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Move 9 Items for Feng Shui Mastery

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Move 9 items
Increase Life-Potential 9 times!

Quick Feng Shui Enhancers for
Year of the Rat 2008

Happy Chinese New Year! The year of The Rat provides you with big ambition and motivation. Use this "new beginning time to go for it" as with Rat energy and dedicated effort you'll achieve success with projects started under this sign. Rat energy is wise in financial affairs so think through your investments - allocate money wisely and watch your investments grow.

And of course, combine Chinese astrology with the good Flying Star Feng Shui with positioning furniture and accessories to enhance your Natal and 2008 Energies.

Learn more:

You most likely already know that with Feng Shui, the Chinese art of placement, you can move furniture, use different colors, and place accessories in specific areas of your home to Increase Wealth & Money, Deepen Love & Relationships , and Improve Health

I bet you didn't know that your Feng Shui also changes every year with the Yearly Flying Stars. All you need to do is move 9 items in your home and office according to a sage-old formula. No formulas today, just the quick concept with what to move and where to move it!

I define Feng Shui concepts in terms of "home" because home is, and always will be, where the heart is and its energy drives the greatest influence. Once you understand and adjust the Feng Shui of your home, it is easy to apply the principles to your office or any environment.

Concept of Yearly Energies: Generic to everyone, unlike your natal Feng Shui, (*see below) there are nine yearly energies ranging from the best of the best, to the worst of the worst. Each of the nine energies sit in each of the eight magnetic directions in your home with one in the center position. Explained in a different way, each of the nine, equal-sized areas has an energetic influence with specific attributes that change every year. One sector will have the best energy, one will have the worst, and each of the other areas has a value in between.

What to Move and Where: The key is to enhance the good energies to make them even better and reduce the bad ones so you are not under their detrimental influence.

Segment your home into nine equal sections as if you were putting an invisible tic-tac-toe board directly on top of it. Each square has an unique, directional energy (North, South, East, West, Northwest, etc.) determined by compass direction. Look around your home to consider what existing items that you love can be moved to each of the nine areas to maximize this year's potential.

This year's BEST energy:

Whatever room is in the east of your home, it has the best luck for this year. In fact, unexpected, good surprises may occur that relate to the function of the room. If this is your bedroom, add as much blue as you sheets are very relaxing and will promote sweet dreams too this year. If the east is an active area, place “moving water” such as a fountain or fish tank. If this area is full of clutter, make sure you clean it out to not waste this year's best of the best energy. Enjoy your east room this year as much as possible and you'll have good luck.

This year's WORST energy:

Throughout 2007, the south area of your home has the energy of “severed fate and bankruptcy.” To reduce the worst energy, it is best to avoid this area as much as possible. If you must spend considerable time here, place “moving metal” such as a metal windchime (preferably with 6 or 7 rods) or chiming clock with a metal sound to reduce the energy.

It is critical to make sure you are sitting or sleeping facing one of your Best Direction and good Natal Flying Stars. (You can find out your your Natal Success Map and how to combine them with Yearly & Monthly energies HERE

Now that you've enhanced the best and reduced the worst energies, there are still 7 more with their respective influence to maximize this year's Feng Shui.

The other good energies to enhance are:

  • Strong convictions for successful accomplishments and financial fortune
  • New beginnings and scholarly endeavors
  • Ease and graciousness
  • Bright future

Take advantage of these energies by moving the right enhancing accessory in these areas! Discover where these energies are on your customised Yearly Personal Success Bagua Map to reap their benefits all year long!

HERE is a bigger view to see the detail and how it is oriented according to your home's facing direction to make it easy to identify the energies in each room. 

Every house has more unfavorable energies too, so it is best to reduce them by placing a reducing accessory in the area. Negative energies include:

  • Arguing and Bickering
  • Cutting energy which may mean broken bones, cutting your skin, and even cutting with your tongue so be careful and think before speaking in this area.
  • Sickness (the second worst energy).

Learn where these harmful energies are and how to reduce them with your customised Yearly Success Bagua Map and their traditional (and my decorative) suggestions.

Enriching your Feng Shui: Depending on the room that each energy is occupying, whatever function is in that area, it is influenced by that energy. For example, if the east area is your bedroom, with good Natal Feng Shui, this will be a wonderful year for you and your beloved. If the east is in your home office, this year reaps financial rewards from loyal clients who value your goods or service.

Conversely, if the south area is your bedroom, depending on the quality of your Natal Feng Shui, that "fate" of your intimate relationship is at risk. If the northeast is in your home office, depending on the quality of your Natal Feng Shui, you may want to move your computer to the living room and make a temporary office behind a screen.

Your customised Yearly Success Bagua Map is oriented according to the direction your house which makes it even easier to move items for this Year's Good Feng Shui.

These items and the locations will help increase good things in your life all the way through February 3 of 2009. After that date, the energies move according to the formula that I told you about. Make sure you are on my newsletter so I can give you the best and worst energies for 2009 where all you'll need to do is move your "Yearly nine items:" how easy is that?

IMPORTANT! To clarify a popular misnomer about Natal Feng Shui:

There is not one Feng Shui map generic to everyone. For consistent Feng Shui, if you moved in your home between 1984-2048, there are 2048 Natal Feng Shui Maps and only ONE is specific to you and your home.

This map provides your Best Directions, Natal Flying Stars, and your personalized essential Feng Shui to decorate your home with.

Learn more with your
Natal Success Bagua Map

it looks like this but see it in more detail HERE

Have a great Year of the Boar and enjoy the benefits included in all my articles too!

Learn more about your Natal Flying Stars HERE.

Combine Yearly Energies with all Feng Shui aspects
to Maximize YOUR good Feng Shui!

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