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Feng Shui Symbols

All your Feng Shui items, pictures, and Interior
Design should have life-enhancing symbolism!

Symbolically, Feng Shui is represented and described by nature's perfection through sophisticated, yet simple, graphics, mathematics, and universal archetypes of human desire. Every person, and his/her patterned response to their primal needs is part of Nature's perfection. When Feng Shui symbols are applied to a person's environment, the mind responds to the Feng Shui symbols and influences life aspects.

Without having to be a Feng Shui expert that applies Nature's science through mathematical formulas, understanding, evaluating, locating, and/or removing Personal Symbols in your environment can make profound life-enhancement. Because of your unique human qualities, personality, and sensitivities, as well as your individual likes and dislikes, Personal Symbolism adds psychological individualism, thereby deepening and heightening personal Feng Shui effectiveness.

A quick and powerful life-enhancing lesson.

Stuff accumulates. Retrospectively, without a clue where "they" came from, things find a space in our home, which ultimately creates the clutter that restricts personal Chi (human potential) and forward life-movement.

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Because all Personal Chi, the -- essential component of nature that exists in everything -- is connected, every person, place, and thing is speaking to your unconscious and influencing your life, either positively of negatively. While you don't always have control over everything around you, it is easy to control the objects in your home, which fortunately have the greatest impact on you.

Beneficial Symbols are the furnishings and/or accessories that surround you that have positive personal meanings and associations. To determine beneficial symbols and know how to work with them is easy. The more difficult part is being aware of each item's subconscious influence, keep what serves you, and donate what doesn't.

Be conscious of everything around you. If you don't, how many non-supportive symbols are telling yourself that you can't have, can't do, or are limiting your personal potential? Room by room, item by item, use this real-life consultation as a guide to evaluate your personal associations with your "stuff."

I went into a client's bedroom, the most intimate Feng Shui sacred space. There were dozens of roosters that various friends had given her. After she had accumulated a few, friends just assumed that she liked them! (Did I mention that communication is good Feng Shui?)

Now, they would have been great symbols if her Chinese zodiac sign were a rooster and the collection was placed properly. She could have placed the roosters in the south energy center to support her fame, also as a personal symbol of the phoenix in the south rising out of the ashes to create new recognition possibilities; in the northeast, or knowledge or self-cultivation area to develop the many facets of her personal Chi and inner/outer self; or in the northwest, to encourage the support of mentors and helpful people.

Unless you LOVE the symbol,
do not use it in your home!

But, her sign was not a rooster! Worse yet, the roosters were placed on her night stand.

As it is good Feng Shui to be sensitive to the unconscious or conscious reasons items end up where they do, and to not potentially hurt her feelings, I gently asked why the roosters were placed there. She had no reason and didn't even like them. "Why?" I asked. "Roosters are dumb," she said.

As the first things she saw in the morning and the last things she saw at night, day in, day out, the "dumb" associations were not a smart way to live. All it took was her awareness to get rid of the roosters!

Be aware of everything! Be aware of all life experience. Be aware of what happens in your life after you have made Feng Shui adjustments. Did good things happen? Yes, then you created good Feng Shui. But if life circumstance did not go so well, re-consider, what needs to be re-evaluated. Be conscious! And when you are, the added bonus of being in the present, not in the mental wanderings of the past or future, your life will be that much richer.

Enjoy this Loving your Stuff article.