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Color-Energy Rejuvenation
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Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa
March 2008

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Your face is an expression of your individuality. It is also a reflection of your mind, body, and spiritual health. Your face communicates when you are happy, when your internal organs and physical systems are healthy, and when you are in harmony with the world.

The most effective skin youth-enhancing treatments are customized to express your individuality. Each session should be unique and individual just like you would design your home with nurturing and supportive colors. This colorful, mind and spiritual influence of skin care is as holistically beneficial to looking and feeling better as is stimulating collagen and cellular regeneration.

Line up 10 friends in a row and the color and texture of their skin as well as their specific needs will be as diversified as their personalities. Let’s explore the basic tenants of proven anti-aging technologies and combine them with "the source of creative healing" for advanced treatments and personalized results.

Broad based and generic, our youth-enhancing needs are the same. We benefit with non-invasive MicroCurrent and LED light therapies.



(low levels of electrical current)

counteracts the aging process by triggering natural chemical and physical reactions at the cellular level. The most effective Microcurrent combines different types of currents or waves. 

According to clinical studies, Sine Waves (milliamps) improves circulation as well as stimulates cellular regeneration for production collagen and elastin. Square Waves tone muscles by tensing and holding muscle fibers along with assisting cellular turn over. As if "exercising at the gym," facial muscles are strengthened, retrained, and lifted back into the cellular memory of their more youthful locations. While still celebrating laugh and wisdom lines, Ramp Waves relax tense muscles softening wrinkles from habitual expression.

LED Photo Regeneration

(Light-Emitting Diodes) enhances the skin quality by reducing wrinkles, smoothing irregular pigmentation, and tightening pores. NASA and Harvard confirm that near-infrared and red light penetrate deep into muscle tissue simulating fibroblasts and mitochondria (the power generators within the cells). Without heat or discomfort, collagen and elastin production is increased.

The combination of Microcurrent and LED treatment
reduce and soften wrinkles, tighten skin, and lift muscles.

Colorfully Customize:
Reduce more Wrinkles! Further Lift and Tighten!

Without additional time or effort, individualize and maximize treatments by adding color therapy, acupressure, and colorful Chinese medicine to the formula. This magical combination, rooted in science and sage-old tradition, exponentially increases immediate and long-term results. Additionally, customized, colorful design of the experience increases the "pampering effect."

Ahhhh...Nurturing mind and spiritual benefit feels good and always makes a beautiful appearance.

Rainbow Light & Color Healing
(beyond red & blue LED):

Sunlight is pure energy
and the
sustenance of all life.

Every time Isaac Newton held a prism up to the sun, light energy was split into its colorful components. 

He called the rainbow the seven-color body which is in perfect harmony with and parallels the colorful healing language of Ayurvedic (Indian) Medicine’s Chakra and Chinese Medicine’s Five Element systems.

Quantum science continues to research Newton’s duplicatable experience and confirms why the ancient Egyptians used colored light as medicine to heal the body. Each color, with its specific wavelength, penetrates into the skin at different depths and has specific healing properties. In Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Color Healing, each color has physical healing properties as well as a profound mental and spiritual influence. The benefits of color work every time with Newtonian consistency.

Customizing Colors, Creating Client Exclusivity,
and Effective Rejuvenating Pampering

are determined in several ways.

#1. Skin-condition analysis determines when to use: 

Green reduces wrinkles
Blue, Turquoise and Indigo counteracts red inflamed skin
Red stimulates circulation, collagen, and elastin
Yellow mitigates discoloration and helps lymphatic drainage
Blue, Turquoise, and Violet helps control bacteria and clear acne

#2. Using Chinese medicine, balance with Yin/Yang Colors:

With hot and "red" skin reduce the Yang influence with cool Yin colors: Blue, Turquoise Indigo, and Violet. Energize the Yin influence of cool and sallow skin with Yang colors: Red, Orange, and Magenta.

#3. Mental and spiritual intuition know what the body needs.

Through various techniques your holistic self (the intuitive combination of mind, body, and spiritual energies) will reveal your needed colors. Through your holistic self, your most powerful resource is one that comes from within. Your body will identify structural, chemical, emotional, or spiritual imbalances and establish the specific colors needed for healing with Kinesiolgy (varying degrees of tension in the muscles in response to questions asked).

I find this equally effective method much easier. Ask a client to pick a card from a face-down deck of the rainbow colors cards. Again like Newtonian consistency, as the answers come from the client themselves, these techniques always revel the right color(s) that a client needs to rejuvenate their skin along with enhancing personalized body healing and mind/spiritual nurturing.

