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Watch wrinkles
soften in 5 minutes

Non-Invasive & Relaxing
In just one pampered hour, experience reduced and softened wrinkles
along with firmer, more radiant skin. 

Holistic bonus benefits: often, people lose weight, pains are reduced, 
and energy is increased further optimizing facial vitality.
with Youth-Enhancing Technologies developed by NASA and seen on Oprah!

Here's Beth helping me share protocols with you! (Free facial)
enjoy videos BIGGER!

ColorAlchemy Facial
with Youth System
(short version)

ColorAlchemy Facial
with Youth System
(detailed version)

Chakra Balancing

ColorAlchemy Facial Benefits

 • Minimizes the appearance
    of fine lines/wrinkles

 • Improves skin tone 

 • Regeneration and stimulation of
    collagen production 

 • Activates fibroblast cells
     creating collagen/elastin 

 • Increases circulation,
     providing healthier skin

 • Helps in reducing melanin production
     causing brown, age spots and
     irregular pigmentation

 • Stimulates & activates
     metabolic function in cells 

 • No downtime  

 • Wonderfully RELAXING! 

 • Smooths skin texture 

 • Reduces pore size / acne pitting 

 • Lessens skin coarseness 

 • Clears blemishes and acne

 • Reduces sun damage 

 • Safe and effective for all skin types

 • Reduces skin degradation
     and pre-mature aging

 • No side effects

 • No pain

ColorAlchemy NEW Client Special!

Full YOUTH Facial
with Jami Lin • about / prices
LED/Infrared Photo- Regeneration
with your meditations about / prices
Relaxing treatments apply
LED/NASA-developed Collagen/Elastin and advanced serums

Full ColorAlchemy YOUTH Facial with Jami Lin

 • ColorAlchemy & LED/Infrared Photo-Regeneration
     (NASA developed: increases collagen & elastin),
 • technologically-advanced MicroCurrent
     (strengthens and tones facial muscles),
 • and Organic & Advanced Restorative Cremes*
     (with Perricone formulas) penetrate deeper with...
 • Color Energy & MircoCurrent accelerating superior cellular regeneration

*Nourishing Cleanse (Aloe, green tea, white tea and rooibos tea -powerful antioxidants), Power-Packed Youth Serums ("Perricone" formula: Hyaluronic Acid which further activates, DMAE, vitamin A, B, C & E, CoQ10, alpha lipoic acid, and more!), Papaya & Pineapple Masque.

recommend once a week and Home Care for best results

8) ColorAlchemy Facials
2) "Shiva/Chakra" package during facial (add approx 30 mins)
     non-invasive/gentle Chemical Peel, "Shiva" masque,
     LED/collagen/elastin regeneration & Chakra Balance
1) set of Chakra stones
1) 1 oz Youth Serum
1) EmBodyHeARTWear shirt of choice (Retail value $30)

add Chakra Balance/Massage Chair

4) ColorAlchemy Facials
1) "Shiva/Chakra" package during facial (add 30 mins)
     non-invasive/gentle Chemical Peel, "Shiva" masque,
     LED/collagen/elastin regeneration & Chakra Balance

1) 1 oz Youth Serum

a-la-carte Treatments with Jami Lin
AHA Gentle Chemical Peel
with ColorAlchemy YOUTH facial... non-invasive, no down time, deep cleanse/exfoliation with Alpha Lipoic Acid

Shiva Masque with ColorAlchemy YOUTH facial...
it's Indigo (like Shiva) and includes DMAE, MSM,
and lots of youth-enhancing, natural vitamins

LED Collagen/Elastin Regeneration

$30 for each
20 minute session

includes "Dr. Perricone's
Wrinkle Cure"
formulated serums that
are also vegan & organic

Choice of either area: face, decollete or hands

$1/minute SPECIAL

for 10 sessions and

FREE 1 oz bottle of Youth Serum
(a $45 value!)

Chakra Balance, Relax & Regen!

"Bathe" in healing, color-light energy,
aromatherapy, and (U-pick and take home)
gemstones for each of the 7 Chakras.
Sink into your Inner Rainbow with eye-relaxing lavender pads
and soothing Chakra-Balancing music with subliminal brainwave technology designed to calm your thoughts and sooth your soul.


$45 combined with facial

Thank You Referrals

ColorAlchemy Facials Before & After

Thank you Beth for participating in Facial & Chakra videos
and your getting younger and younger face! See you in 6 months!
2 months of System + 1 Facial


"I tried 6 sessions during my lunch hour and
am thrilled with my results!
There is no way that I could afford surgery or
take that much time off from work (and the kids) to recover.
I feel like a new woman!
 --Jessica Rosen

My girlfriends keep telling me that I look 10 years younger.
When I told them about the MicroCurrent and Color treatment,
they immediately called for appointments.
Look at my face and neck: no saggies!" 

--Angela Simpson

59 years young!
My age is my testimonial!
please check out your
with hundred of others like...

Jami brings harmony
that goes far beyond

~Deepak Chopra

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