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Jami Lin's Affirmations

I wrote these in 1993: Enjoy!
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Today is a miracle full of renewed energy, radiance and joy; a special gift bringing greater health, happiness, harmony & prosperity.

My life is an adventure full of opportunities to celebrate the joy of living. With anticipation I enter the day full of new possibilities.

I expect and accept the best.

My potential is unlimited in all areas of my life.

I am free of every limitation; I release limiting barriers, thoughts and habits.

I am cleansed, purified and healed. I am grateful for my aliveness.

My present level of achievement will be exceeded in all areas of my life and I have the desire to do so..

I recognize opportunities and respond full of confidence and enthusiasm.

I work toward success, I think success, I AM SUCCESS.

Prosperity and abundance flow freely.

My income always exceeds my needs.

I am open to my planetary purpose and I live my life to the fullest of my personal destiny.

I am open to spiritual inventory, review and renewal and I allow the process to continue to transform my life.

I grow daily in understanding of the wonder of myself.

I learn to receive truth and guidance.

I honor my body with diet and exercise that is perfectly suited for me.

I show my thanks and appreciation for this perfect life through patience, respect, and love for myself and others.

I am grateful for those who love and support me.

With every breath of every day I dedicate and discipline myself to all of these that become the reality of who I am.

I am richly blessed and prepared to SEIZE THE DAY.