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Using Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Masterful Tips from Jami Lin's breakthrough
Essence of Feng Shui book that combines (excerpt) :

  • Feng Shui
  • Essential Oils/Aromatherapy
  • The Chakras

Jami Lin discovered that fragrance can be a delicious and purposeful tool for personal expansion, as it is tied to the interpretation to the cosmos that were presented to us by ancient earth peoples.


How essential oils energize your body and home for greater health, wealth, and happiness

How to use fragrance everywhere to expand consciousness

How aromatherapy helps reduce limiting fears

To enhance all of life's possibilities!

"Jami Lin focuses on how fragrance brings harmony to one's body, family, society, and life. I highly recommend this book as a way to share the ultimate pleasure to inspire seekers to attain knowledge, fortune, pure heart, and good karma."
- Grand Master Lin Yun

"Jami's work in using aromatherapy in the creation of good Feng Shui is fascinating...The book itself reflects her refreshing enthusiasm and vibrant personality."
-Lillian Too

Excerpt from The Essence of Feng Shui

My third book, The Essence of Feng Shui: Balancing Your Body, Home, and Life with Fragrance (Hay House 9/98) thoroughly details the benefits of combining the environmental (Feng Shui Bagua) and body (Chakras) energy centers with Aromatherapy. As it is with Feng Shui, working with the Chakras and Aromatherapy are also life-long practices. However, I have accepted the challenge to share the basics with you in this brief article. Do you accept the challenge to enhance your Chi and smell good at the same time?

In explaining Spiritual Feng Shui, I often paraphrase Kabbalistic thought (an alchemical system of universal knowledge with roots as far back of Babylonia). "If our bodies are the vessels in which our soul energy is poured, clearly our environments are our secondary vessels that also support all life aspects." As I delved further into the depth of this statement, even greater truth was revealed. Through the many consultations that followed, I recognized a direct correlation between the energy centers of our bodies, known as the Chakras (from the sage-old Indian, Hindu, or Avedic tradition) and the Bagua.

Now, before you traditionalists crinkle your brow, consider the nuances between traditional Feng Shui schools that developed in the various geo-graphic locations throughout China. Even more widespread, you cannot ignore similar Earth Design practices that established through many world-wide cultures.

Briefly, from observing the natural laws, all universal geo-mantic traditions evolved into methods by which environment can emulate the rhythm of nature so that man could live within its harmonious abundance. Mother Nature's archetypes are real. Consider the elements: the cycles of nature. It is not for me to insist that there are five elements as in the Eastern Feng Shui tradition when Western thought describes only four elements. It is the cultural and societal interpretation of the natural laws that provide different applications. /free/tips/h/history has proven, regardless of which tradition, that when intention is applied, all Earth Design traditions enhance people's lives.

The evolution of contemporary Earth Design, is also ever-changing according to modern needs, after all, how did the ancient Feng Shui masters design with computers and "hi-rise mountains dragons?" So for the first time, through Kabbalistic definition, why not get our bodies in gear and combine the energy stored within them to enhance our Feng Shui and our ever-evolving lives? Let's incorporate the Chakra System which is archetypically no different than the Bagua as it too contains the distilled essence of universal workings to support harmonious benefit.

Your life, through the application of the Bagua, can be cluttered or supported by what accessories, art, or furniture is located in the various energy centers. The Chakras in your body are energetic power stations that, just like the Bagua, reinforces either with good mind-body-spiritual health or dis-ease. By design, both reflect the patterns of health along with emotional and mental processes.

During a consultation, intuitively I stopped short in the heart-center (Tai Chi) when I noticed an uncomfortable painting." When asked, my client's eyes filled with tears (the sacred moment of recognition that begins the healing process) and told me that she painted it soon after her father's death. I didn't need the details of her heart ache but gently acknowledged her previous comment of her frequent chest pains (which may have grown into more serious problems).

The removal of the art was a Heart/Health/Family symbolic gesture of the forgiveness process, which in turn would ultimately help to mend her broken heart.

