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Use this survey to help determine what may be missing in your life.
Discover how to enhance life attributes and desires with your home and body (Chakras) Feng Shui. 
Please rank the following statements accordingly 

5  if the statement is a lot like you/your life situation 
4  if the statement is somewhat like you/your life situation 
3  if the statement is neutral 
2  if the statement is not much like you/your life situation 
1  if the statement is nothing like you/your life situation

  Section One    
You spend several hours a week in quiet contemplation or meditation.
You have a hobby that lets your mind rest and your hands work.
You are aware of synchronicity in your life.
Your job reflects your spiritual convictions.
You have experienced some type of extrasensory perception: heard advice from an unknown source, seen future events, had a hunch, etc.
Your eyesight is good.
You feel a strong connection to Nature.
You volunteer time to help those less fortunate than you.
You recycle.
You read about or study new topics of interest to you with regularity.
You rarely have headaches.
You have a personal spirituality that helps you lead a better life. This means
anything from organized religion to metaphysical groups to your own brand of
You pray, give thanks, or do a loving deed daily. 
Being silent in the company of others is not uncomfortable for you. 
You remember your dreams. 
You have finished your schooling. 
You are open to others' religious viewpoint even if they conflict with yours. 
You take at least one long vacation a year. 
You rarely have nightmares. 
You do not have any learning disabilities. 
Death doesn't frighten you. 
Your loved ones who have passed are in a better place. 
You accept success into your life. 
You feel comfortable sharing your spiritual views with those who ask. 
You follow your gut instincts regardless of the consequences

Section Two 
The word abundant is a descriptive word for your life.
You have enough money not to worry about meeting your monthly bills.
You have rarely are constipated or have diarrhea.
You trust that with work, you will always have what you need to live.
You have strong friendships with people of diverse backgrounds.
You have a comfortable home in a safe neighborhood.
You do not have a weight problem.
You contribute to charities with your money and/or time.
You feel confident and happy.
You rarely have lower back pains.
You take responsibility for your decisions even if they don't turn out as you wish.
You receive joy from giving gifts at unexpected times of the year.
You are not in serious debt.
You do not suffer from liver or digestive problems.
You know you are good, intelligent, and capable.
You say no when you mean it, even when it may make a situation uncomfortable.
You do not have large credit card bills.
You follow your gut instinct.
You live within your economic means.
You participate in causes (environmental, social, political, etc...) that have meaning to you.
You leave any situation that is abusive to you or others.
You enjoy taking long walks or other forms of healthy exercise.
You would not call yourself a workaholic.
You laugh easily.

Section Three 
You in a healthy, romantic partnership.
You speak freely with others about how you feel.
You are comfortable with public displays of affection (yours or others).
You are do not mind spending time alone.
Intimacy is an important part of your dating/marriage.
You say no when you feel it.
You feel comfortable viewing yourself naked.
You take pleasure in fine food, drink, and good company.
You are comfortable with your sexuality.
You do not suffer from impotency or frigidity.
You would give your love life a thumbs up.
You don't use sex to manipulate (IE. Not have sex to punish a spouse for what they did/didn't do.)
You let your emotions out, for example if you're angry, you let it out in a constructive manner.
You dance, jog, walk, practice Tai Chi or just generally move with the flow.
You do not have urinary, bladder, or sex organ problems.
Your sex life is unfolding as you wish (being sexually active by choice or celibate by choice.)
You stay out of or leave abusive relationships.
You have good friends who you can confide in.
Your business relationships are strong.
You do not overindulge in food, alcohol, sex, shopping, etc...
You are social and make friends easily. 
You are able to express you feelings with others openly and often.
You only have sex to connect with and love another person.
You get joy out of dating (or marriage).
You tell your friends how much their friendship means to you.

Section Four 
You have a healthy relationship with your parents.
You stay in touch with your siblings.
You have strong ties with friends who are like family to you.
You do not have heart problems.
You do community work.
You have been able to forgive what has happened in the past.
You visit or communicate with your extended family: aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews.
You feel compassion.
You do not fear abandonment or rejection.
You tell your family how much you love them.
You rarely have upper back or shoulder pain.
You participate in or support world peace organizations, relief groups, human rights organizations, etc...
You truly love your neighbor as yourself.
You are able to let go.
You do not smoke.
You take time to phone, write a note to those you love.
You are not possessive.
You tell your friends how much you love them.
You are not afraid of being hurt.
You do not suffer from high blood pressure.
You trust those people who are close to you.
You laugh easily with your family and friends.
Family gatherings are fun for you.
You forgive those who have harmed you in some way.
You forgive yourself when you have made a mistake.

