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Juice Flows Where Energy Goes

Are you human enough to meet the Feng Shui challenge?

We've been talking about the Flying Stars or "Heaven Energy" a great deal because the influence of time is the least understood aspect of Feng Shui and it effects the NOW-the time when we want results! However, Heaven Energy is only one-third (and a little bit more!) of Conscious Living with Feng Shui. The rest of the formula includes what I call "Earth Energy" and "Man Energy:" today's offering.

Side Bar: I have enjoyed sharing REAL Feng Shui with you over the past year and even more so loved your feedback and thoughts. One recent comment took issue with the term "Man" Energy. The definition evolved when I compartmentalized all the teachings of classic or traditional Feng Shui into three levels as it parallels I-Ching theory: the source of where all Chinese metaphysics and science comes from. While I explained to the "Conscious-Living fan" (thanks!) that the term "Man" was traditional as it symbolized the middle line of each Trigram, it wasn't the first time "Human" was suggested as an alternative. My co-author of our new in-process book, "Tantric Feng Shui: Scoring an Enlightening Perfect 10 with your Lover," has been saying the same thing! Hey, I am liberated woman, uh, human! Ain't evolution great!?

Human Energy includes intuition, intention, perceptions, integrity, capacity for love and sharing, overcoming detrimental core issues, attitude, ritual, ceremony, and spirituality (which simply could be defined as a person's commitment to becoming a better and better person), Personal Chi and inner strength, and most simply, the way we do unto others.

When asked to make a presentation to charity and/or service organization, without hesitation, I happily do many. After a recent event that everyone seemed to enjoy, I emailed the director for a two-sentence comment on my presentation. No reply! Not even an emailed thank you for my donated afternoon.

Everything that exists is energy: every thought or, in this case, non-thought. When there is an energy exchange between people, this energy, whether intentionally good or bad, the event plays a part in the cycle of energy and has an effect on the people involved and ultimately the planet

My, often way-too-sensitive, Pisces moon will get over the two additional invites to up-coming fund raisers which added insult to my already hurt feelings. And whether or not you consider this seemly insignificant moment in time to have a karmic influence, if I had allowed my feelings to telegraph beyond myself, a negative ripple effect could have been set in motion with this thoughtlessness.

In Jeanne Spiro's "My Current Opinion" column in Awakening Consciousness she shares a very enlightening statistic, "If the average person encounters at least thirty people in a day, and each of those people encounter thirty and those thirty another thirty, that comes to 27,000 people. Everyday is filled with thousands and thousands of emotional hits fired by people like us who, for the most part, are not conscious of their impact."

If a charity organization expects charitable acts to propagate their mission, energy needs to start at the source, or in our case, at home, with us. In our over-stressed lives, with having to balance daily challenges, it is so important that we be courteous, respectful and value others for their time and effort.

What about misinterpretations and/or the subtlety of non-verbal communications? A recent commercial, effective in its objective to convince us just how sour their new candy was, revealed how a sour expression could mistakenly impact events and life experience. The timing (you can't get away from that Heaven Energy!) of the groom was awful Feng Shui when the burst of sour hit his taste buds at the moment he saw his beautiful bride! Can you see the visual? Humorous yes, but clearly insightful.

  • While it is hard to put on that happy face at all times, can we be content with balance, comfort, and our own graciousness, allowing challenging moments to not be soured? We'll be more likely to flow the solution.
  • Smile: the wrinkles are better!
  • Return your phone calls, don't ignore people. If you aren't interested, speak your truth with kindness.
  • Mean what you say and say what you mean. Be clear and make sure the person you are speaking to understands you.
  • If you commit, deliver!
  • Say thank you! Tell people that you appreciate them, that they did a good job! It takes seconds and it ripples Heart Chi!

Reaping what you sow-it comes back. I got a lovely call from a retailer that I undercharged. Just think how yummy and appreciated Marcia will feel when she receives my hand-written love note--it only took two minutes! My immediate thoughts: How stand up and honorable. And yes, the ripple effect DOES go both ways, it must be my good karma from never accepting too-much incorrect change at the grocery. I suppose I am a little hardened about the charity experience. Working on my Personal Chi, I need to be less sensitive about things out of my control and remind myself that I am only responsible for my own karma.give me a week or two, the sour taste will go away.

My self-inflicted, stress and driving-attitude.well, that's another thing that am consciously working on---and I forget sometimes. The best part is, as soon as we remember that it "all starts with me," it really is so easy to be a lady, to be a gentle-man, and to be a loving and gracious human.