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Your Life Assessment Report 
Discover how to enhance life attributes and desires with your home and body (Chakras) Feng Shui.

Click on the individual areas to learn about how to enhance!

Section 1
Knowledge Area, northeast section of your Home, and the Third-Eye Chakra  score  
Section 2
Wealth Area, southeast section of your Home, and the Will Chakra  score  
Section 3
Marriage and Relationship Area, southwest section of your Home, and Sex Chakra score  
Section 4
Family Area, east section of your Home, and the Heart Chakra score  
Section 5
Fame Area, south section of your Home, and the Crown Chakra  score  
Section 6
Helpful People, northwest section of your Home, and the Throat Chakra score  
Section 7
Career Area, north section of your Home, and the Root Chakra score  
Section 8
Children and Creativity Area, west section of your Home, and the Heart Chakra score  

Nothing is ever black and white so the numbers are life-enhancement guidelines. They don't mean good or bad. Suggestions: If you have a low number score in any of the sections it would be a good idea to concentrate on these areas first when making Feng Shui and Chakra adjustments. Higher numbered areas are your strongest assets, consider softening them to support the development of the weaker areas or enhance them depending on your life priorities.  

TIP: Remember that Feng Shui and LIFE is about balance!