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Do What You Can Do...One day at a time!

Because our lives are so bombarded with so many "have too's," "want too's," and external stimuli, most often we are mentally over-taxed. In this offering, let's lighten up, go with the flow, and be in the moment with easier Mental Energy Feng Shui aspects.

One day, I some traded Interior Design and Feng Shui for a brainstorm on web design, marketing, and strategic planning. The content and language, while somewhat familiar, required my complete attention. Thousands of ideas jumbled in my head to help share my love of Feng Shui with you.

Observing my thoughts, as if watching my thoughts from the inside out, my web friend noticed that my head was ready to explode with overload as I tried to develop the plan and  make it happen all at once.

Almost as if an "oh, by the way comment," mysteriously hidden among all the heady-lingo, he said, "do what you can do."

The creativity continued and my type-A mentality continued to race. Written all over my face, he read, "how am I to do it all? What if I work a million hours a day . . . "

He stopped the lesson and with such a gentle, loving smile, he softly repeated, "do what you can do."

I heard him this time. I quieted, and while the momentum was still peaked, the crazed insatiable desire to the breaking point of panic was softened by the freedom of these simple, yet liberating words.

We have all been there. So mentally full, we miss the subtle jewels that enhance our lives in the most profound ways.

In the same way that we get busy and think that we have lost our essential spiritual core, within that momentary awareness, our sense of connection is immediately returned. As soon as we remember that we are all human and can only do what we can do at any given time, the choice becomes clear.

Do we want to force an outcome which only creates suffering or do we want to relax in the moment by selecting the next experience (which may be the gift of doing nothing!) with the knowledge that its ease will manifest a successful completion?

In the quiet of your spirit and the joyful ease of moving to accomplishment, it is often better to write down the questions, ask your higher self to provide guidance, and purposefully leave the canvas blank. Be conscious of the decision to not force a decision, go play the other essentials of life, and allow the incubation to occur on its own. When you come back, your fountain will be refreshed, in the meantime, tasks were accomplished with joy, energy wasn't wasted in struggle, and new creativity flows. 

While intentions of doing our best to be of planetary service and make a difference in our world, we are more useful to ourselves, and then to others, when we learn how to reduce our inner anxiety and self-inflicted stress.

From within, there is more graciousness to share without. It all starts with me (and you), doing the best of what you can do with joy. His words were a blessing, and while I need to always remind myself of them, I hope they will inspire you to do the same. 

ColorAlchemy expresses yourself through greater:

Vitality — Creativity — Power — Love — Focus — Intuition — Bliss

Pause with your "inner rainbow" for only few minutes every day to 
always be in your calm, in your joy, and in your freedom of choice.