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ColorAlchemy, the new do-it-yourself book on color therapy, wins national award.
Jami Lin’s new ColorAlchemy book is awarded first place for life-transforming color therapy. ColorAlchemy provides immediate benefit by connecting the influence of color to the days of the week. Readers also experience the influence of color through ColorAlchemy’s powerful illustrations and innovative format.

USA Book News awards Jami Lin’s new ColorAlchemy book with first place for its design and easy-to-apply, yet profound influence for improving life. The stunning photographs, relax the mind, stimulate the senses, and awaken the spirit. Color therapy is  revolutionized by connecting a color to each day of the week. ColorAlchemy’s catchy and descriptive subtitle: 7 Days, 7 Colors, 7 Triumphs, describes how the clinically-tested benefits of each color (are effortless to remember and instantly accessible. Everyone who enjoys color and who would like to improve their life can benefit.

Founder of Aveda Corporation, Horst M. Rechelbacher, says “Find yourself with ColorAlchemy’s simple methods for infinite possibilities.” Linking the essential, seven attributes of all human need and desire is as easy as remembering the days of the week: red-Monday: vitality, orange-Tuesday: pleasure, yellow-Wednesday: confidence, green-Thursday: love, blue-Friday: clarity, indigo-Saturday: focus, violet-Sunday: spiritual connection.

Connect Monday with red to stimulate action for energizing get-up-and-go performance. Use red at any time for extra motivation or stamina such as when starting a diet or exercise program, which often starts on Monday.  In business, use red to roll up your sleeves, buckle down, and seize opportunities . . . more Monday thinking? Like Monday, Tuesday has orange attributes, Wednesday has yellow attributes, and so on . . . intuitive, fast, and easy.

"ColorAlchemy evolves color therapy into a graceful process of personal transformational,” says Dr. Darren Starwynn, OMD and CEO of MicroLight Research. “A few minutes of ColorAlchemy is nurturing, healing, and takes charge of your happiness and destiny."

After several weeks of thinking red on Monday (for example), the mind is automatically energized by red whenever extra vitality or strength is needed. Practicing with each daily color on its respective day, whenever supporting energy is needed, automatically, the correct color becomes mentally accessible and immediately beneficial. Need help visualizing a color to maximize its value? Just look around and locate the needed color. Instantly, extra vitality, pleasure, confidence, love, clarity, focus, or connection is available.
Midwest Book Review confirms ColorAlchemy is a winner too, “advising readers to associate strength with the red they see in everyday life, associate their loved ones with the green they encounter, and connect to purple for  a sense of serenity in daily life. ColorAlchemy is a user-friendly and beautifully illustrated guide to empower one's mind with the colors experienced in every moment. It is a different self-help and color therapy book because it is, simply, effective.”

“ColorAlchemy benefits and the human response to color are as scientifically dependable as a rainbow forming every time light passes through a prism or after a summer rain . . . and that’s just the beginning of ColorAlchemy reliability,” affirms author Jami Lin.
“I’ve got real-life success stories of how ColorAlchemy help salespeople make the sale, how colors assist corporate branding, how health care professions use color to aid physical and mental healing, how Alzheimer patients use color to remember things, and most importantly, how ColorAlchemy helps everyday people feel better about themselves and be happier.

The unlimited supply of color surrounds every moment – every instant. As far as the how the other six colors instantaneously increase physical, emotional, and spiritual potential, I am happy to share the secrets in one colorful breath, now that’s the easy, self-transformational winner! It costs nothing and everyone benefits!”

Ipods to washing machines, color makes people feel better in challenging times.

ColorAlchemy, Jami Lin's new award-winning book, reveals the colorful secrets why Apple, Target and Madison Avenue are using brighter colors in all their products and marketing campaigns. According to General Motors, AOLFinance and CNN, “Color makes people feel better." Proclaims trend specialist Tom Julian, “Color acts as therapy.” As the ancient Egyptians and Sir Isaac Newton understood, and as modern-day quantum physics affirm: "color" is not a short-term fad.

Colors and their inspirational feel-good qualities are both magical and consistent. As color comes from light, it holds profound power because it is the source of life. Author Lin says, “Every moment becomes positive when you understand a color’s life-enhancing qualities.” ColorAlchemy explains how everything is color-coded, and how this infinite resource enriches both brain and body, as well as spirit.

By linking each of the seven rainbow colors with a day of the week--or, Daily-Color Triumphs, as Lin calls them--one can promote personal growth and maximize life potential. “Instant and long-term benefits increase every time you work with ColorAlchemy," says Lin. "By paying attention to how you feel about each color, you will discover your individual color weakness and how it is expressed through non-supportive behavioral patterns.

From S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) to road rage, ColorAlchemy's easy-to-use secrets on your body, in your home and office, and as a transformational, mental tool for happiness.


  • RED to increase physical vitality, stamina, and strength.
  • ORANGE to heighten pleasure, sensuality, desirability, and body appreciation.
  • YELLOW to strengthen personal power & commitment for greater external/professional success.
  • GREEN to increase love, joy, and trust for deeper heart-filled relationships.
  • BLUE to improve mental clarity for clearer communications and decisiveness.
  • INDIGO to awaken intuition, inner knowing, and higher consciousness.
  • VIOLET to deepen connection to cosmic intelligence, spiritual love, and divine bliss.

