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Flying Star Feng Shui
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Flying Star Feng Shui

Benefit with the most profound and influential aspect of Feng Shui

"I've put my mandarin ducks in my love corner and my wealth chest in my money corner but I still don't have a relationship or a decent career!"

Have you integrated Flying Star Feng Shui in your analysis?

Unfortunately, and if you will indulge me for a moment, people assume that Feng Shui is magic that is as simple as just mentioned. I can't help being upset when people say Feng Shui doesn't work when they really haven't applied it, or haven't applied it correctly. As Feng Shui is based upon the natural laws, the science and mathematics of earth and heaven need to be parallel in your Feng Shui...and that aspect is known as the Flying Stars.

I love this picture of Étienne-Jules Marey's sculptures. It shows the consistent, systematic movement of a bird in flight -- like the energy of the Flying Stars.

No different from any other layer in Feng Shui, Heaven Energy influences behavior and health as well as all aspects of good or bad luck. Traditionally known as San Yuan, the Flying Stars or Heaven Energy, like all Chi (energy) and everything in nature, the energy is in constant movement. As consistent as the changing seasons, the cycle of night and day, or the tides flowing in and out, the Flying Stars are always changing.

The Flying Stars identify where all positive and/or negative life-effecting Heaven Energy are located according to mathematical formulas. They influence your good or bad prosperity, success, relationships, and life conditions. When you learn to identify them, you will be able to maximize the positive effects as well as minimize their detrimental potential.

For an easy analogy, let's describe the Flying Stars as house astrology. The time that your home was built determines its energetic qualities exactly in the same way that Heaven Energy and the astrological alignment of the planets determined the character of your personality and destiny. Each directional sector of the Bagua Map has a specific energetic Flying Star imprint that will always create a veil of influence based upon what room it is in as well as what stars "live there."

I know the mathematical formulas and love how the science of Feng Shui is consistent--which is what makes Feng Shui results consistent! Even though I welcome my senior students to ask, I choose not to waste your time in having to learn the mathematical formulas to create your own charts. They are complicated, they take years to master, and you can easily make mistakes. I prefer to teach what the stars mean as well as teach you how to apply and combine them for a holistic, effective evaluation.

In the scope of this article, it is not possible to explain the "16 charts per period" or what that means. I do give you several options to learn and benefit from the Flying Stars. You can start with learning what Flying Star energies are at your front door this month HERE. As I want to teach you to think your Feng Shui, track these energies every month and you'll see shifts in your life that reflect them.

I also invite you to take my Feng Shui Home Mastery Certification where I teach you to apply them in 2 easy-to-follow lessons. 

You can also get YOUR specific Flying Star chart that is in included in your Personal Success Bagua Map customized for YOUR Personal SUCCESS according to YOUR Home's layout.

You DO know that if you moved in your home between 1984-2048, there are 2048 Bagua Maps and ONLY ONE is specific to you and your home, YES?