Section Five 
You know who you are, your purpose on Earth.
You are known for something that is unique to you (your style of dress, you laugh, your art work, your cooking, your job etc...)
You have frequent episodes of uncontrollable happiness.  
You know that the answer to your question is inside of you.  
You are rarely depressed.  
Small (or large!) miracles take place in your life, you acknowledge and show gratitude for them.
You are able to consciously create.  
You are able to travel astrally.
You don't have a nervous disorder.  
Your relationships are balanced and harmonious.  
You are living the kind of life you have always envisioned. 
You make donations anonymously.  
You can heal yourself and others.  
You don't suffer from migraines.  
You have experienced yourself as part of a larger whole.  
You make prudent decisions instantly.  
You feel connected with Nature and the vast universe.  
Boredom doesn't exist for you.  
The word hate doesn't exist in your vocabulary.  
You are comfortable with psychic phenomena that happen to you.  
You are aware of your personal power.  
You understand grace.  
Spirituality is not a separate section in your life, it is your life.  
You have experienced connection with God (the Divine Essence, Chi...)  
You give service selflessly.  

Section Six 
You are able to express yourself freely.  
You have a good support system in your life.  
Your partner makes your life easier.  
You don't often get coughs or colds. 
You never lie.  
You know when to be silent.  
You tell people how you feel about them or situations you are in.  
You are a good speaker
You are centered.  
You don't have a problem with people keeping their obligations.  
You are comfortable speaking in public.  
You rarely have a stiff neck.
You speak out against social and political injustice.  
You are a good listener.  
Your voice is modulated and soothing to others.  
You never criticize others. 
You speak what you feel and know to be true.  
You share your knowledge with others.  
You are surrounded by people who make your life easier and more enjoyable.  
Your employees are happy working with you.  
 You stand your ground when you believe in something.
You don't talk too much.
You speak up for yourself.  
There is low turn over in your work staff (helpers/baby sitters...)  
You speak your truth.

Section Seven 
You truly love your job. 
You make enough money in your job so you can live a comfortable life.  
You feel at home in Nature.  
You do not fear being alone.  
Your life is stable.  
You are not a workaholic.  
You feel grounded.  
Your life path includes the current career you are in.  
You do not have bone or knee problems.  
Fear is not in your vocabulary.  
You feel energetic.  
You don't suffer from bulimia or anorexia.  
You have a healthy trust of others.  
You do not obsess about money or your possessions.
You do not suffer from high blood pressure.  
You are able to provide for all your life's needs.  
You are not in a job just for the money.  
You spend time outdoors.  
You don't have a problem setting boundaries.  
Your feet are planted firmly on the ground.  
Life is interesting.  
Your job is compatible with your spirituality.  
You re-cycle.
You volunteer for or donate to organizations that protect the environment.  
You set a good example for others. 

Section Eight 
Everyday is a new creation to you.
You love your children (or your friends, siblings....)
You are able to be goofy and spontaneous.
You sing and dance (even if you are not a "good" singer or dancer)
You create spontaneously.
Your heart feels full of love.
You have a hobby that you pursue.
You take time out of each day to tell your children how much they mean to you.
You coach or mentor children.
You think nothing of getting your hands dirty with some gardening, pottery, a fix-it job, or painting.
You know how to talk with children (not down to them.)
You still know how to play.  
Your children are your most precious gift.
When you are absorbed in a creative act, you find yourself in another world.
You spend some time during the day alone with your creative thoughts.
You use your dreams to help you solve problems.
Your job calls for you to use your creativity.
Your creativity is part of your spirituality.
You share your talents with others.
You are not uncomfortable with children.
You have completed a creative project within the last two months.
You can laugh with abandon.
You know how to be silly.
You are taking a class or learning how to paint, sculpt, play and instrument, belly dance....
Life is fun.