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Lots of back-to-school ideas in Septemeber!

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General: Family/Children/Parents/Teachers

  • What Colors:

          Help Children & Parents Sleep Through the Night
          Calm a Sore Throat
          Encourage Better Study Habits & Memory
          Strengthen Self-Confidence
          Help Parents Relax
          Create Family Harmony

  • Nurturing Stained-Glass Windows: A Togetherness Project!
  • Endless Family/Togetherness Projects

January: Family/Children/Parents/Teachers

  • Family Fit Lifestyle: Colors for Healthy Family: Inside and out
  • Get Organized: Solve the Mess! Color Coordinate the Playroom
  • Inspire Your Heart with Art/Creativity:
    Project Ideas to Instill Creative Thinking

February: Family/Children/Parents/Teachers

  • Boost Self Esteem - Say No to Bullies, Command Your "Inner Yellow"
  • Flower Design Day: A Colorful Family Project

March: Family/Children/Parents/Teachers

  • Craft/Ideas: Project Ideas to Create Together

April: Family/Children/Parents/Teachers

  • Young Child : Color Instincts of Young Children

May: Family/Children/Parents/Teachers


June: Family/Children/Parents/Teachers


July: Family/Children/Parents/Teachers


August: Family/Children/Parents/Teachers

See September for lots of Back-to-School ideas

September: Family/Children/Parents/Teachers



October: Family/Children/Parents/Teachers


November: Family/Children/Parents/Teachers


December: Family/Children/Parents/Teachers