Color Therapy in Decorating by Candice Russell
HOLISTIC HOME (December 2008 Holistic Health Magazine: December 2008)

In her new award-winning book "ColorAlchemy," best-selling author Jami Lin dissects the subject of color from the aspects of science, emotion, human physicality, and attributes. This feng shui master has thirty years experience decorating homes and offices for maximum mental, physical, and spiritual effect. Color is another vital element in the work she does, helping clients around the world derive benefit from the spaces in which they live and work. Lin' recognizes that color can help people remove blockages and limitations, leading to a more enriched existence.

Lin explains that the seven basic colors scientifically correspond to the colors of the rainbow. Each color has certain properties. Use red to ensure greater physical strength and happiness. Orange activates pleasure, sensuality and desirability as well as body appreciation. Yellow correlates with greater personal power and commitment for professional success. Green is associated with increased joy and trust for heart-filled relationships.

The other colors include blue for improved mental clarity and better communication, indigo for awakening intuition, and violet for a deeper connection to cosmic intelligence, spiritual love and bliss. "I did tons of research for my book," says Lin. "Sir Isaac Newton saw that light as seen through a prism produces seven colors, which are the colors of the rainbow. A rainbow is a metaphor for 'ColorAlchemy' and explains its consistent reliability. If light sustains everything that exists, and color is the component of light, then color also maintains and nurtures all life. Quantum science defines "the God particle" as the glue that holds molecular structure together. White light is also a metaphor for The Creator in most spiritual traditions. Thus, color is the essence of life. By using color as an active tool like an awareness or medicine, you can enhance your life."

To make the colors and their attributes easy to remember, Lin connects each day to a different color. Red is Monday, orange is Tuesday, yellow is Wednesday, and green is Thursday. The others are blue for Friday, indigo for Saturday and violet for Sunday. "Wear the color of the day so by the end of each week, you're in balance," says Lin.

Favorite and non-favorite colors, both in home and office decorating as well as clothing speak volumes. "They provide clues into your personality and persona and help identify holistic weakness," says Lin. "We are in balance when our mind, body, and spirit colors symbolically combine into the perfection of white light. My least favorite color is orange. Orange is about sensuality, creativity, joy and spontaneity. I think of myself as kind of sensual and super-creative. Through observing my relationship with orange, I recognized that I'm weaker in spontaneity and sometimes forget that happiness is an inside job."

To compensate for what she may lack, Lin has a computer screen saver that is orange to encourage being more joyful. "Actively absorbing the attributes of orange reminds me to balance work and play," she says. "Consciously, I ask myself, do I need to stop working and smell the roses? Through this easy association and awareness, balance becomes unconscious and automatic. To absorb more of the color in which you are lacking, you can wear more of the color too."

Color came into her life naturally. "I have been interested in color since I was crawling under my mother's easel," says Lin. "My mother was a painter and illustrator. I was brought up very artfully. I got my bachelors from the school of architecture at the University of Florida and practiced corporate and residential interior design for years. I like to think of color as my trademark. I love color and how it influences all aspects of our lives. I love how painting a wall, which is one of my favorite feng shui and ColorAlchemy enhancers, instantly transforms the feeling of any room. I have a very special knack for creating life-enhancing color schemes that are also beautiful."

"ColorAlchemy is so easy, determine what attributes from colors you want or need and incorporate more of them in your life," she says.

How would Lin encourage someone to jump into a pool of color? "Color is the essence of all life," says Lin, who adds that people are holistically, more complete when they integrate color in their lives. I encourage people to look at color through the eyes of Dorothy in the movie 'The Wizard of Oz.' Look at all she learns about herself through entering the colorful realm of Oz. She discovers that having a colorful life is a metaphor for love, family and relationships. Dorothy learns that she's the creator of her own destiny and that anything can be achieved."

Overcome Holiday Blues – Use Green: Color Therapy

Great gift ideas without breaking the bank.
Spend less green (money) and use the color green to reduce holiday stress.

Is your holiday cheer distressed by money concerns? Wear green, the color of love, to enhance peace within yourself and encourage patience with others. According to ColorAlchemy, to prevent getting red-hot and bothered over shopping anxieties, decorate for the holidays with green candles, table cloths, and ornaments to support harmony with family and friends. Feature green accent pillows and other emerald accessories to help keep that peaceful feeling throughout the year.

Color influences everybody's emotions. Madison Avenue marketing millionaires command its power, as do Hollywood film makers, interior designers, and every artist under the sun. Color affects everything you think, do, and say.

Did you ever wonder why you feel so good spending time with nature? Green is nature's color, the color of living things. Its balance of warm and cool is easy on the eye and distinguishes it as "the color of love and compassion."

Eliminate stress and expense anxiety by gifting loved ones with handmade, live or silk evergreen wreaths (circles are symbols of togetherness and longevity). Instead of traditional red accents, which may cause impatience, use blue (green’s partner) for more natural inspiration. Just like the color of a crisp, springtime sky, add blue silk flowers, bows, or ornaments for more tranquility.

