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Jami Lin's Audio Recordings

Enjoy over 30 audio lessons BELOW with Jami's compliments
Here's over 18 hours of recorded lessons too!

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Feng Shui

Feng Shui Bagua Energies

5 Elements and Food: Eating for Good Health

Feng Shui & Flying Stars: changes Yearly, Monthly and even Daily!

Clutter: The Mental Influences/Effects

Clutter: Jami's 3 simple criteria for Stuff in your Home and Office

Your room of First Impression tells your life story


Jami reads the Introduction from her award-winning ColorAlchemy book

Jami's sneak peek into ColorAlchemy

Dance your Colors (Enjoy the Chakra Dance video too)

ColorAlchemy and Chakra Meditations

About each color: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, all I got for now!

Youthful Skin Care & Nurturing YOU!

Reducing Headache Pain: The easy, drug-free way

2 Minute, easy, any time, any where Meditation

Facial Aromatherapy: Solve 3 problems at once!

Avocado-Facial: Keeps Skin Youthful

Controlling Pains

Honoring your Feet & Hands: A 2-minute massage

Sophia Loren's best kept youth-enhancing secret

Jami's get-to-sleep-fast remedy

Secrets for reliving stress


Jami reveals why ColorAlchemy consistently works and enhances the mind, body, and spirit through quantum and traditional science as well as clinical psychology and universal spiritual teachings.

BBS Radio: Discover the profound value of incorporating Flying Star Feng Shui for consistent benefit, youth-enhancing skin care technologies that reduce sagging and wrinkles, and she even guides you through an impromptu ColorAlchemy meditation: called The Color Orbit.

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Closing speaker at Virtual Women's Day Event: As part of an entire day of inspiring experts, Jami explains how and why Feng Shui supports you from the outside in --  and shares masterful secrets. She provides the easy ways to apply and fun ways to practice ColorAlchemy and how it changes your life from the inside out. With her entertaining personality, there are a few giggly surprises too.

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FREE Audio Course

Lesson 1

• Uncovering Myths & Secrets

• Why popular Feng Shui isn't    consistent

• Why bad Feng Shui Tips
   out of context can hurt you!

• Jami's fav Feng Shui Cure!

• Bottom-line clutter solutions

    mirrors, windchimes & toilets

• And much, much more!

Audio Lessons


Lesson 2

• What is the Bagua or Pa Kua?

• Determining where energies
   are located in your home

Holistic Feng Shui

The Five Elements

Form Feng Shui

• The 3 most-important aspects

• What are Man,
   Heaven & Earth Energies

• What are the Flying Stars

• And much, much more!

Lesson 3

• Learn why
   "Timing is Everything!"

• Learn the Flying Stars

• How 20 minutes each month
   reaps Transforming Results!

• Apply monthly energies

• Master Consultation Secrets

Having it ALL...
   a beautiful home that
   nurtures & supports you!

• And much, much more!