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General: Spirit/Personal Growth/Self-Help

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Feng Shui Master launches new YouTube video that integrates Spirit and Science (the God particle) for personal inner peace

Recent convention in Miami films Jami Lin’s “Mind, Body & Spirit Benefits of ColorAlchemy.”

Jami Lin, award-winning author offers complimentary Feng Shui and ColorAlchemy readings.

New Feng Shui & Conscious Living Journal web site launches and features interational experts.

Jami Lin offers new mind, body and spirit classes at her new studio in Venice, Florida

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist provides powerful video testimony for ColorAlchemy and color therapy

About each Rainbow Color

Jami Lin shares VIOLET-color therapy to manifest goals and deepen inner peace.

Award winning author of ColorAlchemy teaches how to immediately reduce stress, strengthen concentration, and produce inner calm with INDIGO color therapy.

ColorAlchemy is featured on HeartandHome radio show and shares the secret color (BLUE) for instant calm and clarity.

ColorAlchemy hosts YouTube mini-workshop video about how light and the color GREEN instantly helps balance mind, body, and spirit

ColorAlchemy presentation at 5th largest Unity Church reveals how YELLOW commands greater personal power

Ageless, time-tested for enhanced body image using the color ORANGE

Business association in Denver invites award-winning author of ColorAlchemy to provide motivation to energize performance and stimulate success using the color RED

  • Color Awakens Your Life’s Purpose
  • Color: the Essence of Life. The Path to Enlightenment
  • Expand Your Sprit: the Secret Consciousness of Color
  • Enhance & Balance Your Most Important Qualities of Being Human
  • Grow Your Spirit Through the Colored Light of the Creator
  • The Law of Color Is the Law of Attraction

January: Spirit/Personal Growth/Self-Help

  • Color and the Laws of Attraction/Use Color to Attract What You Want

February: Spirit/Personal Growth/Self-Help

World Human Spirit Day:

  • The 7 colors of the Human Spirit
  • The Colors of Being Human
  • Random Acts of Kindness: The Colors of Compassion

March: Spirit/Personal Growth/Self-Help

  • Spiritual Awareness: The 7 colors of Spiritual Awareness
  • Universal Human Beings: The Colors of Being Human
  • World Day of Prayer: Connection starts with Your Inner Violet
  • International Peace: Peace Begins with Your Inner Indigo
  • Good Samaritan Day : Offer Green Compassion

April: Spirit/Personal Growth/Self-Help

  • Inspirational News: The Colors to Inspire Inspiration
  • Buddha Day: You are the Colors of Buddha/Your Buddha Colors

May: Spirit/Personal Growth/Self-Help


June: Spirit/Personal Growth/Self-Help


July: Spirit/Personal Growth/Self-Help


August: Spirit/Personal Growth/Self-Help


September: Spirit/Personal Growth/Self-Help


October: Spirit/Personal Growth/Self-Help


November: Spirit/Personal Growth/Self-Help


December: Spirit/Personal Growth/Self-Help



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"Your participation
in our programs are
vital to our success.
Your professionalism and expertise were invaluable in Dallas as well as in Atlanta
and California"
~Dallas Market Center

is advanced thinking for
infinite possibilities.
Explore ColorAlchemy,
you'll find yourself!"
~Horst M. Rechelbacher,
Aveda Corporation Founder

"Jami Lin's events
are always great!
They are educational interactive, and fun
that provide valuable
life-enhancing motivation."