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Feng Shui Today E-Book
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Feng Shui Today
is also available in Book and Video formats

Feng Shui Today
Jami Lin's Best selling Feng Shui book is
also a Book-of-the Month Club feature!

"Practical and inexpensive ideas to harmonize
your surroundings in a book
that goes far beyond Feng Shui."
~Deepak Chopra

"In the Feng Shui world,
Feng Shui Today is a major breakthrough!
An absolute necessity to read!"
~International Feng Shui Conference

"Feng Shui Today: Earth Design
captures the essence of ancient and contemporary knowledge of the east and west. Whether you are a Feng Shui practitioner, architect, divinator, a scholar of I-Ching, life philosophy, theology, spirituality, or environmental protection, Jami's book is a valuable reference."

~Feng Shui Grand Master Lin Yun

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Feng Shui Today: Earth Design is an elegant and cleverly assembled account
of the various ways that buildings can be designed to maximize their potential for environmental harmony."
~Derek Walters,
"Grand Dad" Feng Shui author/expert

  • Takes you to your spiritual roots through its connection to substance and form.

  • Add Feng Shui (Chinese earth-geometry), "Green" Design, Native American & Astrological Arts, Mythology, Universal Philosophy and Sacred Site knowledge to your environment.

  • Provides you with user-friendly, inexpensive and practical ideas to improve your existing home or office conditions.

  • Inspires you to design, using universal geometry and non-toxic materials.

  • Helps you discover how to align your humanistic qualities with the energy of the earth's natural cycles.

Introduction, Table of Contents & Glossary

The Foundation:
Background and History
  • Chapter 1: Natural Law
  • Chapter 2: Historical Geomancy
  • Chapter 3: Natural Science
Structure and Systems:
The Methods
  • Chapter 4: Intuition
  • Chapter 5: Feng Shui
  • Chapter 6: Astrology
  • Chapter 7: Conventional Interior Design
The Top Floor:
Personal Cultivation
  • Chapter 8: The Divine Plan

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