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Feng Shui Decorating and Design Tips:
Feng Shui Furniture

Jami Lin, an interior designer with more than 30 years experience, 
NO ugly or weird Feng Shui!

Your most important pieces of furniture are your bed, desk, stove, and any other furniture you spend considerable time.

Make sure your most important furniture is facing one of your best Feng Shui directions in combination with your Flying Stars. Discover your best Feng Shui directions with your customized Personal Success Map which contains all the essential information for a do-it-yourself Feng Shui consultation or learn about ALL Feng Shui mastery in Jami Lin's Home Study course.

When I go into people's homes I see the same design and decorating mistakes over and over again.

One recent consultation that specifically comes to mind had three of the biggest no-no's.

Every room was jammed full of furniture, most of which was so big that it forced you to squeeze through just to navigate. It looked like a furniture catalog. And none of the furniture coordinated with the color of the walls, even though it would have been so easy!

So, let's do it right the first time with these easy tips:

  1. Planning: Plan ahead to scale furniture properly and you don't purchase too many items. Get yourself an accurate floor plan so that the size of the furniture is appropriate to the size of the room! It is better to be too small than too big. Either take your time to measure and draw a plan accurately, call the architect or builder, or call a design/architecture student at the local college. (Be careful: the plans that developers use to sell their homes or condos are not always accurate.) Then before you make the purchase, with the exact dimensions of each piece of furniture, you can draw it on your floor plan along with all your existing and projected new pieces to make sure that everything fits. With a little practice, even without your floor plan, you can learn to measure the actual floor space, according to the dimensions of the furniture, to confirm it is the right scale. Remember, to allow for a minimum of three feet for walkways and for doors to open fully without banging into furniture.

  2. Mix & Match: Be creative! Mix furnishings and materials within your design taste. If you select a wood end table, select a metal coffee table with glass (to show of your beautiful area rug), or even stone. Be creative with the different metal finishes too. Try brushed brass, stainless steel, or green or rusty-textured patina. If club chairs are leather, consider a textured sofa with patterned throw pillows.

  3. Color: Select/buy the big, and usually more expensive pieces before you spend all that effort and time painting the walls. There are hundreds of thousands of paint colors, which are much easier and available to select and coordinate with than the more restrictive furniture, carpet, or area rug options. Even if you can't find the perfect paint color, most paint retailers can do a computerized match of your color swatch to mix your custom coordinated color.

Oh, I just thought of another one! Here's a BONUS!

Please do not clutter your home with Feng Shui cures such as
three-legged frogs or Chinese flutes --they are UGLY and WEIRD!
Make your home elegant and beautiful.

Surround yourself with only the Feng Shui accessories you love!

Enjoy two articles 1 & 2 on how to use your favorite accessories as Feng Shui enhancers, or enjoy a lessons on clutter and personal symbols in the Feng Shui Home Mastery Certification Program.

I love creating GOOD Feng Shui and
homes more beautiful at the same time!

How may I help you Maximize YOUR good Feng Shui
and make your home more beautiful?

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