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Birthday Blessings: What's your Chinese Astrology ?

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Good Chi Blessings

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May the power of this Calligraphy bring you Wealth
in all of Life's Riches
good for new education, business, spiritual ventures
May you always dance as the
Dragon with the Pearl of Wisdom
Double Happiness
good blessing for wedding, anniversary, or any blessing
Wishing you the very best of everything!
New Beginnings
good for new business or life opportunities
Best wishes for your new Beginning!
May your experience be like the
Phoenix honoring the sunrise
Abundant Blessings
May the power of this Calligraphy bring you
Abundance in all of Life's Riches
Friends Forever
Even the dragon and tiger are happy together!
May the power of this Charm bring you Prosperity
in all of Life's Riches
good blessing for: wedding, anniversary, get well, or ??
Wishes for a Beautiful and Abundant Life
good for Wedding or Anniversary
May love last a Lifetime!
Mandarin Ducks mate for Life
Feng Shui
good blessing for house warming, after a F S consult!
Wishing you Good Feng Shui!
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