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The Heart Aspects of Feng Shui
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The Heart Aspects of Feng Shui

Feng Shui for nurturing yourself

In last month's newsletter we discussed the scientific aspects of Heaven Energy with the ever-changing and profound influences of flying star Feng Shui. But the following aspects are equally as important for you to incorporate in your Feng Shui: the mental and physiological, the self-improvement and the heart aspects. Because of current world events, now more than ever living from the heart will not only enhance the loving sanctuary that you create at home, but its ripple effect will extend to your workplace, immediate community, and throughout society.

You can support and nurture love for yourself and for others in two ways: in the body (your home's Feng Shui) and through your inner Feng Shui (or mental energy).

In your home, the most important sectors to evaluate are the center of your home: its heart. If the heart center is your living room, it is very auspicious, just remember to use it. It is the room to LIVE and celebrate, not just to use for company!

Additional areas to consider are the East room (known as the Family area - -and in my third book, Essence of Feng Shui, I describe this sector not only as your immediate family but also the family of mankind), and the West room (known as the Children area, which is the area analogous to the fact that we are all brothers and sisters of the earth and to each other). The Northeast area is a good one to design for contemplation, study and/or grow your heart. It is a wonderful area to create your perfect, peaceful sanctuary.

The areas should be clutter free, illuminated (have no dark spots), and have uplifting symbolic accessories (no art of down-and-out musicians, etc.) More info on these areas. 

To enhance your inner and mental Feng Shui, be conscious and aware. When less than productive and/or loving thoughts enter your mind, gently, and in a nurturing way, think about something positive! It is not difficult, but requires practice to train your uplifted attitude about life. The magic is that the more you think positively the more good things happen to you. And when life presents those snags, they will work themselves out more easily because of your positive attitude and graciousness.

All these things, both physically and mentally, provide greater inner peace and expand your heart. You will live more graciously, even in less happy times, and your love will automatically extend to all those with whom you connect.

Extra love and blessings: from my heart to yours. 

TIP: Take a look at life and notice all the good things: your family and friends, that you are healthy, that you love your job, and all your joys. Count your blessings. And always say prayers of gratitude and appreciation for all the good things.