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Feng Shui Course: Audio Lessons

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feng shui course
A few years ago, I taught a series of TeleCourses and recorded them to make them available for people who were not able to attend.

The cost was $25 to attend each class.

Now, ALL all now they are
ALL available on a single MP3 CD disc.

As I was writing these descriptions for you,
I was amazed how much content is on this disk!

I remember one of my students who had the original tapes saying,
every time she listen to them, another priceless nuggets jumped out!

When teaching, I didn't hold anything back. Enjoy!

Students Paid
Master's Class
I Ching
The book of all Chinese cosmology, medicine, and Feng Shui.
Recognizing the source of Feng Shui.
Universal Earth Design
The Chinese did not have an exclusive on "Feng Shui." I discuss various, indigenous healing traditions of designing home as sacred space
Man & Earth
The 3 levels of Chinese philosophy Discussion on the all these levels relate to the various aspects of Feng Shui
Details of how the 5 Elements work, how they are applies, and how they are the energetic glue of Heaven, Earth, and Man Energies
Plato & Sacred Geometry
Live recording for architects on historical buildings through the philosophy of Buckminster Fuller's famous quote d-OM-e is h-OM-e.
Heaven Energy
"House Astrology"
Flying Stars
The most profound, least understood, and most effective aspects of Feng Shui
Yearly & Monthly Energies

The energies that influence NOW!
How to enhance the good energies and how to reduce the bad ones

Earth Energy
Using the Feng Shui aspects called the Life Aspirations, Best Directions, and House Trigrams
Love Area
How to enhance all aspects of love
Family Area
How to enhance all aspects of "family," which extends to your extended family and co-workers
Career Area
How to enhance your career and how this area also relates to money and wealth
Core Issues
During consultations, clients' core issues are usually revealed. How to find them during your consultations and examples
Feng Shui Mastery
Putting all the aspects together for the most effective results
& Answers
Whatever questions were asked,
I happily spilled the secrets!

Bonus 1: Recorded LIVE at International Feng Shui Conference

Flying Star Period Shifts: and benefits of Flying Stars
Real People/Real Consultations: I shared my most fascinating consultations, what was revealed through observing existing conditions, and what were the creative solutions.

Bonus 2: Wisdom Network Presentations

Jami Lin & Jill Lawrence — 11-21-2001
Jami Lin & Jill Lawrence — 2-21-2002



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