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From tranquility to vitality, color and environment help people feel better, and influences emotions. Madison Avenue marketing geniuses command its power, as do Hollywood film makers, interior designers, and every artist under the sun. Color and your surroundings effect everything we think, say, and do.

Introduce your readers to the benefits of
Color, Feng Shui, Interior Design, and Youth Enhancing Wellness
with internationally renowned, award-winning author, Jami Lin.

Everything that surrounds you (home and garden), everything that you wear (fashion), everything you organize and brand your business with (office), everything you eat (wellness), and even your color favorites and dislikes (mental/emotional health) influence us.

“Color is here to stay and isn’t a short-term fad,“ proclaims Marshal Cohen, chief analyst with NPD Market Research featured by AOL/CNN-Money.
attests that color favorites will even help find your perfect job.

Whatever your motivation or desire,
Jami's expertise helps you get it faster, easier...and beautifully!

What do YOU need right now...and why?

How do the seven essential attributes of human desire influence
your Lifestyle, your Issues and Concerns, your Business Success,
your relationship with your Family &Children,
how are you using the colors in your Home & Garden,
how are the colors and the "attitude of their influence" effecting
your Physical or Mental Health, and
how are they benefiting your Human Spirit?

  • Vitality/Stamina (Red)
  • Creativity/Ideas (Orange)
  • Confidence/Commitment (Yellow)
  • Love/Compassion (Green)
  • Focus/Clarity (Blue)
  • Vision/Inspiration (Indigo)
  • Calm/Peace (Violet)

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"Your participation
in our programs are
vital to our success.
Your professionalism and expertise were invaluable in Dallas as well as in Atlanta
and California"
~Dallas Market Center

is advanced thinking for
infinite possibilities.
Explore ColorAlchemy,
you'll find yourself!"
~Horst M. Rechelbacher,
Aveda Corporation Founder

"Jami Lin's events
are always great!
They are educational interactive, and fun
that provide valuable
life-enhancing motivation."