Spend fewer greenbacks by personalizing handmade gifts with the feel-good aspects of color for everyone on your list. Make custom, colored gifts with specific loved ones in mind.

Think ecology and green energy when creating your gifts to be responsible for the environment at the same time. Do you have any garage-sale treasures that you collected to re-color and re-new? (With a five-dollar investment, a little bronze paint, and tapered-green candles, I converted a rusty candelabra into a one-of a-kind beauty.) Have fun exploring dollar stores, bazaars, and flea markets as colored gems are eager for discovery.

All colors have special life-enhancing benefits. Consider these ideas to get started:

  • Red/Excites and energizes: Fill a red container with cookies to sweeten the most seasoned sourpuss.
  • Orange/Inspires play and spontaneity: Make a small, whimsical orange-flower arrangement to brighten a work-aholic’s desk.
  • Yellow/commands confidence: Bead a yellow bracelet with special charms for timid children, friends, or co-workers.
  • Green/lovingly nurtures: Present an IOU with the gift of quality time. Show up with a picnic basket and head off to sit beneath a wise, old tree.
  • Blue/clears the mind and is thought provoking: Gift your favorite water and sky picture (that you took yourself) in a frame.
  • Indigo/inspires insight: Make a gift card for an evening walk in the country to count shooting stars.
  • Violet/quiets and deepens inner peace: Sew an eye pillow in luxurious purple fabric filled with dried lavender.

Need more help delivering thoughtful gifts without breaking the bank? Wear blue to have clear ideas or orange to have fun in your creative process.

Get everyone involved in a colorful, stressless season. Have a gift-making party. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure holds the ultimate creative opportunity for holiday festivity. Ask friends and family to bring recyclable objects and their colorful ideas to share, re-create, and re-gift to each other. It is impossible to be stressed when thinking loving thoughts or being surrounded by the people you love.

Paint a wall and love being home. Inexpensive decorating solutions on the web improve health, deepen relationships, and expand wealth.

People are staying home and enjoying inexpensive renovations. Improve health, deepen relationships, and expand wealth at the same time. Internationally renowned Feng Shui master provides interior design with life-enriching solutions. Customized and automated Personal Success Maps on the web offer suggestions that cost next to nothing.

People are making inexpensive renovations to enjoy being at home. With no additional investment, why not improve health, deepen relationships, and expand wealth at the same time?

Feng Shui is modeled after nature and with eight compass directions and thousands of home designs, there are no simple decorating guidelines until now. Because real Feng Shui is not a one-size-fits-all, Jami Lin, a 30-year interior design veteran with more than 20 years of Feng Shui mastery creates customized do-it-yourself, home-enriching solutions.

Personal Success Maps, as the name suggests, include essential and customized information with at-a-glance charts. Years of experience, step-by-step guidance, and sophisticated-web technology are combined to simplify the most effective Feng Shui Interior Design to make them accessible.

Automated on, Personal Success Maps are specifically calculated with the direction a property faces, occupant’s birthday, and move-in date. (For move-in dates between 1984 and 2048, there are more than two-thousand maps. Only one is specific for each home for maximizing life-enhancing results.) recognizes “Feng-Shui-Interior-Design’s, Personal Success Map is a must have”  with 4-1/2 (out of 5) stars. "At its way-too-cheap price, Jami Lin's advice is simple to use and will not cost you hundreds of dollars and hours decorating your home for positive results. It’s an excellent tool to achieve your Feng Shui goals!”

According to’s Feng Shui expert, the “Personal Success Map provides your best directions, worst directions, and the influence of each room. Lin did not stop there, she includes excellent solutions and enhancements for all scenarios.”

Jami Lin describes, “Every person has natal talents and shortcomings as does every home. A good singer with clumsy feet can improve both voice and grace. Every room has both favorable and unfavorable aspects that can be enhanced with little or no cost.”

Depending on the specific natal Feng Shui energies identified in Personal Success Maps, good areas for bedrooms have good health and loving attributes instead of those with arguing and bickering characteristics.  Both conditions are easily improved. Painting a room a specific color will inexpensively deepen a relationship. Moving the bed to another wall is priceless. 

Profit-producing home offices have success and wealth attributes instead of loss and misfortune energies. Without spending a penny, it is easy to position the desk to support a favorable direction. Placing a favorite accessory with a professional-specific symbol (lawyer: scale of justice, writer: beautiful pen set) where it is easily seen will nourish greater wealth opportunities too.

Feng Shui is always evolving just like life and nature. Yearly Success Maps recommend where to move a few, select accessories bases upon the influence of the ever-changing seasons. Personal Success Maps provide intuitive solutions. As another example, simply evaluate how the kitchen and dining areas are decorated for improving health.

People selling their house, following the guidance may help with a quick sale too.

Need private help, with Jami Lin’s years of experience, she provides decorative consultation for people world-wide by overlaying the same do-it-yourself  Personal Success Map on top of their floor plans and looking at their photographs. Jami again uses technology to save money and is eco-friendly too. Skype and email communications are free and paperless. 

Feng-Shui-Interior-Design offers a complimentary mini map and lots of helpful tips too. launches affordable, green publicity resource to increase credibility and sales announces personalized, on-line service for distributing press releases to tailor-made media contacts for only15 cents. supports marketing efforts with exposure and credibility that reaches far beyond what can be bought with expensive advertising. 

