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Are you THINKING your Feng Shui?

The most important aspect to your success.

In these economically-challenging days of having to build a better in-service-to-our-community mouse trap to ultimately feed our family and employees. I went back to the creative drawing board. I thought with the expense and stress of travel as well as taking time away from work and home commitments, how could I make it easy for people to learn Feng Shui, I started teaching Feng Shui Mastery classes on the phone. From all over the country, with the convenience of coming to class in jammies (don't tell), students now have an accessibly that they never had before.

Don't wait to be creative, develop a new marketing trend and set yourself apart from the competition. Spend time in a quite area in your home. Using Feng Shui to support you, try the west sector, the Children/Creativity area-especially in August where Flying Star Feng Shui is enhancing talent (see predictions) or any place that you have received creative vision. (My secret: I do my best "work" in the tub with lots of bubbles and essential oils.) Think about, "What will my customers realize they need, if presented with the offering?"

During one Tele-Course, one of my advanced students, you know the center-stage, front row, soak-it-up, grinning type, made me so proud and taught me valuable lessons. Previously having taken my five-day intensive, she knew that she would expand her knowledge because of my own commitment to learn and teach beyond what I knew before. Yeah, Elissa knew the answer that required self-motivated understanding and synthesis of previously presented material. Because of having tight time constrains in any class, my philosophy is to jam information and teach students how to think, as compared bulleting bottom line absolutes for every unrealistically-imagined alternative. (I am still wonderfully surprised by unforeseen conditions. An unprecedented consultation a few weeks ago included ghost busting a serious unfriendly with the owner confirming my recommendations through her own on-the-spot tarot reading-it was kinda scary, an interesting experience which no way could have predicted to rely on text book limitation!)

When the going gets tough, the tough no longer will be constrained by old structures that no longer work. One lesson is clearly, whatever "it" is, no one can "do it" for you, you have to put your mind to it" And in today's world, there are no precedence) as we are all being asked to expand beyond what we knew

Instead of allowing the tower (in the tarot-a favorite tool of mine) to crumble on its own, be self-motivated to gently, help tear it down, eagerly making way for the destroyed to open the transformational path for renewed creativity. Using experience and knowledge as the foundation, synthesize and think about new ways of brining people into your store, asking them to buy, and inviting them to come back.

I was so full and happy when Elissa figured it out for herself. To be in assistance of those evolving their spirituality and bettering themselves is a personally enlightening reason to dedicate time and effort, or so it is for me. While I wish the work was more important than the marketing efforts, creatively communicating what we do it is more important then ever because if people aren't aware of our offerings, the opportunity to be of service in diminished.

I don't have the all the answers, but through my persistent experimenting and trying to find that creative edge as well as elevating knowledge through true consistency, I hope to set an example. As a small ripple in our pond, I invite your creative juices to flow in service to our community. And if I have your permission to share this Pisces moon moment, I'll close, heart to heart, love, Jami