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Feng Shui and Real Estate
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Feng Shui and Real Estate

The decision BEFORE you select your new location
influences your future!

Consider Feng Shui First
Be Smart from the Start!

People call me to "Feng Shui them" AFTER they have selected their new location -- or worse yet, they have moved and/or put money down! Whether you buy or rent, it is a major financial expense to move and could have personal or professional risk if the Feng Shui isn't good. Home, office, or retail space, it doesn't matter. Consider the Feng Shui BEFORE you put money down!

Getting the best Feng Shui from the start will only improve the potential when you start furnishing, adding color, accessories, and placing all your favorite goodies.

Simple Example: Great New Age bookstore, lovely people, last location had fire which caused them to have to relocate.

Humm... I bet there was a lot of Fire energy in their Flying Stars that day!

You would have thought they would have checked out the Feng Shui of the new place first. When stopping by to provide well wishes, it didn't take Feng Shui mastery to notice that the garbage can for the entire strip mall was bolted right next to their front door! The landlord would not relocate it and they were stuck with everyone's trash. That should have been an obvious no-no!

Sometimes, Feng Shui is not that apparent and needs further consideration.

With the convenience of a phone/Skype consultation, confirm whether a location will be good or bad for YOU!
Don't make costly mistakes!

Schedule your pre-decision consultation,
it is "cheap insurance" to secure your Positive Future!

Besides the obvious, here is the most important Feng Shui to determine!

If you are moving to a multi-unit location such as an apartment, condominium, or retail space, you may have choice between several units. With interior layout being architecturally exactly the same, one unit may be significantly better (or worse) depending on the direction it faces. If you have been reading my articles, you know that facing direction determines the Flying Star Feng Shui or Natal energies of a space and your personal compatibilities with the ever-important front door.

Free standing homes or stores may not provide you with the same options but the Feng Shui should still be considered in the same way. If the facing direction is indicating unfavorable energies, you may be able to compromise with how you enter by using another door that is personally beneficial. The Feng Shui still may work if significant rooms are in your best locations and they have good natal energies. Evaluate how can you use the interior to maximize its good energies and consider if they are supportive enough compared to other locations.

Remember: You can only do so much with Feng Shui enhancers or reducers. You cannot cure energy or Feng Shui ...Albert Einstein taught us that! I know, I know, I've said that before...just trying to "cure you" from that "popular Feng Shui" misnomer that you can cure your Feng Shui -- you can't cure energy!

You have a choice when you move: Start with the best raw Feng Shui!

Already moved?

Call your Feng Shui expert BEFORE you make architectural changes!

They cost a lot of money too and design choices could make significant differences in your life.

Consultation Example: Walking into the front door, you could see directly into a bedroom that was being used as a home-based office. It is best not to see your desk, or bed upon entering your home to help control work-a-holism, or being tiresome. By moving the office door out of direct view it also created an art wall that added to the beauty of the entry vestibule. Good design is good Feng Shui!

If she invited my assistance before construction, through Flying Star and Best Directions, she could have easily positioned her door so that prosperity energy entered the office instead of mediocre energy.

With the convenience of a phone/Skype consultation, confirm whether a location will be good or bad for YOU!
Don't make costly mistakes!

Schedule your pre-decision consultation,
it is "cheap insurance" to secure your Positive Future!

The new door location would have also allowed her desk to face a wealth and success Flying Star combination -- double good Feng Shui! Even though the wood floor was not yet laid, she had already spent the money on the door and wasn't about to redo it. If she had called me prior to finalizing which unit to purchase, I would have suggested the reverse desk configuration to enable her to face her "Lengthened Years" direction instead of her "Six Curses" direction.

Before spending money on property or incurring moving expenses...
and the more COSTLY ramifications if you select BAD Feng Shui,

How may I help you decide if your new space has GOOD Feng Shui before finalizing your decisions?

Schedule your "Be Smart from the Smart" consultation!

Mastery Example: Unless you have taken my Home Study Mastery Course, you may not understand all of this, but certainly you'll get an idea of a REAL Feng Shui consultation (site or phone) and the value of selecting the right Feng Shui expert and the mastery of being smart from the start!