working together.


The same this is true for Feng Shui, you need to consider the life desires, best directions, natal, yearly, and monthly flying stars along with their relationship to the direction your home is facing, the five elements and to YOU.

In Feng Shui, if you only apply one school, or if you follow a quick tip that is read as an absolute, without considering the combined aspects or influence, Feng Shui can hurt you as much as it can help you. Be careful! Feng Shui is Good Design that follows the integrated and most effective techniques from all schools. Feng Shui is also logical, practical, and appropriate to design functionality.

Example: A common quick tip is to place water (such as a flowing fountain) at your front door. IF your front door faces north, it will enhance your Career! But if your door faces south, the same water fountain would extinguish the Fire of your Fame and Recognition potential - and that is just on a beginner level!

Holistic and Integrated Feng Shui: How do you know what Feng Shui you are getting? That is easy! REAL Feng Shui is based upon science and mathematical formulas derived from the natural laws. (I know the science and mathematical formulas, but simplify them into charts for you!) The formulas are the same "heavy stuff," wisdom, and mathematics given to us by Plato, Pythagoras, Einstein, and all historical earth metaphysicians.

fen shui

The universal workings of nature and the source of all Chinese medicine including Feng Shui and philosophy is described by ancient Chinese scientists and philosophers in the brilliant text called the I–Ching.

(There are many versions of this text. If you are interested in getting to the roots of Feng Shui, make sure your copy includes the "first part" that explains Yin Yang, The Five Elements or Phases, Seasonal Flow, Magic or Lou Shu Square, etc. not just the "second part" with the 64 Hexagram divination readings.)

I broke down the holistic and integrated method of Feng Shui into the three traditional aspects using I–Ching philosophy. They are three types of energies to harness in your environment to enhance the quality of your life: Heaven, Earth, and Man Energies.


Earth Energy: Just like gravity, Earth Energy provides you stability and a grounded foundation. This aspect of Form Feng Shui considers topographical earth formations, juxtapositions to water, architectural form, and relationships to how energy and traffic flows.

fen shui

Earth Energy has two very important aspects (that you overlay on your floor plan) based upon magnetic energy or in Feng Shui terms, house-facing direction. The map that locates all the energies in your home determined by the compass or directional positions is called the Bagua. The Bagua shows you where to locate specific rooms and what rooms are best for all household members.

There is not ONE, universal Bagua Map
contrary to popular Feng Shui misconception.

If you moved in your home between 1984-2048,
there are 2048 Bagua Maps and
ONLY ONE is specific to you and your home.

I call it your Personal Success Map because it is
customized for YOUR Personal SUCCESS
according to YOUR home's layout.

Learn more with your Personal Success Map
Notice how it is oriented to your house-facing direction, 
and its at-a-glance details HERE

feng shui bagua

Bagua earth energies include the Life Desires to know where place accessories to enhance Relationships & Love (southwest), Wealth & Money (southeast), and Family Relationships (east) for example. The Best Directions (or Eight Mansions) aspect is individually personalized to you. Each of us has four, personalized good directions and four not-no-good directions to sleep and to face.

feng shui tips

Heaven Energy: The date you move in your home or Natal Flying Star Feng Shui determines the energetic characteristics such as Financial Success, Literary Achievement, Recognition, and some less favorable attributes such as Arguments, Poor Health, and worse!

The Natal Flying Stars are further influenced by consistently-changing Yearly and Monthly Energies, each ranging from the best of the best, to the worst of the worst. As detailed in How Yearly and Monthly Energies are Determined article, the combined natal, monthly, and yearly flying stars tell a specific story of what your life will be like every month. When the energies are good, you have a good month. Conversely, when the energies are unfavorable (and there are as many unfavorable energies and there are good ones), you have a bad month. Simple.

Applying REAL Feng Shui: The more significant the function of the room, the more the energy of the space will effect you. With good energies in your bedroom, for example, you will experience good health and love luck. When good energies are in you home office will have the best potential for wealth and success. Just think if you move a few small accessories to enhance those energies: WOW! Conversely, when bad energies fly into a room, all you need to do is move a few small items to reduce its unfavorable power. Simple again!

Taking advantage of the energies is easy! When energies are good, enhance them and make life even better! When energies are not-so-good, reduce their influence so you will be less in their effect.

If you'd like to take a look at what Yearly & Monthly charts look like:

Yearly Personal Success Bagua Maps
customized and oriented to your home's facing direction to
easily determine Yearly energies for each room

Monthly Personal Success Bagua Maps
customized and oriented to your home's facing direction to
easily see Monthly energies in each room

Enhancing good energies and reducing bad energies is your decorative Man Energy prerogative!

feng shui colors

Man Energy:

YOU are perfectly centered, harmoniously balanced in between, and in the effect of, Heaven and Earth. You are that "Man," or the human factor that provides purpose to Feng Shui. Therefore, it important to select decorative symbols that have personal meaning for YOU when enhancing Heaven and Earth Energy.

In Leonardo's Vitruvian Man, heaven (as always symbolized as a circle) and earth (as always symbolized as a square) magnificently follows Chinese metaphysics.

Sometimes, Feng Shui remedies suggest you place traditional Chinese symbols to accessorize your environment. Personally, as an interior designer for more than twenty-five years, I will never decorate with a Chinese flute or three-legged toad. I just refuse to have my subconscious scream, "What is that weird thing doing there!" Apply the concepts with items that you love to be surrounded with.

Other Man Energy aspects include: developing inner strength known as Personal Chi. Releasing old patterns and emotional baggage, ColorAlchemy is great for that, being conscious and aware to see when a part of your life and/or Feng Shui requires adjustment, space clearings, the influence of Feng Shui on physical health, and much more!

I am thrilled to continue helping you activate your Heaven and Earth potential with all Traditional Feng Shui: Compass School, Eight Mansions, Flying Stars, and Black Hat Sect, as well as the best part of all ...Enhancing YOU!