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Welcome! I am Jami Lin. 
I became a Licensed Esthetician 
because I wanted to easily reduce 
the signs of aging without expensive 
and painful invasive procedures.

I research (and continue to research)
the most advanced technologies 
and combine them for the 
most effective youth-enhancing results!

I was looking to buy Pearl Powder because I heard  that Chinese women have been using it for years to keep their skin youthful. Visiting a local acupuncturist and herbologist, the acupuncturist recognized me because they sold  my books 

That was so cool!

We had a great connection and traded Feng Shui consultations for skin care treatments (that his wife did in the shop). Loving how my skin improved and feeling so good every time I left, I wanted to practice youth-enhancing skin care for others.
Even after earning my esthetician license, I continue to study. In my exploration to learn about state-of-the-art treatments, I discovered advanced-formula crèmes that contain the same ingredients as Dr. Perricone (New York Times best-selling books on anti-aging, featured on PBS) formulas that kept my skin smooth and radiant.  

I love the response when I tell people how "old" I am!

I also discovered The Rejuvenator machine that combines microcurrent and color healing (right up my ColorAlchemy ally) combined with acupressure!

Amazing, after just one relaxing hour,
The Rejuvenator and advanced-formula crèmes
everybody notices that their wrinkles are softened and their skin tighter.

59 years young!
My age is my testimonial!
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Jami brings harmony
that goes far beyond

~Deepak Chopra

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