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Foundation Examination Study Questions

Life Desires and the Bagua

1_1  Feng Shui should be approached___.
  A.   as a religion
B.   as an art 
C.   holistically
D.   as a cure all 

1_2  Feng Shui can cause as much harm as help if not done correctly. True    False

1_Real Feng Shui is based on the cycles of nature and are validated through science and mathematics. True    False

1_4 You can cure bad Feng Shui. True    False

1_5  Compass direction is based upon the energetic push and pull of the earth known as magnetism. True     False

1_6 The key to Feng Shui mastery is analyzing each aspect individually and combining the best energies of all the schools.

True    False

1_7  The best solutions are holistically beneficial to every condition. In other words, it will satisfy your _____, ____ , and your __.
A.  Best Directions
B.  Life Desires
C. Flying Stars
D.  all of the above

1_8  Feng Shui Bagua or PaKua  is the template that defines the best places to locate certain rooms as well as to place furniture, accessories, and where to use color. True     False

1_9  The Bagua defines all of Feng Shui energies including Best Directions and the Flying Stars. True    False

1_10  If a "missing area" is approximately 1/3rd (one-third) the square footage of the entire home, include the void space in the Bagua. True    False

1_11  Directional energy never changes.  

True    False

1_12  Use the direction of the sun to determine "house facing direction." True     False

1_13  The Bagua is used on which level?
A.   macro
B.   micro 
C.   macro/macro or micro/micro
D.   all of the above

1_14  Placing specific items in each area of the Bagua only enhances Life Desires. True     False

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