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Love Your Stuff

Are the accessories your home supporting you?

William Morris, a famous nineteenth-century English designer and artist, said, "Design should be part of normal daily life." In accordance with his advice, ask yourself, "Is my floor plan layout, this piece of furniture, that art or accessory useful and beautiful?"

Common sense and basic design philosophy can help you answer this question. However, you must also listen honestly to what comes from your intuitive voice.

The first step in any Feng Shui design is to evaluate what you already have. Be honest with yourself.

First ask yourself, "Is this piece of furniture, art, or accessory enhancing my home? Is it serving its true purpose?"

If you answer, "Yes it is! And I love it; it is perfect!" Go no further.

If you answer, "Yes it is functional, but I do not like it." Ask yourself if it can be decoratively modified with traditional or personal Feng Shui symbolism to enhance your life. Or can you wait for a sale to replace it with something that you do love?

If you answer, "No, this piece of furniture is not really functional." Get rid of it. It is blocking Chi flow in your home and creating unnecessary clutter.

Now ask yourself, "Do I find it beautiful and meaningful?"

If you answer, "Yes, I love it; it belonged to my grandmother; it makes me feel loved," or "Yes, I bought it on a fantastic vacation. What a great time I had." Then ask yourself where the piece can be moved to better enhance aspects of your life that are created from its symbolic memories.

If you answer, "No, I never liked it. It came from an old lover that never made me happy." How can that piece possibly make you happy now? Give it a send off!

Once you begin to use common sense while trusting your intuitive feelings, it is easy to follow the basics. If you like it and it is functional, keep it.

If you do not like it and/or it serves no purpose, then this stuff has become old baggage and is keeping new opportunities from entering your life. By holding on to things that no longer serve you, you are holding on to issues or ideals that no longer serve you. Clean out the old. Now is the time to begin fresh.

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