Jami Lin, best-selling author and entrepreneur, duplicated Madison Avenue's most valuable, publicity secrets to successfully promote her offerings so she created to help others.

“Spread your message.  It is essential business is to educate consumers about products, services, or charitable causes. Articles and interviews are the best motivation to instill consumer confidence. When potential customers read, watch, or listen to news about your product or service from a trustworthy source, it stimulates the emotional desire needed for buyers to reach into their wallet.”

Green and eco-friendly, without using paper, cutting trees, burning gas, or creating landfill waste, generates target-specific media lists from an up-to-date database of 50,000 contacts--complete with keywords, demographic, and/or media type. Press releases emailed to subject-defined editors, journalists, producers, and bloggers provide up-to-the-minute content that media contacts expect.

“Helping others reach their publicity goals is our top priority,” Lin says. We offer marketing tips on too, such as:

1. Convert your specialty into news. Send press releases with educational and entertaining information. Content is, and always will be, king.
2. Ask yourself, as if you were the reader, viewer, or listener, does the content have enough value to capture YOUR attention?
3. Make the jobs of newspaper and magazine editors, television and radio producers, in addition to web-Bloggers easy! Provide well-written and concise information to use verbatim, take excerpts, and generate interviews. The media is busy and overworked, be considerate of their time.

4. Send press releases out to specific people that feature your subject. “Dear Sally,” lifestyle editor, emailed to sally.jones(at)newyorktimes(.)com is more effective than “Dear bookeditor” sent to bookeditor(at)newyorktimes(.)com , which will be likely overlooked.

5. Benefit indefinitely with your print, audio, video, and web press. Make reprints of your newspaper and magazine articles for handouts. Expand Internet visibility and search engine optimization by posting scanned articles, audio recordings, and videos on your website or blog. Bloggers and web features can easily link to your site too.

6. Be consistent with sending quality press releases and be available for short-notice interviews. Establish relationships. “Many journalists call me when needing design or lifestyle content because I am accessible and always prepared to provide tips,” says Lin. “A thoughtful, hand-written note always makes a lasting impression too.”


Youthful Skin offers complimentary youth-enhancing, color therapy facials to look younger and feel better.

Summary: Implement colors during do-it-yourself facials maximize the youth-enhancing benefits.

Youthful Skin offers complimentary youth-enhancing, color therapy facials to look younger and feel better. Rejuvenating skin care also enhances mental, physical and spiritual health. Learning the attributes of color identifies life needs and desires. With these time-tested attributes, do-it-yourself massage and skin care treatments can utilize color therapy to enhance benefit to the skin as well as to the psyche.

On recent CNN television interview, Jami Lin, award-winning author of ColorAlchemy and licensed skin-care specialist, says, “Color aids in providing the feel-good spa experience at home.” “Using colored light around the room and on the skin with your crèmes and acupressure, stimulates the energy channels in the body (know as meridians in Chinese medicine) to enhance heart, lung, kidney, liver and stomach function while enhancing skin tone and texture.” 

Skin-care processionals prepare for appointments with clients, when interviewing a patient, therapists can ask them questions that identify the areas in their lives where they find themselves struggling and do-it-yourself-ers can do the same. Evaluate the attributes of  the seven-spectral colors and how they identify imbalances will help determine which colors to use. Or rely on intuition by choosing a card from a face-down deck of rainbow cards such as Jami Lin’s Triumph Oracle.

Chose red, color therapy for help with physical stamina, vitality, and strength. Orange is beneficial for those looking to achieve a better body image, and thus heighten sensuality and desirability. Those seeking greater personal power, confidence, and success benefit from yellow. Green aids those looking for more love and trust in their lives. Blue provides a sense of peace and improves communication. Indigo awakens inner intuition. Violet awakens spiritual love, cosmic intelligence, and divine bliss.

“Certain colors improve skin conditions,” according to Lin. “Green helps reduce wrinkles.” “Blue, turquoise, and indigo can counteract red, inflamed skin, such as is found in rosacea”. “Red stimulates circulation, collagen, and elastin.” “Yellow improves discoloration.” “Blue, turquoise, and violet can also help clear acne and control other bacteria on the facial skin.”

Observing personalized color needs can determine which color is required during treatment. Apply the appropriate colored light during do-it-yourself facials. According to Jami Lin, “Many skin-care professionals apply ColorAlchemy to their facials by using LED light treatments in all of the seven spectral colors. Use masks, toners, and other products that are of a certain color, or stored in a certain color bottle to further enhance the color benefits.

Be aware of existing skin conditions that could be accelerated with color therapy. If needing red therapy to boost stamina and vitality, but have red skin or rosacea tendency, red shouldn’t be applied. Instead, go for the second best color, which would be orange in this example.

If using a skin-care professional who uses color therapy, the techniques allow for a greater connection between the client and practitioner. This connection allows for a spiritual energy exchange between the two, benefiting both.

For more color therapy  tips to incorporate into skin care visit Jami Lin at Youthful Skin.

Mental Health Professionals Help Patients With Using Color Therapy

Mental health professionals use color to inspire positive change, everybody can!

