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The Essence of Feng Shui E-Book
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Chakra/Bagua Aromathearpy - Essential Oils

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Essence of Feng Shui
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~Grand Master
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Essence of Feng Shui

"Jami Lin clearly focuses on how fragrance brings harmony to one's body, family, society, and life.
I highly recommend this book as a way to share the ultimate pleasure to inspire seekers to attain
knowledge, fortune, pure heart, and good karma."

"Jami's work in using aromatherapy
in the creation of good Feng Shui is fascinating...
The book itself reflects her refreshing
enthusiasm and vibrant personality."

~Lillian Too, Feng Shui expert

Jami Lin discovered that fragrance can be a delicious and purposeful tool for personal expansion, as it is tied to the interpretation to the cosmos that were presented to us by ancient earth peoples.

In this fascinating book, Jami brings us their most sacred universal teachings, which include the integration of ceremonial fragrance to maximize spiritual growth and individual potential. As you read through this uniquely informative work, you'll learn:

  • how essential oils energize your body and home for greater health, wealth, and happiness

  • how to use fragrance everywhere to expand consciousness, reduce limiting fears, and to enhance all of life's possibilities!
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Introduction and Table of Contents

Foundation of Fragrant Feng Shui
  • Chapter 1: The Essence of Feng Shui
  • Chapter 2: The Essence of Fragrance
  • Chapter 3: The Tree of Life
  • Chapter 4: The Energy Centers in your Body
  • Chapter 5: The Energy Centers in your Environment

Good Scents

  • Chapter 6: Assessing Your Life Situation
  • Chapter 7: Spritz Away!
  • Chapter 8: Bringing it all Together

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