April Ideas Chart
Article Ideas/Working Titles with International/National Holidays and Monthly Observance

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General Interest

Triumph Colors

  • Easter : Color Isn't Just for Eggs, Festive Color Symbolism
  • Couple Appreciation: The Colors of Togetherness and Intimacy
  • Stress Awareness : Turn Stress into Calm with One Breath
  • Earth Day: Green & Blue: The Encouraging Earth Tones
  • Sense of Smell: The Colors of Aromatherapy

Women's Issues

Triumph Colors

  • Husband Appreciation: Colorful Ideas to Say I Love You
  • National Women's Nutrition Week: Colorful Food Antioxidants
  • Facial Nutrition: Colorful Face Masques from the Fridge

Business Success

Business Success Colors

  • Get to Know Your Customers - Tap into the "Emotional YES" with
    Color Personality
  • Stress Awareness : Turn Stress into Calm with One Breath
  • Workplace Conflict Awareness: End Conflict with Color Personality
  • Explore Career Options: Find you Dream Job with your Favorite Color
  • National Networking Week: Prospecting Color Personalities and
    Make the Sale

good for health too

Triumph Colors

  • Young Child : Color Instincts of Young Children


Triumph Colors

Home Improvement Time/National Decorating Month

  • What your Decor Colors are saying
  • Nurture yourself with the colors of your Accessories
  • The Colors of Spring: Renew your Decor Tips

National Garden/Landscape Month

  • Your ColorAlchemy Garden for "Tending" Yourself

Body, Mind
Energy Medicine

Triumph Colors

  • Emotional Overeating Awareness :
    The Blue Plate "Consciousness" Special
  • Physical Wellness: Apply "Color Medicine" for Physical Healing
  • Stress Awareness : Instantly Calm, Think the Rainbow, Ahh!
  • National Personal Training: Less pain with More Gain, Wear Red
  • World Health: Colors of the World, Colors of Wellness

Human Spirit Awareness

Triumph Colors

  • Inspirational News: The Colors to Inspire Inspiration
  • Buddha Day: You are the Colors of Buddha/Your Buddha Colors

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