Almost everyone has some mental health concern that could be benefited by some simple technique. Some feel depressed, others may feel out of control, and some would just like their lives improved. In addition to their traditional therapies, mental health professionals and simple self-help techniques use the power of color therapy to help their patients achieve mental clarity and balance.

In her award-winning new book, ColorAlchemy, author Jami Lin says, "With proper light absorption and ColorAlchemy's color consciousness (positive mind energy), anyone can conquer mind over matter, heal mind and body, and soulfully, appreciate the simple joys of life."   

Part of the therapy process is talking. When interviewing a patient, therapists can ask them questions that identify the areas in their lives where they find themselves struggling. Then, therapists can apply the appropriate color therapy to amplify the traits upon which the patient requires focus and absorption.

Each color of the rainbow has associated with it various traits. People struggling with their mental health are often lacking in one or more of these areas. By focusing daily on the needed color, and implementing color therapy into daily routines, the patient can overcome his obstacles and lead a happier life.

"The mind is the key to connecting the beneficial influence of color to the physical, emotional, and spiritual parts of yourself," says Jami Lin. People who need extra courage, stamina, and strength to get through a situation should focus on red. Those craving greater happiness, creativity, pleasure, and intimacy in relationships should focus on orange. Greater ambition, personal power, drive, and commitment benefit from yellow. Green helps people with forgiveness, compassion, trust, love, and balance. Blue provides greater focus and clarity, leading to better communication and decision-making. Indigo puts one in tune with inner psychic powers and intuition. Violet brings about a greater sense of peace and inspirational bliss.

Summon the power of the colors by meditating on the needed color for two minutes daily, taking color breaths. Breathe in deeply, and exhale, while focusing on the given color.

Incorporate the color into daily routines via water bottles, cell phone backgrounds, computer screen savers, breakfast dishes, coffee cups, and clothing.      

Mental health professionals can even purposefully and subtlety arrange the colors in their office depending on the needed color therapy for each patient. It is easy to change a few colored pillows or provide a patient with the appropriate colored water glass.

Patients should also keep a regular journal, outlining the day's events and associated feelings. They can analyze their thoughts to see how positive they were throughout the day and on which areas they need to focus. Then, they can call upon the needed color, and start fresh the next day.

For further color therapy tips to incorporate into a simple, yet personalized self help practice, visit Jami Lin at

Eliminate the blues with color therapy

Summary: People are said to have the blues when depressed.  Use color to chase away the blues and to instill happiness.

People who have a tendency toward depression can make themselves feel better by tuning into their natural color instincts.  The color traits explored in Jami Lin’s ColorAlchemy can instantly create positive feelings and lead to better emotional health.
In a recent CNN article, trend specialist Tom Julian says, “Colors act as therapy.”  Award-winning author Jami Lin adds, “There are no side effects, contraindications, or detox as with much modern medicine.”  Utilizing color can be a beneficial solution or an adjunct to any therapy for anyone who is depressed.
Happiness can come about simply by visualizing a favorite color.  This can be accomplished at any time of day.  Simply closing the eyes while taking a deep, long, relaxing breath and simultaneously visualizing the favorite color provides stress-free relaxation.

 Taking “color breaths” is easily performed to pause for a moment of calm. These moments can occur when waiting in line, being stuck in a traffic jam, on hold on the phone, when brushing teeth, etc.  These moments can occur when waiting in line, being stuck in a traffic jam, on hold on the phone, when brushing teeth, or any time serenity is needed.

People suffering from depression often have difficulty with routines and memory.  Part of the beneficial color therapy is attributing a color to each day of the week, following the natural order of the rainbow.  Monday is red.  Tuesday is orange.  Wednesday is yellow.  Thursday is green.  Friday is blue.  Saturday is indigo.  Sunday is violet.  When scheduling events, they should be written in or outlined in the color of the day for memory association and therapeutic support..
The colors also have certain traits that benefit the person suffering from depression.  Red can provide the stamina needed to simply get out of bed and face the day.  Orange allows for deeper body appreciation to boost one’s self-esteem. Yellow strengthens personal power and boosts confidence.  Green increases joy and trust for loving relationships, upon which the depressed individual can depend.  Blue can allow for clearer communication and decisiveness, as the depressed individual often has difficulty making decisions.  Indigo enlightens inner intuition, with which the depressed person has often lost touch.  Finally, violet can awaken the spirit, providing a deeper sense of inner peace.
“Tap into the color traits by focusing on the daily-color triumph,” as Lin suggests.  Visualize the needed color by taking color breaths.  Dress in the color of the day or the color that will provide the maximum benefits for what the day has in store.  Change the background of the cell phone or computer screen saver.  Carry a colored handkerchief.  The possibilities are as endless as color itself.  Happiness is just a colored step away.

For further color therapy and its healing benefits, visit Jami Lin’s ColorAlchemy.


Drug-free, color therapy to assist memory function including Alzheimer’s patients

Summary: Improve memory function, ranging from daily functioning to Alzheimer’s and dementia, can benefit from using ColorAlchemy.

Today’s hectic lifestyle leads people to overstress, which can cause forgetfulness. Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are on the rise. Many drugs are available to help memory function, but people are searching for alternative therapies to supplement or replace medications. Enter ColorAlchemy, a color, mental  therapy program that can be used to improve upon memory function and reduce forgetfulness.

