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Chakra Balancing/Color-Energy Medicine,
ColorAlchemy Oracle Readings

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Start relieving depression, anxiety, stress, chronic pain add other body-mind imbalances with ColorAlchemy machine (Colored-Light and MicroCurrent),
Gem and Light Infused Essential Oils along with intuitive healing.

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(condensed) 30/60 minute session
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Colored-Light & MicroCurrent gently activates electro-magnetic field in the body bringing energy to glands and organs governed by the Chakras and all
body systems according to Chinese Meridians releasing body, body, and spirit blockages - often during the first session. watch ColorAlchemy Facials too.
You honed right into a BIG ISSUE - not speaking my truth!! Prior to session,
my voice was VERY raspy and even kinda weak - and at the end, my normal
STRONG voice was BACK and 4 days later I'm still speaking my truth.
I SOOOO look forward to more work with you. ~Vicki Skinner

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How it Works

Chakra Balancing / Color-Energy Medicine

Color Therapy is also known as syntonic phototherapy and optometric phototherapy.

Clinical Studies show that light entering the eyes is necessary for sight and also to regulate bodily functions through stimulation of one of the most important parts of the brain-the hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus helps to maintain harmony in the body.

Light Toning on the body with full-color spectrum offers the same harmonic balance.

Here's how it works:

Light goes into and through your eyes and thru your skin (with full body toning) into the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus controls the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS is composed of two opposing systems: the parasympathetic and the sympathetic.

These two systems are responsible for stimulating smooth muscles tissues, the heart, and the glands.

These systems work to create an equilibrium in the body. Think of a teeter-totter board with you standing in the middle. The parasympathetic on one side and the sympathetic on the other. In order to be healthy, these two systems must be in balance.

The hypothalamus works with the endocrine system to control the mammary glands, kidneys, muscles, bones, thyroid, skin pigment, ovaries, testes, and the adrenal cortex.

The parasympathetic rebuilds and rejuvenates your system. The sympathetic promotes actions and movement.

The parasympathetic inhibits hormone production while the sympathetic stimulates hormone production.

The parasympathetic relaxes you, your senses and your metabolism while the sympathetic stimulates you, your senses and your metabolism.

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Color Therapy

Stunning 4 x 6 cards
in shimmering pouch

Grow, Heal & Triumph
with ColorAlchemy

Automatically shifts consciousness

Duplicates the awe-inspiring sensation of a captured rainbow

Experience the vibration of
Living Color.

In ColorAlchemy’s simplicity,
may its profound depth support Living in Color forever.

Triumph Oracle

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About Jami Lin's color starting with her first easel
(at three years old) through her award-winning ColorAlchemy book...and contiuning studies

with testimonials as...

is advanced thinking for infinite possibilities. 
Explore ColorAlchemy, you'll find yourself!"

~ Horst M. Rechelbacher
 Founder of Aveda Corporation

"Jami Lin evolves color healing and provides profound results. A few minutes of ColorAlchemy nurtures you and takes charge of your happiness and destiny."
~ Darren Starwynn, Dr. of Oriental Medicine, CEO of MicroLight Research

"ColorAlchemy deepens insight into the healing power of color and  empowers new levels of being for transformational self-growth!"
~ Susanne Murphy, VP of & Colour Educator

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