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General: Lifestyle & General Interest

Jami Lin, home, garden, and lifestyle expert
launches media section providing journalists with
valuable, tailor-made content along with hundreds of articles and ideas.

January: Lifestyle & General Interest

  • NY Resolutions : New Years, New Dreams,
    New Colors to Stick to Resolutions
  • Celebration of Life: 7 Colors to Celebrate!
  • Quality of Life: Enrich with Rainbow Colors
  • Be On-Purpose: Command Desire with Yellow & Blue
  • Hunt for Happiness: Develop Orange Passions
  • Get Organized/Organize Home: Organize your Life with Color
  • Creativity: Orange Activates Creative Ideas
  • Color and the Laws of Attraction/Use Color to Attract What You Want

February: Lifestyle & General Interest

  • Give Resolutions Another Try with Chinese New Year
  • Feng Shui Success Tips for the Year of the Ox
  • Boost Self Esteem: Command Your "Inner Yellow"
  • Plant Seeds of Greatness: Enrich Your Life with the Power of the Rainbow
  • Relationship Wellness: Deepen Relationships with Color

Valentine Themes:

  • Wear Your Heart of Your Sleeve: Wear Red.
  • Flirting with Red: Too Hot to Handle? (Int. Flirting week)
  • Orange: The New Color of Passion
  • Loving with Red and Orange
  • Feng Shui and ColorAlchemy Bedroom Treats

March: Lifestyle & General Interest

  • Daylight Savings: Use Color for "Light" Motivations
  • Daylight Savings: Rainbows to Create the New You
  • Spring Fever: Colors of Spring Grow New Inspiration
  • Spring Cleaning: Clear Clutter for Mental Clarity
  • Act Happy Week / Passion Week: Wear Orange to Expand Joy
  • Go Forth and Do Something: Use Red and Get Off the Couch

April: Lifestyle & General Interest

  • Easter : Color Isn't Just for Eggs, Festive Color Symbolism
  • Couple Appreciation: The Colors of Togetherness and Intimacy
  • Stress Awareness : Turn Stress into Calm with One Breath
  • Earth Day: Green & Blue: The Encouraging Earth Tones
  • Sense of Smell: The Colors of Aromatherapy

May: Lifestyle & General Interest


June: Lifestyle & General Interest


July: Lifestyle & General Interest


August: Lifestyle & General Interest


September: Lifestyle & General Interest


October: Lifestyle & General Interest


November: Lifestyle & General Interest


December: Lifestyle & General Interest



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