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some of Jami's FAVs

LOVE Cure is $12
more LOVE ideas

more Abundance ideas

Jami Installs Bliss
in her Bathroom

Custom/Design Bliss
and ALL Expressions

Jami's Kitchen installation
"Life is Delicious

Wall Art
Express Yourself with Power of Words
Elegant Feng Shui ideas and Inspiring Affirmations & Images

Feng Shui Affirmation Package for

Love & Bliss

signage/great ideas

Starting at $1 a letter, any...

Text  •  Color  •  Size

Custom PHOTO Art

Feng Shui

Click for Jami's FAVs
Feng Shui Areas

*Click for Feng Shui Map
Bedroom - any SW area*
Office - any SE area*
Meditation - any NE area*
Living & Family Rooms
any E area*
Room of "First" Impression
house For SALE or RENT?
Children's Rms, Craft Rms, Offices - any W area*
Offices - S* & N* areas
Special Rms: WineGame OnYoga
Gifts: customize "cookie tins" & MORE
Spa  •  Classroom

Love / Marriage: Bedroom
or any SW corner ... and areas that feel right!

Watch LOVE video

11-yrs ago,
with my Feng Shui Remedy

LOVE Cure is $12

What color matches
your decor?

What's your FAV
Love Design?

any color/size/font:1000+ ideas

Together: $18.95

Happily Ever After: $14.95


Sealed w/ Kiss: $3
I am making in "etched glass"
for shower door

Wedding Rings: $4

Money / Wealth: Office
or any SE corner ... and areas that feel right!
Watch WEALTH video

any color/size/font:1000+ ideas

"Love, Abundance & Bliss" Collection

custom: $10.80-3" letters-Synthetica font

custom: $9.60-3" letters-Synthetica font

custom: $28.60-4" letters-Angelina font

Bloom w/ Abandon $11.95

Spiritual / Knowledge / Self-Cultivation:
Meditation & Quiet Rms or any NE corner & areas that feel right!

any color/size/font:1000+ ideas

30" W x 15" H: $27..not kidding!
"Love, Abundance & Bliss" Collection

WATCH! Here's how to:

custom: starts at $5: shown Wasa font

custom: starts at $14
shown Synthetica font

8.5 feet - that's 101 inches
$38.50...NOT kidding

Sanskrit translation
One with Nature, One with God

10,000-petal lotus: $19.95
shown white on taupe wall - stunning
Jami installs in her home

Enjoy Simple Things: $16.95

Jami installs in her home


Family: Living & Family Room / Den
or any E corner ... and areas that feel right!

any color/size/font:1000+ ideas

Our Family Tree: $24.95

embellishment: $14.95
text in any font/color

Entry: Room of First Impression

any color/size/font:1000+ ideas

Make Yourself at Home: $19.95

Bless This Home: 29.95

picture coming soon
This is in Jami's home

Children / Creativity: Children's Rms, Craft Rms, Offices
or any W corner ... and areas that feel right!

Idea: Doesn't every kid want their name on their door too?
any color/size/font:1000+ ideas

Dance: $24.95

Courage ONLY: $21.95

silhouette-$8.00 & PHOTO print

Mighty Oaks: $21.95

All Wall Art shown in color HERE can move to another locations

* Chalk Wall/Dry Erase collection *
all sorts of cool shapes to write on the walls!

Growth Charts

So Cute!




Health: Kitchen
or any Heart Center ... and areas that feel right!

any color/size/font:1000+ ideas

Life is Delicious: $19.95

WATCH Jami install in her Kitchen

Live Well/Eat Well: $27.95

Happy/Messy: $11.95


Fame (S corner) & Career (N corner): Office
... and areas that feel right!

any color/size/font:1000+ ideas

Fun: Laundry

any color/size/font:1000+ ideas

Good Dirt: $14.95

Loads of Fun: $14.95

Fun: Bathrooms

any color/size/font:1000+ ideas

Be Beautiful: plaque as shown
Art only: $15.95

Sea Shells: package-$57.95

Special Rooms: Wine!  •  Game On!  •  more!

any color/size/font: 1000+ ideas

Billiard Room: $18.95  •  border :$39.95   •   clock: $39.95    •   borders/ornamentals

Wine/Poetry: $14.95

Wine Lovers: $29.95

Bottle" $4

Organize: Children

any color/size/font:1000+ ideas

click, then follow: customize,
photo prints starting at $29.95

  •  Each child has his/her photo
     in own area

  •  Individual BINS have individual
     names on them too!

Look how FUN!

Organize: Pets

Can't wait to see photos of:

PHOTO Prints of your pet on wall and Food bowl w/ Pet's name... So Cute!

any color/size/font:1000+ ideas

Love wrapped in Fur

Organize: YOUR Stuff

any color/size/font:1000+ ideas

Labels: $3.00    •   Trees $29.95 are so cutie: movable apples!


any color/size/font:1000+ ideas

Clocks these are stunning $39.

any color/size/font:1000+ ideas

Clock installed in office - stunning!

Gorgeous Wall & Furniture "Embellishments"

all embellishments   •   ornamentals    •   borders   •   botanicals

any color/size/font:1000+ ideas

Jasmine vine $24.95

dress up
recycled/reconditioned furniture!

Topiaries: $34.95

love these in entry!

Custom Office Signage

Got some really great ideas photographed, just need to get them up...coming soon!

any color/size/font:1000+ ideas
Examples from Dentist's Office
thank you Dr. Schapely & Warner

whatever signage or motivations


Customized Abundance, Love & Bliss Package I made for you!


Green for Wealth and any SE corner/wall
only $9.90: 12w" x 3h"

Great on a flower pot with live plant in SE and in your office!

Red for Love and any SW wall
only $9.95: 6w" x 4h"
Great for anywhere in your bedroom!


"Bliss:" like in my bathroom

Silver (Metal) for Self-Cultivation
Good for any NE wall
meditation/quiet area
only $9: 12w" x 6h"

Get ALL 3 for less than $30
* Explore site, Click Products
   (left tab)
* Customize (center panel)
* "Browse" Saved Expressions
    (upper left)
* Click Jami Lin, open Jami's FAVs
* Add all 3 to YOUR cart
(w/ YOUR login)

To order: you'll need username/password
Peeking? login w/ JLcustoms
    (my user & password)

Any trouble? email me
Happy to call you!

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Once you've signed up, you'll be able to get into UL Express (the demonstrator website) to set up your account information at "MY PROFILE."

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I am happy to help you.
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This is the Feng Shui Bagua Map for traditional locations

I created custom (so EASY!)
"Bliss" in my Bathroom and
"Om Mani Pad Me Hum" in my Living Room

Feng Shui Bagua Map

Purchase 10,000 Petal Lotus...any color or size!
Here's Lotus in Jami's home...

Purchase Buddha: any size or color Here's Buddha in Jami's home...

Purchase "Enjoy Simple Things:" any size or color
Here's "Simple Things" in Jami's home...

The Colors! Gorgeous!

Standard Colors

metallic colors - no up charge

teeny $ up-grade: "sparklie"

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Love, Wealth & Bliss

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Om Mani Pad Me Hum

Makes Wondeful
Personalized Gifts!