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Use your body to create your desires: the Chakras work with the Bagua too!

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  Root Chakra
Sending ideas: Encouragement for new job, job search, 
life feeling "up in the air," scattered, not feeling grounded or stable 
Life Effect: Foundation/Stability
Function: Survival, Grounding, Basic Needs  
Key Concepts: Stillness, Stability, Money, Safety, Space Boundaries 

Sex Chakra
Sending ideas: Feeling romantic, wanting to feel romantic, starting to date again, learning to love yourself, expending sensitivities
Life Effect: Sensuousness/Sensuality  
Function: Desire, Pleasure, Sexuality, Procreation  
Key Concepts: Feelings, Empathy, Emotional Needs and Boundaries, Intimacy, Duality  

Will Chakra
Sending ideas: Important meetings coming up, looking for new job or in a new position, a child going off for the first time and they're nervous
Life Effect: Power, Life's Will and Passion
Function: Will, Power, Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Personal Respect  
Key Concepts: Ambition/Drive, Energy, Transformation, Logic, Laughter, Joy, Anger, Balancing Control Over Self vs. Others  

Heart Chakra
Sending ideas: Love, compassion, and thoughtfulness of all kinds 
Life Effect: Compassion
Function: Love
Key Concepts: Caring, Compassion, Trust, Giving and Receiving, Open to Change, Forgiveness, Comfort  

Throat Chakra
Sending ideas: Public speaking, soemeone told you something difficult, supporting friend's therapy, creative expression
Life Effect: Communication
Function: Clarity of Self, Creativity  
Key Concepts: Communication, Listening, Creating, Speaking Up, Self-Expression, Inner Truth

Third-Eye Chakra
Sending ideas: Support friend's insight, their vision for helping see something, looking at seeing things differently
Life Effect: Vision
Function: Seeing, Intuition  
Key Concepts: Awareness, Creative Vision, Clairvoyance, Psychic Powers

Crown Chakra
Sending ideas: supporting spiritual path, personal evolution, inner devopment
Life Effect: Spirituality
Function: Understanding, Transcendence
Key Concepts: Inner Knowing, Oneness, Selfless Service, Spiritual Love, Divine Bliss
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