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Spring Cleaning with Feng Shui
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Spring Cleaning With Feng Shui

What a great time for new beginnings!

Why not learn to use Aromatherapy in your Feng Shui experiences to enhance your body as well as your home and life? Get your body involved!

I was getting prepared to write my last book, but with all the traveling, classes and consultations I had been doing, I hadn't had time to clear my head. The best way to clean cobwebs out of your life (and head) is to do a very thorough Feng Shui spring cleaning and clutter removal. give away everything that you do not love, find beautiful or haven't used in the past two years. Two years is actually conservative. Be courageous and say six months! With this in mind, I knew that my walk-in closet was the target.

I had no thoughts of any physical manifestation that I wanted from this Feng Shui adjustment, just a wondrous closet and a head free and clean. So with my slogan "No mercy" in mind, I began the attack on the closet. As I was working, my nose began to run. "Oh no," I said to myself, "the old snort and blow!" Suffering through, I filled three-yard size garbage bags to be given to charity.

You would think that once the dust settled from my closet purge, my nose would equalize, but it just wouldn't. I felt myself on the verge of a good head cold. Then it hit me. During each previous mega-cleaning episode, my nose had always started to run and had grown into a cold. So when I finished, I got out the eucalyptus oil and mixed it with jojoba, a carrier oil, and rubbed it on my chest. Aahhh! Grandma was right when she used Vicks Vapo-Rub with its eucalyptus smell; this oil has great healing properties for the lungs and respiratory system. I also put a drop of it on my nightgown and went to sleep to regenerate and nurture.

While I was resting, I realized that cleaning my closet had always been much more than a release of unnecessary clutter. It was literally a cleansing of physical toxins from my body and metaphorically a clearing of my mind to allow new wonders to present themselves. Both closet and mind were cleansed in the process. If you really want to make a difference in your life, go clean your closet. Open the way for new body, mind and spiritual experiences. Open up to all possibilities.