, You are a

Place this graphic on your home according to the compass points
to determine your Lucky and Unlucky Directions

Learn more about what rooms are good for which areas in your home.

Lucky Directions Unlucky Directions
1 Sheng Chi

Generating Breath Prosperity/Success/Vitality

attracts all the good stuff good area for your front door or
the master bedroom 

2 Tien Ti

Celestial Monad/Heaven's Dr.
Health, Good Fortune

good room and facing direction
for good health and to
recover from an illness

3 Nein Yen

Lengthened Years, Longevity Relationships, Family, Riches  

good for maintaining family harmony  

4 Fu Wei

Overall Harmony
Personal Development, Spirituality, Comfort, Peaceful

protects against bad fortune, this is great location for your front door

5 Ho Hai

Accidents & Mishaps
Difficulties, Frustrations, Irritations, Arguments


the "best" of the worst

6 Wu Kwei

5 Ghosts
Property Loss and Fire, Arguments

family disharmony

7 Lui Sha

6 Curses or Killings
Missed Opportunities,
Poor Health, Accidents,
Legal Problems


best to make this area
a store room

8 Chueh Ming

Total Loss/Severed Fate
worst luck in all aspects

try to make this area a bathroom to flush away all your bad luck

The numbers in the left-hand box and in the graphic indicate the best to the worst energies

Send this Feng Shui reading to a friend to help them determine their best directions.
Important Priorities
Facing: Position bed so that the top of your head is facing one of your good directions  

Facing: Your chest should face one of your best directions when sitting in your office, computer, study, dining, and TV chair.    

Whenever possible, try to sit and sleep in the line of two of your best directions  

Entry, Bed and LIVING (Family, Dining, Kitchen, Living) rooms should be located in one of your favorable directions. Use your unlucky directions for storage and rooms that you don't use often such as the area for guests. In the event you must live in an unlucky room, try to make it one of the "better" bad ones and make sure your chair or bed "faces" one of your good directions.  
In a relationship: Man's directions take precedence (It's the Chinese way my sisters)    
Kids: priority is their sleeping direction and the direction of their study chair.