Jami Lin, award-winning author says, “There are no side effects, contraindications, or detox as much with much modern medicine. The time-tested healing benefit stems from our primal relationship with color, which is as old as light itself.”

Dr. David Swindle, LMFT, with more than thirty years Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist confirms, “the power of color and its personal attraction to them provides valuable information for making psychological corrections and bringing about positive and permanent behavioral change.”

A beneficial aspect of the program is that each day is assigned its own color. Color order follows the natural order of the rainbow, making it intrinsically recognizable and intuitive to apply. The week begins on Monday, with red. It is followed by orange on Tuesday, yellow on Wednesday, green on Thursday, blue on Friday, indigo on Saturday, and violet on Sunday.

Those wishing to improve memory function need only to focus on each day’s color. On Mondays, wear red clothing. Put all appointments and reminders for the day on the calendar in red pen, or outline the day in red. Intersperse the day’s meals with red foods which increase vitality too Repeat the process each day, following the designated color of the day.

“Possibilities for tying in color for each day are endless, say Lin, “One of my clients has a mother suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and we use ColorAlchemy.”. One method used to remind Mom to eat lunch every day is to put a napkin of the daily color next to the prepared lunch. Even though Mom doesn’t necessarily know what day of the week it is, or if she has even eaten lunch, she recognizes the new color, and remembers to eat.

Jami Lin even uses this technique to remember to take her daily vitamins! Do this by having little colored boxes for each day’s vitamins, supplements, and medications.

Using color consistently is great for memory function.” Try to schedule certain types of appointments for a specific day of the week, to associate them with the daily color. For example, all dentist appointments should be scheduled on Wednesday, so that the dentist can become associated with yellow. (And for those who fear the dentist, yellow also is a confidence-building color, to reduce the fear of going!) Take exercise classes on Mondays. (Red also encourages physical stamina, which you will need in the classes!)

Maximize a student’s potential by incorporating color when back-to-school shopping.

Summary: Maximize a student’s potential by using ColorAlchemy when shopping for back-to-school supplies.

Parents can help their child be successful in school by using ColorAlchemy when shopping for back-to-school supplies. Paying attention to colors when choosing notebooks, folders, pens, and even clothes can maximize a student’s potential.

According to award-wining author, Jami Lin, discussing her new ColorAlchemy book, “every day of the week has the attributes of a different color that follow the momentum of the school (and work) week along with the color progression of a rainbow.” The Daily-Color Triumphs, as Lin calls them, “help fulfill everyday needs and by the end of the week, combine to complete all the basics of human desire: vitality, creativity, confidence, love, focus, intuition, and peace. Color and children have an instinctive relationship – more adults could play with their inner colors too. ”

Monday’s color is red. “Red enhances physical stamina and strength.” Purchase a red folder to hold all assignments that are due on Mondays. Use a red lunchbox to revive tired bodies for the second half of the day. Use a red pen to take notes during those long afternoon classes.

Tuesday’s color is orange. “Orange heightens body appreciation and creativity.” Purchase an orange folder for all assignments that are due on Tuesday. Look for an orange notebook for creative writing and art sketching. When researching for a creative science project, use an orange highlighter. An orange backpack can also be a good motivator for children who seem lazy or depressed.

Wednesday’s color is yellow. “Yellow allows for greater self-confidence and personal power.” Use a yellow folder for assignments that are due on Wednesdays. Cover books for challenging classes in a yellow book cover. Use a yellow highlighter when studying for upcoming exams. Have yellow pencils available for test-taking purposes.

Thursday’s color is green. “Green increases joy and trust for deeper relationships.” Use a green folder to remind of assignments due on Thursday. Green notebooks can be used in favorite classes. Green book covers can be used for those classes for mutual teacher-student connection.
Friday’s color is blue. “Blue improves mental clarity for clearer communication and decisiveness.” Use a blue folder for assignments due on Fridays. A blue notebook can be used for parent-teacher-student communication. Blue backpacks can be good calming tools for children who have higher energy levels.

Saturday’s color is indigo. “Indigo awakens inner intuition and intelligence.” Weekend homework can go into an indigo or violet folder. Students can reflect upon this color to process what they have learned during the week.

Sunday’s color is violet. “Violet brings a deeper connection to spiritual love and bliss.” A violet folder or notebook can be used to hold correspondence to friends. Children who tend to be more rebellious or are loners should be surrounded in violet.

Parents can focus on the color of the day to facilitate scheduling of homework and special events. Children are naturally drawn to color and they will understand it.

Other school tools can be used that allow the child to call upon a certain color trait when needed. The plastic casing of the child’s cell phone can be changed. Backgrounds on display screens on phones and computers can also be easily changed. The child can carry his own water bottle in a specific color to assist him throughout his day. Backpacks lunchboxes, and the dishes that hold the lunch can all be manipulated to fit the child’s needs.

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K-12 and higher, teachers using color to inspire a successful school year                

Summary: Teachers preparing to go back to school can apply the principles of ColorAlchemy to assist in setting up the classroom to stimulate learning and grooming the children of tomorrow.      

