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Breakdown or a Breakthrough:
A ColorAlchemy Lesson

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With ColorAlchemy at the printer and my excitement that each page is a full color,
work of art, I started introducing “my baby”
to my international contacts.

Outlook crashed and I not only lost ALL my foreign contacts, I lost 2 years of notes, email addresses, and all other things I thought that were worth saving. Two hours with my computer wizard resulted in “GONE!”

Lesson #1: Back up your files!

Lesson #2: I was reminded about musings from the past in my "Do what you can do” article. Now, years later, the lessons are karmically the same but with a higher vibration. Intuitive guidance comes instantaneously. I’d like to believe that this is due through enjoying the ease of ColorAlchemy.

Learn more about how to expand your Personal Chi
using the yin yang aspects of colors of the rainbow in ColorAlchemy

Lesson #3: I had choices. I could allow myself to be drenched in the negative aspects of Red (each color has yin yang aspects) and “breakdown” or I could make a conscious choice. Breathing Green and Indigo, I made a commitment to catch myself when I realized that “something else” was gone. I committed to being receptive of what opportunities and insights would open through not being attached to “the past.” Within seconds, I was rewarded.

Here is the breakthrough. I heard (absorbing what you hear) that old paradigms now longer are effective. They are gone for the purpose of mitigating suffering (and emulating Sisyphus) while “trying” to control the way I think what will create happiness. 

Then, I recalled several magic moments that happened just a few days before. Through giving my time, unconditionally, and without a thought of exchange, two new friends divinely “showed up.” They both shared two fantastic opportunities that I never would have known about, have thought of, or had been invited to. What amazing gifts and I’ll invite you as they evolve. 

The old adage, “let go and let god,” has never been clearer. 

I don’t remember another time in my life when everyone was faced with so many challenges, so I’ll share my new purpose with the intention that you may benefit too. When you “live to love” instead of “living to work,” happiness is found in the moment. Taking action on the magic that shows up is what manifests reward without sacrificing any aspect of mind, body, and spiritual balance. 

Learn more about how to expand your Personal Chi
using the yin yang aspects of colors of the rainbow in ColorAlchemy

Now, to just remember when I freak on auto-pilot with the negative aspects of Red (through my old conditioning). Breath Green and Indigo to strengthen love and intuition. Now, I am off to the gym to strengthen my body, I think I’ll wear Red for the energy to kick some of my ass! ;-)