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Ipods to washing machines, color makes people feel better in challenging times.

ColorAlchemy, Jami Lin's new award-winning book, reveals the colorful secrets why Apple, Target and Madison Avenue are using brighter colors in all their products and marketing campaigns. According to General Motors, AOLFinance and CNN, “Color makes people feel better." Proclaims trend specialist Tom Julian, “Color acts as therapy.” As the ancient Egyptians and Sir Isaac Newton understood, and as modern-day quantum physics affirm: "color" is not a short-term fad.

Colors and their inspirational feel-good qualities are both magical and consistent. As color comes from light, it holds profound power because it is the source of life. Author Lin says, “Every moment becomes positive when you understand a color’s life-enhancing qualities.” ColorAlchemy explains how everything is color-coded, and how this infinite resource enriches both brain and body, as well as spirit.

By linking each of the seven rainbow colors with a day of the week--or, Daily-Color Triumphs, as Lin calls them--one can promote personal growth and maximize life potential. “Instant and long-term benefits increase every time you work with ColorAlchemy," says Lin. "By paying attention to how you feel about each color, you will discover your individual color weakness and how it is expressed through non-supportive behavioral patterns.

From S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) to road rage, ColorAlchemy's easy-to-use secrets on your body, in your home and office, and as a transformational, mental tool for happiness.


  • RED to increase physical vitality, stamina, and strength.
  • ORANGE to heighten pleasure, sensuality, desirability, and body appreciation.
  • YELLOW to strengthen personal power & commitment for greater external/professional success.
  • GREEN to increase love, joy, and trust for deeper heart-filled relationships.
  • BLUE to improve mental clarity for clearer communications and decisiveness.
  • INDIGO to awaken intuition, inner knowing, and higher consciousness.
  • VIOLET to deepen connection to cosmic intelligence, spiritual love, and divine bliss.

Color Therapy in Decorating by Candice Russell
HOLISTIC HOME (December 2008 Holistic Health Magazine: December 2008)

In her new award-winning book "ColorAlchemy," best-selling author Jami Lin dissects the subject of color from the aspects of science, emotion, human physicality, and attributes. This feng shui master has thirty years experience decorating homes and offices for maximum mental, physical, and spiritual effect. Color is another vital element in the work she does, helping clients around the world derive benefit from the spaces in which they live and work. Lin' recognizes that color can help people remove blockages and limitations, leading to a more enriched existence.

Lin explains that the seven basic colors scientifically correspond to the colors of the rainbow. Each color has certain properties. Use red to ensure greater physical strength and happiness. Orange activates pleasure, sensuality and desirability as well as body appreciation. Yellow correlates with greater personal power and commitment for professional success. Green is associated with increased joy and trust for heart-filled relationships.

The other colors include blue for improved mental clarity and better communication, indigo for awakening intuition, and violet for a deeper connection to cosmic intelligence, spiritual love and bliss. "I did tons of research for my book," says Lin. "Sir Isaac Newton saw that light as seen through a prism produces seven colors, which are the colors of the rainbow. A rainbow is a metaphor for 'ColorAlchemy' and explains its consistent reliability. If light sustains everything that exists, and color is the component of light, then color also maintains and nurtures all life. Quantum science defines "the God particle" as the glue that holds molecular structure together. White light is also a metaphor for The Creator in most spiritual traditions. Thus, color is the essence of life. By using color as an active tool like an awareness or medicine, you can enhance your life."

To make the colors and their attributes easy to remember, Lin connects each day to a different color. Red is Monday, orange is Tuesday, yellow is Wednesday, and green is Thursday. The others are blue for Friday, indigo for Saturday and violet for Sunday. "Wear the color of the day so by the end of each week, you're in balance," says Lin.

Favorite and non-favorite colors, both in home and office decorating as well as clothing speak volumes. "They provide clues into your personality and persona and help identify holistic weakness," says Lin. "We are in balance when our mind, body, and spirit colors symbolically combine into the perfection of white light. My least favorite color is orange. Orange is about sensuality, creativity, joy and spontaneity. I think of myself as kind of sensual and super-creative. Through observing my relationship with orange, I recognized that I'm weaker in spontaneity and sometimes forget that happiness is an inside job."

