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Feng Shui for the House and Office
with Feng Shui Bagua or Feng Shui Pakua
Remember this is only one part of the Bagua.
There are over 2,000 possible Feng Shui Bagua Maps.

"Feng Shui Cures," Feng Shui Colors, The Chakras, Five Elements,

for the People Feng Shui Corner and Throat Chakra.

includes excerpt from The Essence of Feng Shui

Feng Shui for Helpful People Corner

people bagua

Feng Shui Art:
Spiritual guides, teachers, mentors, and people having fun!

White, gray, and black

Earth: stone and ceramic

Minty, fresh-breath fragrances for thanking your helpful ones: peppermint, pine, eucalyptus, lemon. Learn more Essentail Oils & Aromatherapy with Feng Shui in Essence of Feng Shui
Feng Shui Symbols:

People Corner: representations of "personified helpful people:" stuffed animals, stone animal collection, photo gallery. Hang art of people smiling and having fun.

Good Feng Shui for:

Chakra Healing and Throat Chakra Meditation
The seven chakra system is the body's most valuable healing tool.

throat chakra fifth chakra

Throat Chakra

also know as the
Fifth Chakra

Color Therapy
ColorAlchemy for more:
•Chakra Crystals
•Chakra Meditations
•Chakra Healing
•Chakra Balancing
•Chakra Opening

Immediate access to Bagua/Chakra

Communication, creativity
Communication, listening, creating, speaking up, self-expression, inner truth
Body Parts:
The thyroid and parathyroid as well as the mouth, neck, shoulders, arms, hands.
Chakra Crystal:

Aquamarine, turquoise, sapphire, lapis lazuli, sodalite, blue agate.

Minty, fresh-breath fragrances for thanking your helpful ones: peppermint, pine, eucalyptus, lemon.

Excerpt from The Essence of Feng Shui

This area of Feng Shui tends to be the least understood and probably the most neglected. This area on your energy map is located in your nearest right hand corner when you come in the front door of your home, office or room. Who are the helpful people in your life? Consider anybody who enriches your life and makes it run more smoothly: your doctor, mentor, babysitter, teacher, and mechanic. The list is endless, and each person is indispensable. We need each other!

Are you aware of the circle of helpful people that you have around you? Do you have problems with doctors canceling appointments, babysitters not showing up, promised deliveries arriving late and the like? Do you offer your time and talents to help others out? To be a mentor, to carpool, to take your grandmother to the doctor? If your dream is to travel, have you been able to go to the places that you have always dreamed of visiting?

For this area, use the color gray, the element of metal, the trigram for heaven, the throat chakra, the essential oils of lavender, lemon, peppermint, pine and thyme.

Feng Shui Consultation example: As I entered Judith's home, my throat constricted and I started to cough. The house was full of clutter and was must-dusty awful. They had so much disorganized stuff that I couldn't even get into some of the rooms. A cluttered home means a cluttered life. How can you even begin to work on yourself if you can't move past the old and outdated, literally and figuratively? Clutter is one of the biggest Feng Shui no-no's. It means you are hanging on to things that you don't really need any more. If there is a pile somewhere, chances are 100 to 1 that you do not even know what is at the bottom. If it is not serving you, get rid of it. My two favorite Feng Shui words for clutter: no mercy!

John was receiving chemotherapy for cancer, and had refused to deal with the aspect of emotional healing. Does it surprise you the room where he shook off the poison from his chemotherapy was in the Helpful People area? Or that he wasn't letting anyone help him with the real issue? While sitting in his favorite chair, which faced an industrial sized hospital clock, John made his choice as he watched his time tick away.

Colour Therapy
Essence Oils & Aromatherapy