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A Feng Shui Consultation: Space Clearing for New Opportunities

Jami Lin can Space Clear remotely- by phone or Skype

Jami Lin can help you with your Space Clearing (examples)
similar to this REAL LIFE Feng Shui Consultation.

Welcome New Opportunities or help get your house sold (as in this case)
through the convenience of a phone/Skype Feng Shui consultation

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what do I want to do here?

Space Clearing is getting rid of any unseen, toxic, or stagnant energies
that may be trapped in a space that blocks new opportunities.

This is the best way I can describe the experience of a Space Clearing does. Let's say there is a heated discussion in a room, and if you are sensitive, you may feel a heaviness in the space. A Space Clearing removes the negative energy.

It is good to do Space Clearings at new-life milestones, at the new year or birthday, when you want a life change, an old lover moves out, and so on...

Space Clearing can include Ritual or Ceremony which includes specific
intention and may include the use of specific tools such as aromatherapy or talismans such as drums, feathers, flowers, etc.

Rituals may be done for specific purposes, such as creating a "dome of protection, peace, and good fortune" such as what you see Joel and I doing on the land in these pictures.

One of my favorite Feng Shui SELL FASTER real estate success story occurred in less than 48 hours and I never saw the property!

Chatting before dance class, a fellow student "oh, you do Feng Shui," and mentioned that she was financially desperate to rent one of her properties. Five minutes to warm up, I briefly mentioned that she should make sure that she clean out the clutter and tidy up her SE (wealth) and NW (helpful people) areas of the space she was living as well as do a mental chi (or energy) clearing on the rental property.

The purpose of the chi clearing is to clear out the energy of the old occupants to welcome and invite new tenants to enter. To apply a simple analogy: a glass will hold a limited amount of liquid, once emptied, it can be refilled. When there is old energy in an environment, there is no room for new. Clear out the old chi and the space becomes more readily available, thus easier to rent (sell)!

Some may call the chi clearing process a visualization, meditation, or ceremony. But for those who find those words foreign, it really is quite simple. All you need to do is spend a few minutes of concentrated focus (leaving all other thoughts for another time) with specific intention. All you need to do is ask the space to release the energy of the old occupants and to be energetically empty. Thank the space for all its previous support and for its current task and invite it to be receptive to the new tenants.

When you have twenty or so minutes of uninterrupted quite time (yes, turn off your cell phone!), sit in the center of the property that needs clearing. Close your eyes and with a few slow, deep breaths focus on loving and protective thoughts. Visualize these thoughts a warm, protective light that fills your body as if it was a balloon. (For those familiar with meditation, use whatever techniques you are accustomed. If you'd like to include loving assistance from your spiritual belief system, please do. Incorporate music, incense, sage, candles, or (my favorite) essential oils helps you to focus. I like to fill my heart, mind, and body with silver (Mother) Earth energy and gold energy from (Father) Sun as well as fill the space with welcoming cinnamon, tangerine, and pine fragrance: all incorporating the heaven and earth essence of Feng Shui.)

Continue to expand your chi beyond your body. Now your body is enveloped in this good energy that is filled with your personal power and loving intention. Extend your energy to occupy every nook and cranny of the property pushing out the energy of the previous tenants. Push the balloon through the porous walls of the space squeezing out all unwanted energy.

Now here is the critical part. In your mind's eye, with the same concentrated focus, ask the space if it is clear and will it welcome new occupants. If your mind and heart are receptive, your intuition (we all have it) will "hear" it say "YES." Repeat the process until you "know" that the home is ready to welcome its new occupants.

When you are sure there is no more of the old tenant's chi and the space is clear, thank the space and quickly draw your energy back into your body through all the areas of the house. Reduce the balloon by concentrating is energy smaller and more densely. Bring is back to your heart and mind. Thank any loving assistance that you asked to assist you and return them to their source (i.e. my special helpers: Father Sun and Mother Earth). As you leave the space be ready to greet your real estate day with the fact that you just love matching people to their homes. Have Fun! If you pay attention, all your deals will be smoother, quicker, and full of joy.

As with everything in life, all creation starts with a thought. Therefore, when you fill your heart and mind with pure intentions, creation occurs and everyone involved is benefited. With this understanding, you can modify this "chi clearing ceremony" around your home and properties for a multitude of specific reasons. You can cleanse a space if you have been robbed, if you had an unwelcome guest or to clear an old lover's energy to welcome a new one. Use this technique when moving into a new home or office, and/or when you want to make a fresh start. Now that you have the basics, all you need to do is focus your intentions specific to what you want to accomplish.

You can also use planetary energies to assist you by selecting such auspicious dates as your birthday, New Years, or any other day that has specific emotional or astrological meaning. Out with the old, in with the new!

In with the new: At the next class, my dance partner sashayed up to me, grinning ear to ear, thrilled that the new tenant was moving in over the weekend!

While there are many, many important and technical overlays or layers to consider in a Feng Shui evaluation, there are just too many circumstances that validate the essential power of thought and intention. When you purposefully set out to accomplish a task, allowing thought to create form, whatever your intention, the channel of receptively opens and welcomes the opportunity for the possibility.