Teachers are able to harness the power of the rainbow, with the same science that they teach in class, to create a more successful school year. ColorAlchemy can be used in classroom decor and  for scheduling, along with easing parent, teacher, and student communications.
According to award-wining author, Jami Lin, discussing her new ColorAlchemy book, “every day of the week has the attributes of a different color the follow the momentum of the school (and work) week along with the color progression of a rainbow.” The Daily-Color Triumphs, as Lin calls them, “help fulfill everyday needs and by the end of the week, combine to complete all the basics of human desire: vitality, creativity, confidence, love, focus, intuition, and peace. Color and children have an instinctive relationship – more adults could play with their inner colors too. ”
Monday’s color is red. Red enhances physical stamina and strength. Assignments and activities for Mondays should be indicated in red. Teachers can use red decorations for those times when children seem to be their most sluggish, such as after lunch.
Tuesday’s color is orange. Orange heightens body appreciation and creativity. Assignments and activities for Tuesdays should be indicated in orange. Creative assignments should be posted on orange posterboard. Teachers can decorate the classroom with orange during science fair projects or art class. Orange is also a great inspiring children who are lazy or depressed.
Wednesday’s color is yellow. Yellow allows for greater self-confidence and personal power. Assignments and special events for Wednesday should be indicated in yellow. The teacher can decorate the room in yellow when it is time for taking exams, tests, or giving oral presentations. She could put a yellow strip of paper across each child’s desk for extra inspiration.
Thursday’s color is green. Green increases joy and trust for deeper relationships. Assignments and special events for Thursdays can be posted in green. As green is the compassion color, it would be a good choice when communicating with parents, who need to realize they are on the same side as the teacher.
Friday’s color is blue. Blue improves mental clarity for clearer communication and decisiveness. Assignments and special events for Fridays can be posted in blue. Decorating the room in blue on Fridays will help calm the children who are excited about the upcoming weekend. Classroom meetings often occur on Friday to make plans for the upcoming week, perfect for the thoughtful color.
Saturday’s color is indigo. Indigo awakens inner intuition and intelligence. Weekend homework assignments can be posted in indigo or violet. Teachers should take advantage of indigo to reflect on what they have observed in their classroom this week and what changes need to be made in the future.
Sunday’s color is violet. Violet brings a deeper connection to spiritual love and bliss. The teacher should use violet to rejuvenate herself on the weekends so that she can be the best educator possible to her students. In the classroom, violet can be used to help the more rebellious kids or the loners.
Teachers can focus on the color of the day to facilitate the scheduling of homework and special events. The students will naturally be drawn to it, as color speaks to children, as it does to everyone.
It is easy to apply colors in the classroom with the paper used, changing a wall hanging or tablecloth at the teacher desk, and allows the teacher to call upon the color traits as needed. She can also apply the needed colors through her clothing choices each day.
The teacher can also instruct her students in the meanings of each color, thus empowering them to call upon the color traits when required. Prior to the start of each lesson, a couple of minutes could be used to focus on the color, drawing color breaths, to harness the power. Simple, fast, and effective.

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Children create personal success with back-to-school style

Children can promote personal success and reduce stress by focusing back-to-school style on specific colors. Incorporating them is as simple as opening a box of crayons.

Children can surround themselves in specific colors to facilitate the process of returning to school, and simultaneously be more successful. Each color has a specific trait that can benefit the child at school. Colors are easily integrated into the child’s personal style to help her focus on the color and to bring about its benefits.

 In recent CNN & AOL articles, Carla Pihowich, brand manager with Memorex, said, “Color is a way to enhance personal style.” As Jami Lin, author of award-winning ColorAlchemy book says, “Why not use color to style your personality?” Children can use the strengths of each color, as they incorporate them into their daily routine, to enhance their personal style and personality.

 “And all kids love color!”                 

Red enhances physical stamina and strength. Orange heightens body appreciation and creativity. Yellow allows for greater self-confidence and personal power. Green increases joy and trust for deeper relationships. Blue improves mental clarity for clearer communication and decisiveness. Indigo awakens inner intuition and intelligence. Violet brings a deeper connection to spiritual love and bliss.

There are unlimited benefits when a child creates a colorful life: 

  • Wearing and thinking of red allows the child an extra charge when in P.E. class or participating in any sports. It can also help him wake up after lunch.
  • Orange will allow the child’s creative juices to flow as she works on science and art projects. It can also enhance her self-image, making her feel more comfortable in her own skin.   
  • Yellow provides the confidence needed for cultivating those new back-to-school friendships and relationships. It can also provide the mind with confidence with tests and exams.
  • Green, which is the color of compassion will facilitate kindness to teachers and fellow students.
    Blue can be helpful for developing study habits and focus, while also expanding the child’s mind.                
  • Indigo allows for enhanced intuition about the world all around. Absorbing information while observing the environment enhances any book learning at school.
  • Violet allows for an ability to establish those deep bonds found only in friendships that last a lifetime.

Children can easily incorporate these color traits into their back-to-school style, either by focusing in the color of the day, drawing on the color’s attributes that they require in the moment.

Colors can be used as subtle reminders to focus on their energy, such as in a ring, bracelet, or hair tie. Children requiring a more vivid reminder can use stronger splashes of color, in shirts, socks, or scarves.

