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Business Success

Motivating Sales and Strengthening Brand with Color subject of blog talk radio presentation 

Business association in Denver invites award-winning author of ColorAlchemy to provide motivation to energize performance and stimulate success using the color RED

Create a successful business and brand by implementing the right colors

Marketing/Promotion announces service to build consumer confidence through exposure in women’s magazines

  • Use Color for Professional Success & Greater Wealth
  • Strengthen Your Brand with Color
  • Color Instantly Turns Stress into Calm
  • Access Colors That Harness the Competitive Edge
  • Increase Performance & Overcome Obstacles with Color
  • Use Color Personality for Team Synergy
  • Use Color to Instantly Tackle Any Project
  • Use Color to "Close the Deal"
  • Identify Customer's "Emotional Want" with Color
  • The Colors of Strategic Thinking

January: Business Success

The Decisive "Blues"

  • for Better Business Communication
  • to Speak up and Succeed
  • Get to Know Your Customers: with Green Care
  • Leveraging the Color Personality of Clients
  • Get Organized/Clean off Desk: Colorize Your Desk and
    Strategize Your Calendar
  • NY Resolutions for Business
  • Colors for Maximum Productivity
  • Creativity: Orange Activates Ideas, Strategies & Campaign

February: Business Success

  • Boost Self Esteem: Command Your "Inner Yellow
  • Coaching: The Colors to Reveal Life Direction
  • International Networking: Prospecting to Color Personalities

March: Business Success

  • Employee Spirit Month : Hot under Color, Colors to Keep Your Cool
  • International Expect Success
  • Ideas/Creativity : New Ideas, New Strategies: Your Orange Think Tank
  • Organize Your Home Office Day: Colorize Your Desk and
    Strategize Your Calendar

April: Business Success

  • Get to Know Your Customers - Tap into the "Emotional YES" with
    Color Personality
  • Stress Awareness : Turn Stress into Calm with One Breath
  • Workplace Conflict Awareness: End Conflict with Color Personality
  • Explore Career Options: Find you Dream Job with your Favorite Color
  • National Networking Week: Prospecting Color Personalities and Make the Sale

May: Business Success


June: Business Success


July: Business Success


August: Business Success


September: Business Success


October: Business Success


November: Business Success


December: Business Success



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"Your participation
in our programs are
vital to our success.
Your professionalism and expertise were invaluable in Dallas as well as in Atlanta
and California"
~Dallas Market Center

is advanced thinking for
infinite possibilities.
Explore ColorAlchemy,
you'll find yourself!"
~Horst M. Rechelbacher,
Aveda Corporation Founder

"Jami Lin's events
are always great!
They are educational interactive, and fun
that provide valuable
life-enhancing motivation."