Consultation after consultation, I noticed distinct relationships between the areas of environment and the Chakras. The relationship between each Chakra and Gua is quite simple to appreciate when you look at their joint keyword associations:

  • Crown Chakra/Fame: spiritual awareness / calmness, attainment / completion, connection / empowered, intuition / awakening

  • Third Eye Chakra/Knowledge: inner vision /self-cultivation, consciousness / communication

  • Throat Chakra/Helpful People: release judgment / service, breath of life in assistance

  • Heart Chakra/Health/Tai Chi: love to family/children, of mankind w/ your center,Tai Chi/heart of home/beauty, harmony/comfort/balance

  • Will Chakra/Wealth: power/energy/centered, wealth of personal capacity, confidence/courage

  • Sex Chakra/Marriage: socialization/emotion, partnership/relationships, pleasure/intimacy

  • Root Chakra/Career: security/foundation, grounding/individuality, journey/life experience

Unconsciously our Feng Shui can keep us in our comfort zone of limitation. Why did my client hang that disturbing painting in her heart/Tai Chi center? When we unconsciously, but purposefully, hold ourselves in confining old patterns, identified by such restrictive Feng Shui as Chi blockages, clutter, and/or harmful accessories in a specific Gua, the energy of the corresponding Chakra is also blocked. In another consultation in which there were "he was always picking on her" problems, it is easy to identify the Sex Chakra/Marriage Gua relationship by the picture of one bird pecking at another bird, located in the micro-marriage area of the macro-marriage master bedroom.

How can the placement of two loving love birds manifest into a healthy, balanced relationship when there is unaddressed non-supportive emotional attachment elsewhere? Or worse yet, too often I have experienced even more mundane disappointments of so-called professionals who focused on secret cures, clearings, and Chi adjustments while such harmful and easy to solve basics as secret arrows, clutter, or heavy beams remained unnoticed to the physical detriment of the clients we serve. The Kabbalah, (which essentially is about giving and receiving) suggests we need to be an empty vessel, with an open mind, to first intuitively receive our client's inner Feng Shui requirements to give them appropriate advise. Our clients should be guided to be empty; free of mind-body-spiritual baggage in order to receive maximum Feng Shui benefit.

With consciousness and connection to our Chakras, Feng Shui can help us break out into all that we can become. Review your consultations and you will easily identify the Chakra/Bagua relationships. Notice how often you have consultations where a client has what I call a "repeater," especially when combining the body and environmental relationships. Like the name suggests, repeaters are same or similar Feng Shui conditions that keep revealing themselves. For an Will/Wealth example: if a client has a bathroom in their home and office, both in the wealth Gua, it not only suggests that money is being flushed everywhere, but even more importantly, that their Will Chakra is loosing wealth, power, or personal Chi. Of course there will be money problems when there is insecurity of will.

Not only will the review of your consultations support the relationships and energetic definitions between the Chakras and Bagua, it is also supported by sacred geometry. (And I love sacred geometry and its Earth Design/Feng Shui relationship as I discuss in Feng Shui Today!) Briefly, when the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the Chakras, and the Bagua are graphically overlaid on top of each other, the Fame Chakra/Crown/Kether (known as Crown on the Tree), Tai Chi/Heart Chakra/Tipareth (known as Beauty), and Root Chakra/Career/Yesod (known as foundation) are in perfect alignment.

The Tree of Life is a symbol for the pattern of life energies, just like the Bagua and the Chakra system, all which define the natural laws. And just like many universal traditions, the sacred tree is a symbol of human potential. Through Tree symbology, you can watch personal Chi grow your life as your Chi moves up its branches. Because the Chi that flows through our bodies and creates the cycles of nature is the same Chi that grows plants and trees, it is a perfect segue to combine aromatherapy in Feng Shui. And what is aromatically used in the Essence of Feng Shui? The distilled essence of plant chi.

And why not, historically almost every tradition used fragrance. Before modern medicine and the invent of synthetic representations of nature's chemical compositions, historical medicine (wo)men only used herbs and plant extracts. Just to name a few, the Egyptians used frankincense and myrrh to prepare the body for the afterlife, the Chinese used medicinal aromatics which are recorded in texts dating back to 2000 B. C., and more recently, oils were applied during the Renaissance oils to combat plagues.

Using essential oils on your body (Chakras) and throughout your home (Feng Shui) has many deliciously fragrant applications and life-enhancing benefits. Essential oils are received by the pituitary gland which governs growth and cell generation. True essentials, unlike synthetics when sprayed or diffused will minimize EMF (electro-magnetic frequency) toxicities. They are anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Additionally, their individual medicinal properties aid in healing and good health which positively alter mind-body-spiritual energies. Best yet, and my personal favorite, they smell good!

Thus, aromatherapy is perfect adjunct to Feng Shui, adding to my quips, "if it catches your eye it alters Chi, and if it catches your ear it alters Chi," it is quite logical that "if it catches you nose, it also alters Chi through its powerful aspect of thought association.

The Essence of Feng Shui...

The second I ask you to remember what your Grandmum's house smelled like, your past experiences, as mental pictures, begin to play in your mind. Additionally by using fragrant Feng Shui, aromas can propel your intention into the future.

Thought creates form. Everything we create in our lives was once a thought without form. Even in Feng Shui, you initially need to decide what you want or need to manifest before a physical (and hopefully decorative) symbol is positioned. When you associate an essential oil, specific to the Chakra/Gua energies you are working with, though the subconscious effects of fragrance, manifestation is drawn closer. When you set the intent, and/or energetically code your accessories and/or energy center with fragrance, by which ever "ceremony" you set your Feng Shui cures, every time you add that fragrance to your bath, do a fragrant Feng Shui clearing, wear it as perfume, purify your car, hydrate your face on an airplane, or any of other thousand delicious ways to use fragrance, your potential accelerates while you also receive all the other healing benefits of essential oils.

Here is another consultation example of the Chakra/Bagua connection along with a fragrant Feng Shui cure, as excepted from my third book, The Essence of Feng Shui: Balancing Your Body, Home, and Life with Fragrance.

As I entered John and Judith's home, my throat constricted (you'll soon realize why this is interesting) and I started to cough, the house was full of clutter and musty-dusty awful. They had so much disorganized stuff, that I couldn't even get into some of the rooms.

They were both working on some pretty weighty body, mind, and spirit issues. John was receiving chemotherapy for cancer. As children, both had been sexually abused. (Talk about some heavy karma they were living jointly.)

Over the past several years Judith had processed her trauma and was able to speak its truth, unclogging her Throat Chakra. John on the other hand had been brought up never to speak about "private issues" so he had never dealt with the impact of what had happened. The cancer John was suffering from was throat cancer. Does it surprise you? By never speaking his truth, he had shut down the proper functioning of the energies of the Throat Chakra. Blocked Chakras mean disease.

I asked him why he didn't begin his emotional healing and start speaking his truth. He replied, "I watched my wife go through such pain, I just can't do it." Instead, he has "chosen" throat cancer as his way to process. Karmic energy, in this life or previous lives, generated from positive or negative experience must manifest. Does it surprise you that the room in which he shook off the poison from his chemotherapy was in the Helpful People area and that he wasn't letting anyone help him with the real issue?

While sitting in his favorite chair which faced an industrial-sized hospital clock, he made his choice as he watched his time tick away....

While his decision was to literally die rather than speak his truth, his wife and I couldn't give up hope. As the excerpt continues:

First and foremost: Clean up the clutter! There was so much junk piled up that had collected dust, that it was no wonder John had trouble breathing. Clean, clean, and clean! Purge, purge, and purge! If it no longer serves you or you don't love it, out the door. No Mercy! (My two favorite Feng Shui words) Don't let things get in the way of healing, ever! For John and Judith it was also critical that they clean out their Self-Cultivation area which had become a dump and throw place for anything. (I wasn't able to even walk through the room.) Until they learned to cultivate their inner selves, no healing was going to take place.

The Helpful People room was where John shook off the effects of his chemotherapy. It was dark and dreary. Open up the windows and shades and let the natural light (along with the people who can help) in! This is also symbolic for opening up to the possibility of life to get the power to start processing the truth.

So far we haven't spent an dime, and have done major Feng Shui!

For a multi-beneficial, less than twenty-dollar cure in the Helpful-People area add a spider plant (one of the best to cleanse the air and remove toxicities) in a white or grey ceramic planter. The plant will grow your life and your healing, the grey or white will welcome your helpful people (a double-whammy as the room is also helpful people), and the ceramic pot will ground you to grow in the earth plane (while he is alive!). John could also hang a picture of an expansive, wide open landscape picture which would remind him of the wide-open possibilities that life has to offer. Nature is alive and abundant with energy, just as life can be if you say "yes" to it.

Say yes to "speaking your truth" with an appropriate affirmation as you fragrantly code your Feng Shui cures:

"With this lemon fragrance, I am bringing the brightness of the sun and truth into my life. As I spray this room, my new life-enhancing plant and my new life, the abundant energy of the universe fills this space. It helps me manifest the abundant help and support from family and friends that I need to speak my truth to myself and to the world. As I spray my Throat Chakra, I feel it opening to the truth, the lemon is cleansing and vitalizing my throat energy with the power of the spoken word."

While this is a true story, as we all do our part in healing each other as well as ourselves, I believe and trust that such extreme cases as this will become less frequent. However, it is important for us to realize that as we uncover our client's inner most essence we need to be ready with an open heart and open mind. We are presented with and have a responsibility to make a difference in people's lives with the wondrous gifts of Feng Shui, the Chakra system, and aromatherapy.

So what are you waiting for? Have fun! Get your home and body in gear....Spritz away!

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