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Ipods to washing machines
color helps people feel better in challenging times

ColorAlchemy, Jami Lin's new award-winning book, reveals the colorful secrets why Apple, Target and Madison Avenue are using brighter colors in all their products and marketing campaigns.According to General Motors, AOLFinance and CNN, “Color makes people feel better." Proclaims trend specialist Tom Julian, “Color acts as therapy.”

Colors and their inspirational feel-good qualities are as magical and consistent as a rainbow.

Every time a rainbow catches your eye, you stop, take a breath, and delight in its beauty, right? In that moment, fear and worry vanish, and ahhh, you feel good! Instantly, stress is transformed into calm.

With just one breath, ColorAlchemy consistently duplicates this joyful experience instantaneously too. Lin says,

“By focusing on the color and it’s life-enhancing triumph when needed,
any moment can become positive.”

ColorAlchemy explains how everything is color-coded, and how this infinite resource enriches both brain and body, as well as deepen the spirit.
As far back as Ancient Egypt, color has been used to trigger emotion.

Newtonian science, Quantum Physics and physiological studies affirm why color either activates feelings of encouragement or self-sabotaging doubt.
As color comes from light, it holds profound power because it is the source of life.

The rainbow colors are unconscious symbols that not only surround us in every moment, it maintains health (instead of such conditions as SAD: seasonal affective disorders due to lack of full-spectrum light).

By linking each of the seven rainbow colors with a day of the week or the Daily-Color & Chakra Balancing Triumphs, as Lin calls them, you support personal growth and maximize life potential. Red-Monday, Orange-Tuesday, and Yellow-Wednesday generate physical stamina & confidence-building objectives. Green-Thursday is the love connection to all human aspirations. Blue-Friday and Indigo-Saturday develop mental qualities and insight. Violet-Sunday deepens ability for inner peace.Practice ColorAlchemy today with the Daily Triumphs.

• Instead of “road raging” (with the less favorable aspects of red), think Blue,
you'll calm instantly.

• Got “the blues” or need a pick-me up mid-afternoon for a meeting,
breathe Red-vitality, Orange-creativity, or Yellow to command attention.

• Exhausted from the day and still need to nurture your family,
breathe Green-love before you walk in the door.

Lin having taught ColorAlchemy to hundreds of people says, “the more you work with ColorAlchemy, you’ll automatically, get long-term benefit too. Just pay attention to how you feel about each color you’ll discover your color weakness and how it is expressed through non-supportive behavioral patterns. By incorporating more of your weak color(s) as medicine (and quantumly, color is the source of medicine anyway), negative thoughts and behaviors disappear.” (see optional example below)

Use anywhere ColorAlchemy to instantly feel better and transform stress into happiness. Wear your colors, use them around your home and in your office, and most, important, as Lin says, “your instant and nurturing ColorAlchemy rainbow is just a thought away.”

What color do you need to increase
vitality, inspire creativity, strengthen confidence, deepen love,
improve focus, expand intuition, and maintain inner peace?

From S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) to road rage...

ColorAlchemy's easy-to-use secrets
on your body, in your home and office,
are a transformational tools for happiness.

Chakra & Color-Energy Wear:

  • RED to increase physical vitality, stamina, and strength.
  • ORANGE to heighten pleasure, sensuality, desirability, and body appreciation.
  • YELLOW to strengthen personal power & commitment for greater external/professional success.
  • GREEN to increase love, joy, and trust for deeper heart-filled relationships.
  • BLUE to improve mental clarity for clearer communications and decisiveness.
  • INDIGO to awaken intuition, inner knowing, and higher consciousness.
  • VIOLET to deepen connection to cosmic intelligence, spiritual love, and divine bliss.

In the words of one of Lin’s students, “When I was a little girl, I loved my brother! We were best friends. I also loved Blue and was so excited to find my room painted in “Robin's egg.”

As adults, my relationship with him is strained as he is an over-sized bully, disrespectful, and belittles my opinions. Experiencing ColorAlchemy and the colors of day for less than 2 weeks, I realized that I never wore Blue and no longer liked it.

My transformational revelation came when Blue showed me that I wasn't speaking my truth to my brother. Now, regardless of his response (or any similar situation), Blue helps me have clarity for self-expression and with Yellow, I now have the confidence to speak up for myself.”