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Have Passion! Live your Dream!

When transitioning beyond this world (dying), I believe there are two questions we'll ask ourselves (and be asked by The Creator):

Where you a good person and did you have a good time?

These are the two questions I live by.

I watched my very loving grandmother lie in a place between worlds for over a year. From my heart and perspective, upon review of her condition and her experience, I am not sure that she lived happy. There was too much left undone. Locked in space without time, without hope of ever again being present in now, she held on....

With Nana's very valuable life-lesson, she invites us, she invites YOU to wake up dead and say, without hesitation,

"Whew, what a ride! How joyful and fulfilling!
That was so FUN! No regrets!"

Without hesitation, not waiting another day, or another lifetime, my offerings for today are what I try to incorporate when the limitation or insecurity monster decides to raise his nasty head.

Today is all there is:

Learn to forgive yourself

  • Speaking from a driven, classic type-A personality, this one may take a lifetime to master. I think I relearn this one everyday! When we are relaxed as we actively pursue our dreams and desires, they will manifest much easier while at the same time living graciously.

  • Go with the flow. Think and live in circles. Model your life from the cycles of nature.

You can always start over!

  • Upon waking, breath in the new beginnings of the dawn and know that today will be special. Everyday is!

  • Upon retiring, reflect on the day and count all the blessings of your good fortune, what you learned....

Today is a new day!

  • Start over if you need to remember you can start over with each new day
  • Love waking up every morning:
  • Do you love sleeping with you?
  • Do you love the body sleeping next to you?
  • What ever you don't like, change it. 

Change it NOW! Today!

Say your appreciation prayers.

Follow your heart: go for it!

Use intuition and be passionate, even on through the challenges.

Know that everything is possible, you don't have to settle for second best!

To paraphrase Louis Carroll:

"Believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

Re-evaluate, reconsider, and revise: Use cycles in time

Use yearly markers to remind yourself. I use New Years Day and my birthday (in June-every 6 months) for the major how to improve my life critiques. Remember keep them loving and supportive. This is a time for reflection and revision, not a time to beat yourself up.

Feng Shui Tip: Use Feng Shui cycles too. Move a few items according to the Yearly Flying Stars to widen and smooth your path each year. Learn about Yearly energies HERE and in lesson #9 in the Home Mastery, Certification Program 

Reminders are very sacred and informative. When you set time aside especially for this purpose you will learn a great deal about yourself and receive life-changing insight. I had always said, "when I am rich, I am going to buy sneakers in every color and only wear them to work." In the quite of being, I realized that I was rich! Rich with life, opportunity, love of family and feet and I are happy!" So simple yet so transformative and profound.

For smaller and wonderfully more frequent revaluations use the moon cycles.

Feng Shui Tip: Use Feng Shui cycles too. Move a few items according to the Monthly Flying Stars create the best month possible. Learn about Monthly energies HERE and in lesson #9 in the Home Mastery, Certification Program. Get your complimentary monthly front door energy and personalized monthly charts too. 

You have twelve chances to plant new seeds, say your prayers, and affirmations. Do it in a ceremonial way by creating sacred space:

  • Select a special time such as 12:00 am, 12:00 pm, sunrise, sunset, or even the quiet time when the kids are gone.

  • Select a favorite spot, perhaps a special place in your backyard or home. (I use the heart center of my garden. You may choose to only use your spot for sacred times and create an alter there. Consider the self-cultivation area in your home or garden which would be energetically helpful.)

  • Bring incense, a candle, sage, or an essential oil spray to purify and shift time into sacred time.

  • Use your selected fragrance also as an offering and invite God, Great Spirit, Mother Earth, Creator, Universal or Cosmic Energy, and your supportive energies to join and help you. (I also call in the energy of the four directions with the Native American symbologies and the garden fairies for earth energy)

  • Say your prayers. (I recommend doing something physical to connect your body to your mind and spiritual energies. What I do is write my prayers down and put them in a red envelop which are very auspicious in my Feng Shui work. I burn them in a brass pot (that I only use for this special purpose and it is also, importantly, fire retardant) to send their energy out into the universe. I am very fortunate for the opportunity to send blessings of good fortune to clients and students that have given me their red envelops to burn during my monthly ceremony. I haven't caused a fire yet, but have surely send some impressive smoke signals to all the gods and goddesses which help to manifest results!

  • Always close by allowing your fire, incense, and/or sage (to safely) burn itself out. 

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