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RE: Develop Color Series and Specialty Articles (new ideas monthly)

From tranquility to vitality, color helps people feel better, and influences everyone's emotions. Madison Avenue marketing geniuses command its power, as do Hollywood film makers, interior designers, and every artist under the sun. Color affects everything we think, say, and do.

And now, you can introduce your readers to the benefits of color by award-winning author, Jami Lin.
Everything that surrounds you (home and garden), everything that you wear (fashion), everything you organize and brand your business with (office), everything you eat (wellness), and even your color favorites and dislikes (mental/emotional health) influence us.

“Color is here to stay and isn’t a short-term fad,“ proclaims Marshal Cohen, chief analyst with NPD Market Research featured by AOL/CNN-Money. attests that color favorites will even help find your perfect job.

Whatever your motivation or desire, color can help you get it faster, easier.

What do YOU need right now?

  • Vitality/Stamina (Red)
  • Creativity/Ideas (Orange)
  • Confidence/Commitment (Yellow)
  • Love/Compassion (Green)
  • Focus/Clarity (Blue)
  • Vision/Inspiration (Indigo)
  • Calm/Peace (Violet)

Discover why everyone wants to explore the colors of their life and its simplicity.
7 Days, 7 Colors and 7 Triumphs

Tailor-made articles or interviews for your audience and demographic.

Article ideas:

  • Experience color benefits through timely holidays and monthly observances
  • Detail one color and its life-enhancing benefits each month

Please refer to "Hundreds" of Ideas HERE for lots of specific and crossover article themes for:

Tailor-made articles available for your target audience and demographic.

Credits: More about ColorAlchemy and Jami Lin

  • NEW, award-winning book (December 2008)
    ColorAlchemy: Self Mastery with the Endless Supply of Color explains:
    • The cross-cultural history and science of color’s benefits
    • Color’s mind, body, and spirit influence
    • Hundreds of easy and practical ways to apply
  • Interior designer since 1979: University of Florida, School of Architecture
  • Author of seven Feng Shui books and numerous articles

Sample articles: