March Ideas Chart
Article Ideas/Working Titles with International/National Holidays and Monthly Observance

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General Interest

Triumph Colors

  • Daylight Savings: Use Color for "Light" Motivations
  • Daylight Savings: Rainbows to Create the New You
  • Spring Fever: Colors of Spring Grow New Inspiration
  • Spring Cleaning: Clear Clutter for Mental Clarity
  • Act Happy Week / Passion Week: Wear Orange to Expand Joy
  • Go Forth and Do Something: Use Red and Get Off the Couch

Women's Issues

Triumph Colors

  • Universal Women's Week: The colors of Strength to Sensitivity
  • International Women's Working:
    Bringing Home the Bacon, what Color is the Pan?
  • National Cleaning Week: Chore-Bore: Get Scrubbing with Red

Business Success

Business Success Colors

  • Employee Spirit Month : Hot under Color, Colors to Keep Your Cool
  • International Expect Success
  • Ideas/Creativity : New Ideas, New Strategies: Your Orange Think Tank
  • Organize Your Home Office Day: Colorize Your Desk and
    Strategize Your Calendar

good for health too

Triumph Colors

  • Craft/Ideas: Project Ideas to Create Together


Triumph Colors

Body, Mind
Energy Medicine


Triumph Colors

  • Nutrition : The Colors of Healthy Food
  • Dream Day: Use Indigo for Good Sleep & Sweet Dreams

Human Spirit Awareness

Triumph Colors

  • Spiritual Awareness: The 7 colors of Spiritual Awareness
  • Universal Human Beings: The Colors of Being Human
  • World Day of Prayer: Connection starts with Your Inner Violet
  • International Peace: Peace Begins with Your Inner Indigo
  • Good Samaritan Day : Offer Green Compassion

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