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Feng Shui and Fear
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Feng Shui and Fear

Feng Shui can help support resolving core issues. Here is an example from a real-life consultation.

Janette was a beautiful 60-something divorcee. She lived with her working professional adult daughter in a very large exclusive home. her first words were: "I only have two more years of alimony, and I'd like to start positioning myself now." Sounded like a smart plan to me!

In her master bedroom, I saw the most bizarre thing. There were two chair sat the foot of the bed facing outward. When I asked her why, she replied "We used to watch the kids play in the pool." It was evident from her statement that she had changed nothing in her home in 20 years. I then asked with compassion, yet a certain amount of amazement, "Janette, are you the same person you were 20 years ago?"

The rest of the house was dark, no chi or energy was moving. All the art on the walls had been selected by her ex-husband, which she said she had never liked (I wasn't sure if she was talking about the art or him) and the accessories throughout the home were gifts that had no significance. Feng Shui is about your home being a mirror of your life.

The house was far larger than she and her daughter needed; they only used two of the bedrooms, the kitchen and den out of the whole house. I advised her to move from this home that was a monument to her old life, donate all the old furnishings to a charity, find and furnish a new place and furnish it with things she really liked and she would still have money left over to invest. Even her alimony would go further without her high overhead.

To get the plan into action, and to have Janette stop wasting her life, the most precious of all her gifts, I suggested some inexpensive Feng Shui which would get the chi moving and motivate buyers. I called a few months later and she said that she had done a few items, but stopped when the water heater had broken.

When someone stops making Feng Shui changes because a 25 year old water heater stops working, it is evident there is something bigger going on. Perhaps after so many years of being stuck in a rut, she could not deal with the changes she saw going on around her. More than the issue of money, her true fear was letting go of the false security the house provided. She was afraid of taking charge of her own life and trusting that she could make a go of it. It still makes me sad to think of someone's life journey being short-circuited by fear.