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Feng Shui

Get your Feng Shui design questions answered by internationally acclaimed Feng Shui master, author and interior designer. Through this entertaining and fast-paced program, discover how to improve the quality of your life with creative ideas, and decorative Feng Shui suggestions. Find out about the decorative attributes of color, shape, form and texture as well as how they effect you.

Learn about your best personal directions and why it is important to face them. And time permitting, experience how Feng Shui is as not-static as the seasons, what's happening for this year and Feng Shui suggestion for making this year ever better. Learn why "popular" Feng Shui doesn't always work too along with the secrets of real Feng Shui results and consistency!

Credentials: Jami wrote six, best-selling Feng Shui books, one which became a Book-of-the-Month Club selection along with her video. Jami continues to teach all over the world and her Feng Shui Home Study Masters Program was heralded as “a five-star hidden treasure for the beginner or expert.”

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In this fun and educational, interactive presentation, Jami Lin motivates you with how only two minutes a day, convert 7 Colors into 7 personal Triumphs. Discover how and why ColorAlchemy instantaneously adds greater Vitality, Creativity, Power, Love, Focus, Intuition & Bliss to your life along with its life-long transformational benefits.

ColorAlchemy: With an investment of only two minutes a day, learn how to analyze your weakness and strengths as well as how to implement and incorporate specific colors necessary for personal healing, self-realization and inner-mastery. You’ll experience many ColorAlchemy techniques to integrate the Daily Color through breathing and visualization, absorbing color into the skin, using healing hands, experiencing the influence of color favorites and your soul colors, and more!

Discover ColorAlchemy secrets to unlock and awaken your greatest potential, instantaneously turn stress into calm, create positive thoughts and behaviors, expand creativity, vision, and intuition, and develop greater inner peace and outward joy. You'll be tickled pink.

Credentials: ColorAlchemy, Jami’s award-winning book and Triumph Oracle Deck, are receiving accolades as “instantaneous results for self growth” and “empowers new levels of being to take charge of their happiness and destiny.”

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Facelift Massage

Tighten and tone your skin to look as good as you feel with easy and effective massage and acupressure. Keep your skin moisturized and radiant using ingredients found in your kitchen to create masques, scrubs, and cremes.

Credentials: Jami went back to school to become a licensed esthetician because she wants to look and feel her best. People are always surprised when Jami happily reveals her age! Her presentations at skin care & spa expos are always well attended.

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Balance mind, body and soul with practical and life-enhancing, sage-old wisdom with Jami Lin, internationally-acclaimed author. Discover easy anti-stress techniques that help you look and feel as good as possible and to be passionate about life! These anti-aging practices, used in many hospitals and corporate trainings, provide greater ease and grace in today's fast-paced world.

These techniques reduce stress that accelerates aging. Discover the benefits to release toxins in the body, alleviate negative emotions, and increase joy. Share Jami's philosophy: When you are happy within, you share harmony without, to make the planet a better person at a time.

Credentials: Jami teaches this on-going class to three locations every week (and has been for more than four years). In a spouse program, Jami shares her most effective techniques.

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Home & Garden

Discover why and how an uncluttered home (and garden) benefits everything in your life. Now that your home and life are uncluttered, learn how your favorite accessories, when placed in the right areas are not displayed properly, they are supportive too. Time permitting, as color is the most influential “accessory” of all home and garden design, learn how each color completes your “inner rainbow.”

Credentials: Jami is a graduate of the University of Florida School of Architecture continues to practice interior design through her firm Earth Design.


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