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Jami Lin: Personal Success Map

From Apply Now,
Your Guide to Feng Shui.
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The Bottom Line

Personal Success Map is a 'must have' because it is specific to you and your home. Many Feng Shui cures are general but Jami Lin has created a program that identifies your worst and best areas with practical solutions to enhance or lessen the energy. Her advice is simple to use and will not cost you hundreds trying to Feng Shui your home for positive results for any of your life aspirations.
  • Customized Feng Shui Success Map for You and Your Home
  • Feng Shui Solutions For Specific Situations
  • Best Personal Directions
  • 30 Day Guarantee or Your Money Back
  • Best to print success map to follow the master's explanations on the various symbols on the map.


  • Customized success map for you and your home.
  • Best personal directions highlighted in yellow on the chart for easy reference.
  • Bagua life areas based on the compass directions identified.
  • Flying Star Feng Shui is one of the main attributes of the Success Map.
  • Identifies Active (Yang) and Inactive (Yin) rooms.

Guide Review - Jami Lin: Personal Success Map

Jami Lin, Feng Shui Consultant offers knowledge at a modest price. Her Personal Success Map simplifies Feng Shui to teach the beginner how to transform their home for personal success. As well, it is a guide for Feng Shui experts on the ideal energies for them in their home. Often Feng Shui experts neglect their own homes and this map is a great tool for them to be conscious of their worst and best energies.

The personal success map provides you with your best directions, worst directions, and the influence of the natal energies in the active and inactive rooms. Lin did not stop with just identifying auspicious and inauspicious areas for each individual but included excellent solutions or enhancements for all of the different scenarios presented.

At first, I found the map difficult to decode but the simple solution was to print the map first and read the Master's recommendations included with the map together. Flipping from one web page to the next was a little confusing as I am a visual learner and need all documents in front of me.

Her 23 page book is a great addition to the Success Map because it is embedded with several links to her site to give you a deeper understanding of the concepts. After reading the book, I used her site to aid me in the proper implementation of cures. She gives great examples on how to incorporate the five elements to lessen or enhance an energy.

The Personal Success Map is an excellent tool to aid in you in achieving your goals.

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