To compensate for what she may lack, Lin has a computer screen saver that is orange to encourage being more joyful. "Actively absorbing the attributes of orange reminds me to balance work and play," she says. "Consciously, I ask myself, do I need to stop working and smell the roses? Through this easy association and awareness, balance becomes unconscious and automatic. To absorb more of the color in which you are lacking, you can wear more of the color too."

Color came into her life naturally. "I have been interested in color since I was crawling under my mother's easel," says Lin. "My mother was a painter and illustrator. I was brought up very artfully. I got my bachelors from the school of architecture at the University of Florida and practiced corporate and residential interior design for years. I like to think of color as my trademark. I love color and how it influences all aspects of our lives. I love how painting a wall, which is one of my favorite feng shui and ColorAlchemy enhancers, instantly transforms the feeling of any room. I have a very special knack for creating life-enhancing color schemes that are also beautiful."

"ColorAlchemy is so easy, determine what attributes from colors you want or need and incorporate more of them in your life," she says.

How would Lin encourage someone to jump into a pool of color? "Color is the essence of all life," says Lin, who adds that people are holistically, more complete when they integrate color in their lives. I encourage people to look at color through the eyes of Dorothy in the movie 'The Wizard of Oz.' Look at all she learns about herself through entering the colorful realm of Oz. She discovers that having a colorful life is a metaphor for love, family and relationships. Dorothy learns that she's the creator of her own destiny and that anything can be achieved."

Overcome Holiday Blues – Use Green

Great gift ideas without breaking the bank.
Spend less green (money) and use the color green to reduce holiday stress.

Is your holiday cheer distressed by money concerns? Wear green, the color of love, to enhance peace within yourself and encourage patience with others. According to ColorAlchemy, to prevent getting red-hot and bothered over shopping anxieties, decorate for the holidays with green candles, table cloths, and ornaments to support harmony with family and friends. Feature green accent pillows and other emerald accessories to help keep that peaceful feeling throughout the year.

Color influences everybody's emotions. Madison Avenue marketing millionaires command its power, as do Hollywood film makers, interior designers, and every artist under the sun. Color affects everything you think, do, and say.

Did you ever wonder why you feel so good spending time with nature? Green is nature's color, the color of living things. Its balance of warm and cool is easy on the eye and distinguishes it as "the color of love and compassion."

Eliminate stress and expense anxiety by gifting loved ones with handmade, live or silk evergreen wreaths (circles are symbols of togetherness and longevity). Instead of traditional red accents, which may cause impatience, use blue (green’s partner) for more natural inspiration. Just like the color of a crisp, springtime sky, add blue silk flowers, bows, or ornaments for more tranquility.

Spend fewer greenbacks by personalizing handmade gifts with the feel-good aspects of color for everyone on your list. Make custom, colored gifts with specific loved ones in mind.

Think ecology and green energy when creating your gifts to be responsible for the environment at the same time. Do you have any garage-sale treasures that you collected to re-color and re-new? (With a five-dollar investment, a little bronze paint, and tapered-green candles, I converted a rusty candelabra into a one-of a-kind beauty.) Have fun exploring dollar stores, bazaars, and flea markets as colored gems are eager for discovery.

All colors have special life-enhancing benefits. Consider these ideas to get started:

  • Red/Excites and energizes: Fill a red container with cookies to sweeten the most seasoned sourpuss.
  • Orange/Inspires play and spontaneity: Make a small, whimsical orange-flower arrangement to brighten a work-aholic’s desk.
  • Yellow/commands confidence: Bead a yellow bracelet with special charms for timid children, friends, or co-workers.
  • Green/lovingly nurtures: Present an IOU with the gift of quality time. Show up with a picnic basket and head off to sit beneath a wise, old tree.
  • Blue/clears the mind and is thought provoking: Gift your favorite water and sky picture (that you took yourself) in a frame.
  • Indigo/inspires insight: Make a gift card for an evening walk in the country to count shooting stars.
  • Violet/quiets and deepens inner peace: Sew an eye pillow in luxurious purple fabric filled with dried lavender.

Need more help delivering thoughtful gifts without breaking the bank? Wear blue to have clear ideas or orange to have fun in your creative process.

Get everyone involved in a colorful, stressless season. Have a gift-making party. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure holds the ultimate creative opportunity for holiday festivity. Ask friends and family to bring recyclable objects and their colorful ideas to share, re-create, and re-gift to each other. It is impossible to be stressed when thinking loving thoughts or being surrounded by the people you love.