School tools can also be integrated to reflect personally supportive) colors. Backgrounds on cell phones or computer screens can be changed to reflect the color of the day, or the task needing to be accomplished at that moment.

For difficult classes, protect the books with yellow book covers, and use a yellow highlighter when reviewing notes. For those creative classes, focus on using orange or green. Change the pen color based on the needed color for that assignment.

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Eliminate back-to-school stress with color       

Summary: Parents get just as stressed about back-to-school as their children. Using the principles of ColorAlchemy, they can enjoy the process and be proud.

Every color of the rainbow possesses certain traits that emotionally benefit a person in some way. Focusing on these colors each day can help parents be more relaxed during the stressful back-to-school season while being more beneficial to their children.

Jami Lin, award-winning author of her new ColorAlchemy book says, “from ancient healing therapies to the quantum understanding that color is the essence of life, merely thinking about color creates a positive experience…like catching a glimpse of a rainbow.”

Red enhances physical stamina and strength. Parents can use red to provide the extra stamina they need to keep up with their children’s demands and crazy schedules.

Orange heightens body appreciation and creativity. Parents can use orange to be more creative when working on science and art projects with their children.

Yellow allows for greater self-confidence and personal power. Yellow brings about confident parenting, which leads to self-reliant kids. Kids’ confidence is important, especially when taking on school challenges.

Green increases joy and trust for deeper relationships. Green reinforces the love parents feel for their family. It also reminds them of the joys of spending time in nature. Studies show that spending time in nature allows brings about greater mental focus. The compassionate nature of green also allows for better communication between home and school.

Blue improves mental clarity for clearer communication and decisiveness. Blue will soothe the parents’ frayed nerves, allow for calm control in tense situations. Relaxed parents can better calm children anxious about going back to school.

Indigo awakens inner intuition and intelligence. Indigo will allow for the confident use of intuition when applying expert advice to child rearing, especially in helping with homework and social situations.

Violet brings a deeper connection to spiritual love and bliss. Violet reminds parents that they are not alone in this venture. It will allow them to connect with teachers and school to help their children evolve.

Parents can easily incorporate the seven basic colors and traits into their back-to-school routines, either by focusing on the color of the day, or by drawing on the color‘s attributes that they require in the moment.

Use a specific color with the breakfast dishes, napkins, placemats, or tablecloths. Think of healthy foods that reflect those colors, and feed them to the family throughout the day.

Parents can also benefit by wearing a certain color on a given day or in preparation for a given situation. The needed color can be displayed in clothing or accessories. It can be a handkerchief tucked into a sleeve or a pocket. It is so easy to display a poster on the refrigerator or on the back of the door as motivation for everyone to see on their way out of the house in the morning.

When faced with a stressful situation, it is easy for a parent to shift into calm. They just need to take deep breaths, focusing on the particular color they require to release the stress and shift their attitudes.

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Create a successful business and brand by implementing the right colors

ColorAlchemy helps businesses achieve greater intrinsic value to manifest financial worth.

In today’s economy, businesses are striving to stay ahead of the game, to gain the corporate edge, and to make them stand out from the crowd. Color can go a long way in motivating a business team and building strong brand recognition.
Marshal Cohen, chief analyst with the market research firm NPD Group, says, “Companies realize that using color is a way to add incentive.” “Harness the incentive by using ColorAlchemy in every aspect of the business world.”
When faced with looming deadlines and huge projects worth a lot of money, employers will want to utilize the power of red. Red helps employees to adopt the, go-out-and-get-them attitude required to make the business grow. It helps them to roll up their sleeves and get the job done in a timely, yet productive fashion. Outline job proposals and lists of potential clients in red as inspiration.
Orange is the color of creativity. Surround the board room with orange when having brainstorming sessions about projects to be completed and business expansion ideas.
“Self-confidence and the, yellow, yes-we-can attitude is paramount to a successful business.” When having meetings to rally excitement and to share how wonderful everyone is, surround the area in yellow. Post quotes of success in conspicuous places, on a yellow background. Yellow is the color that allows for confidence and commitment, as well as a sense of personal power.
“An important facet of the business world that is often overshadowed is a sense of compassion.” Reinforce those professional business relationships and a sense of, you-scratch-my-back, and I’ll- scratch-yours, by implementing the power of green. Submit letters to other professionals on a green-printed letterhead or sign documents with a green pen.
“Remind employees of the company’s mission statement by printing it in blue ink Blue generates clear direction and purpose.” Use blue to send out memos to ensure clearer communication. Use blue in the break room to relieve employee stress.
Indigo expands inner intuition, upon which many successful businesses rely. When faced with important decisions, take a moment to close eyes and visualize the color indigo, to engage that gut feeling.
Violet can inspire organizational connectivity and the personal satisfaction of employees. Take time to address each employee’s successes and positive attributes, using the color violet.
Call upon the color traits whenever they are required. “Use color to maximize the potential of the business and to harness the power of a cohesive staff.”
Color can also be used to schedule meetings and due dates. Post a calendar with important dates written in the color of the day. The days of the week follow the natural rainbow and the momentum of the work week: Monday is red, Tuesday is orange, Wednesday is yellow, etc.
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