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Feng Shui: Clear Clutter
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Clutter is not REAL Feng Shui...

...but it sure is important to get rid of it!

I've done consultations where people had so many nice (and expensive) things, that their home was cluttered.

When you have too many nice things that you love (and that's the key-read HERE), the best solution is to "recycle them."

Feng Shui Tip:

Only have up to three objects on each horizontal surface (and sized according to the scale of the furniture).

The other objects, have a special, easy-to-access storage area for them. When your yearly and monthly Feng Shui changes with the Flying Stars, take
"new" items out and put the "old" items in your special storage place.
That way:

  • your home isn't cluttered
  • you benefit with the Flying Stars and maximize each month's potential
  • you always have "new" accessories displayed that you love!

Now, for my dear, clutter junkies! You know who you are!

Clutter really isn't Feng Shui, but it is necessary to get rid of your clutter so there is room for your Feng Shui to be effective and maximized.

We all accumulate magazines, cheap vases that flower are sent in, gifts we aren't particularly fond of, and items we grow out of. It is important to periodically get into a "no mercy" (my favorite de-clutter words) mood and get rid of (donate, recycle, ect) what doesn't serve your best interest.

Feng Shui, Clutter Tips: 

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