Colorful Chinese Medicine

The Chinese also has a brilliant system called The Five Elements. This system explains everything in the universe including the cycles of nature. For skin care rejuvenation, The Five Elements and their colors (Remember, color is pure energy, healing energy) integrate the points on the face with their associated meridians and organs along with emotion. In addition to the healing properties of colors previously discussed, highlights of the "Chinese Colors" benefit:

Heart/Circulatory System
Red points above and below lips

Digestive System Yellow
thinking lines on bridge of nose

Liver Green
crows feet & low forehead

Kidney Blue cheekbones

Respiratory system
Gray (and Violet) checks

With the skin-rejuvenating benefits of acupressure and healing colors, often people lose weight, pains are reduced, emotional and trauma is released, and vitality is increased.

Ahhhh...Balanced health and feeling better are expressed through beautiful facial vitality.


It is well recognized that acupressure (integrating the same techniques as acupuncture but without needles) gently balances mind, body, and spiritual function.

According to 5,000 years of Chinese medicine, all natural healing processes can be stimulated with gentle pressure on numerous locations throughout the body. These points are interconnected to the body’s energetic and electrical pathways or meridians and they maintain wellness.

When facial points are activated to tighten muscles, detoxify and cleanse through lymphatic drainage, and stimulate collagen, through the body’s visceral-cutaneous reflex, the related systems confected to those points also benefit.

All facial points connect to an energetic network connecting to all body systems and functionality. For example, the points used to reduce vertical lines above the lip also help with intestinal disorders

Exponential Results:
Combining Color and Acupressure to Microcurrent and LED.

Adding Microcurrent (along with all of its benefits) to the facial-rejuvenating points (benefiting all related body systems), amplifies the healing properties penetrating even deeper into the meridians.

Infused by Microcurrent, custom color (specific to individual conditions), are "injected" into the points. This synergistic healing energy flows through the meridians like channels of fiber optics.

The sum of the individual components of
MicroCurrent, Color-Light Therapy 
LED/Photo Regeneration,
Restorative Cremes & Acupressure
exceeds the combined influence of their individual benefits. 

Relax, Regenerate and Renew

This advanced, time-tested technology exists
in one machine
the MicroLight Rejuvenator
and you’ll experience results in an hour. 


Again with Newtonian consistency,

WOW, is a client’s first word when I hold up a mirror!

To maximize results even further, before Color Energy Facials, expose the most receptive skin with exfoliation. Remove the barrier layer of dead cells with either microdermabrasion, a chemical peel, or a scrub to increase saturation.

Accelerate superior cellular regeneration by adding advanced cremes that penetrate deeper in the skin and are absorbed better when propelled with Color Energy.

En-lighten-ing Benefit: Inner Light Magic

Plato, the great philosopher and scientist understood a concept that took quantum scientists thousands of years to discover: Light is the Shadow of God.

You already know that colors are the components of light. Scientists discovered that the pure energy of color is the source of physical creation through chemical composition (from the elemental periodic table). From oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, and the other elemental composition of the human body, we are pure light energy. Every day, in every minute we are also always surrounded by the pure components of light.

Originally theorized by Albert Einstein, quantum scientists discuss strings as the intangible component of molecular structure. Strings, the glue that hold atoms together, are the consciousness of matter that has an intelligence beyond current scientific explanation.

Are strings the energy of the Creator?

Edgar Casey, who provided timeless information on all healing subjects, describes colors as emanations from the unseen threads in the fabric of all creation, they are atomic forces that hold the cosmos together.

When ancient man recognized the consciousness of his BE-ingness, he intuitively knew there was an energy greater than himself, The Light has been the universal metaphor for The Creator. Most spiritual traditions idealize The Light as the catalyst of pure loving intention. Through scientific discovery and spiritual definition, The Light is part of ourselves as well as part of universal and divine connection to ALL that exists.

When personal intention and your spiritual light within is consciously engaged, there is an energy exchange between the one who provides a Color Energy Facial and the one who receives it. Whether the client recognizes this or not, love is cellularly absorbed and radiated through the electrical body meridians and benefits both practitioner and client.

As you experience the energy of the creator channeled through the light of a conscious Color Alchemist (one who uses a MicroLight Rejuvenator machine with loving intentions), receiving and sharing love is the enlightening side-effect of softening your wrinkles.

Coming full circle, the place happy endings and new beginnings, your face radiates that you are individually unique, that you are in harmony with the world, and that you are Divinely beautiful.

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